Testimonials from Ministers about Carol's Workshops

From Rev. Joy Young, Unity of the Valley, White Rock, BC, Canada:

Dear Carol: Thank you for blessing Unity of the Valley. I am filled with renewed optimism and positive energy as a result of your visit. From my perspective the entire Sunday was a Divine encounter filled with many Holy moments. Thank you both for sharing the beauty of your souls.


From Rev. Charlotte Brown, Unity of San Leandro, CA:

Dear Carol: Thank you for your tape and God Bless You in your wonderful mission of service… What a concept! This process is truly the best thing I've come across in years. I noticed a change immediately. What an experience! Thank you, thank you, thank you.


From Rev. Georgie Richardson, Unity of Salem, OR:

Dear Carol: It was such a pleasure to have you and Victor at our Church. The five minute process which you discovered for yourself and now so lovingly share with others is indeed "magic". I have been using the process for several months and have found a number of shifts in my life. You remarked on the wonderful energy you and Victor found at our church. Well, much of that was due to the wonderful energy you exude and the excitement your message generates. You take the message of love that Jesus taught and put it in a practical framework which can fit into anyone's schedule if they are willing to commit to the process. Essentially, this is exactly what Myrtle Fillmore did to heal herself. However, most of us do not have two hours a day to devote to the process as she used it. Your process is a match with our busy life styles. I recommend it very highly.


From Rev. Irene Whitmore, Unity of Light on the Delta, Antioch, CA

Dear Carol: Thank you so much for your workshop presentation last week. I found your presentation to be based on Unity principals. What you are teaching, Myrtle Fillmore taught and used in her own healing process. You have taken this information and upgraded it into a message for today. I highly recommend your class and bless you in your ongoing spiritual work.


From Rev. Jaine Ryder-Howard, Contra Costa Church of Religious Science , Concord, CA

Dear Carol: Thank you so much for your presentation in my church last Sunday. I've had an excellent response from the participants and I am personally very inspired by your seminar. Your presentation styles work well together and the participants seemed to "lighten up" while you were speaking. You used humor, personal experience and gentle wisdom to get your message across in a relaxed and non-judgmental way. I left feeling refreshed and supported in accepting "miracles" in my own life. I started doing the process 31 days ago. I am experiencing joy and anticipation every morning about doing the process and have increased energy during the day.


From Rev. Ann Marie Acacio, Unity Center for Positive Living, Wilkes-Barre, PA

Dear Carol: You have a standing invitation at UCPL! People are still talking about doing their "Lighten Up" The 5 tapes we kept were gone in one day! Blessings to you and your ministry.