Testimonials from Workshop Participants


The most informative and believable workshop I have attended.  It keeps your interest from start to finish. (ED, Ft. Pierce)


Go to this workshop! It illustrates the path we're all on to find ourselves. (JS, Lakeland)


This is an awesome, uplifting workshop filled with valuable information.  Your way of thinking will be changed forever.  Don't miss it! (TL, Orlando)


This workshop is powerful, loving and healing (KS, Kissimmee)


This workshop gave me the tools to live in the present in a new, lighter way. (SH, Longwood)


I've given myself rejection for 31 years. This workshop showed me that I can give myself 5 minutes and change how I feel about myself. (MBM, Clermont)


This is an extraordinary workshop.  It's full essence has only scratched my surface. (DS, Orlando)


Go to this workshop. It takes you right to the Heart and Soul of the matter. Universally understood concepts and the tools to release the fears we all hold and to live as we are meant to! (MC, Orlando)


Attend this workshop and learn to empower yourself with love.  It is enlightening and informative. (CM, Lutz)


Carol's workshop enlightens her attendees.  It is filled will love and humor and can make drastic changes not only in the lives of those utilizing the rather simple techniques, but also the lives of those they come in contact with.  Everyone should attend. (VW, Odessa)


This workshop is an incredible experience.  It turns the key and unlocks your door to let the inner you shine. (SG, St. Petersburg)


Dynamic! Enlightening! Extremely helpful! (LS, Tampa)


A fantastic workshop that made me feel good about myself and changed my life forever. (VF, Titusville)


A very non-threatening, non-judgmental presentation that opens possibilities for allowing change, growth and joy into your life. (DAD, Cocoa)


I left this workshop feeling like a door had opened for me. (DA, Melbourne)


This very positive workshop was a real spiritual awakening! It's a must for anyone who may want more out of life. (CC, Cocoa)


A very exciting, energizing and informative workshop. Carol communicates her information very clearly. (MM, Deltona)


Come and experience this workshop and join a grassroots movement to change the world. (RK, Deland)


I'm burned out on workshops but intuition said "attend." I'm so glad I did! (NH, Deland)


This was a great learning experience.  I wish everyone could attend this workshop. It would change the world! (MC, New Smyrna Beach)


Everyone would definitely benefit from attending this workshop! (RF, Tampa)


This workshop, which goes along well with the Science of Mind Philosophy, is presented by a person who obviously cares a lot about helping other people and sharing experiences on how to live a more joyful, loving and harmonious life. (LG, Satellite Beach)


This valuable workshop kept my attention for three hours without effort. (DC, Titusville)


This workshop was a great, energetic healing session with a miraculously attuned and peaceful person who shared her knowledge and life enhancing experience with our world. It was a brilliant evening! (EC, Lakeland)


You need to go to this workshop and discover that it's never too late to improve your life. (JH, Wauchula)


Get to this workshop! It is low key and power-packed. It will change your life. (JG, Palm Harbor)


This workshop was enlightening. Carol did a great job of sharing inspirational and beneficial ideas to expand the audience consciousness. Well worth attending! (P.J., Indian Rocks Beach)


This workshop teaches a "hands on" basic technique to make the significant changes you desire.  It is key to changing your life and thus the world. (DG, Clearwater)

This workshop was an enlightening experience and it was delightful to spend an evening with Carol. (WW, Orlando)


This very positive and thought provoking workshop gave a simple answer to a complicated problem.  It was great! (NM, Longwood)


This is an excellent workshop presented by a person who is sincere and committed to spreading and sharing the power of unconditional love in healing and transforming life experiences. (Kathy Ferrante, Orlando)


A lively, interesting presentation packed with useful information for self growth.  It presents an approach to life that everyone can use every day. (Lil Gerber, St. Petersburg)


This is a self improvement seminar by a person who obviously walks her talk —proven, practical and full of promise. (Linnea Sinclair-Bernadino, St. Petersburg)


A workshop where everyone wins—and has something to take home with them. A must for all. (Barbara Whittaker, Silver Springs)


A method to instigate world peace is discovered! This workshop must be experienced! (Jamie Smith, Gainesville)


This workshop is radical, it's loving and it's easy to hear. (Jane Laret de Mola, Jupiter)


This workshop contains important new information about healing and health.  It keeps your attention and relates well to each individual on a personal level. (Blanche Schneider, Singer Island)


This workshop was a positive adventure! (Geraldine Palkovic, Mangonia Park)


True Peace is uncovered in this very informative and interesting workshop.  It is definitely worth experiencing and sharing with others. (Beverly Rotman, West Palm Beach)


Every person would be giving themselves a gift to take this workshop. You will use it forever. (Toni Brown, West Palm Beach)


In this workshop, Carol presents timeless teachings for a world of love. It's wonderful. (Luci Salvino, Port St. Lucie)


This empowering workshop takes self esteem to the next step—unconditional love for yourself... and then to the next step—unconditional love for the world.  Don't miss it! (Maureen Ritz, Ft. Lauderdale)


Experience the miracle of unconditional love through Carol's generous sharing, warmth and humor. (Honali Austin, Fort Lauderdale)


It hit home! (Sharon Matz, Ft. Pierce)


You owe it to yourself to attend this life changing workshop. You will learn to heal and transform your life. (Betty Ringo, Jensen Beach)


This empowering workshop was very uplifting and there was an air of love surrounding all who attended. (Carolyn Miles, Ft. Pierce)

We all need to lighten up and this is a workshop everyone needs to attend! (Carol Jones, Ft. Pierce)

This workshop presented a dynamite, powerful technique that can be used by anyone to improve the quality of their life. (Robert Fatur, Tampa)

If you want to experience love in action and heal in the experience, you must attend this workshop! (Joanne Rudow, Port St. Lucie)

Very simple, yet profound, this workshop provides the practical application of the theory of love and empowerment. (Carole Nelson, Orlando)