• Carol Hansen Grey

Pay Attention to the Signals

When the time for change comes into our lives, it is not always easy to see the wisdom of embracing the change. I had always been someone who would set goals for myself and if something came along that looked like I would have to change direction, I would often dig in my heels and try harder to achieve the goal in the way I had determined was the "right path." I rarely would change direction until it became almost impossible to keep going in the direction I had chosen. This, of course, would invariably create a great deal of havoc in my life.

I have now learned to pay attention and listen to those quiet and often subtle voices of change and the wisdom of taking action before the voices become loud messages.

I have recently been feeling that I had taken a detour on my spiritual path. I was serving as the executive director of a nonprofit organization that had a great mission and wonderful people, but the job was not filling my spiritual needs. It became more and more difficult for me to navigate my way. The more I tried, the more roadblocks I encountered.

Then I remembered the words of my dear friend, Greg Tamblyn, in one of his witty songs: “If the gates are all down and the signals are flashing and the whistle is screaming in vain, if you stay on the tracks, ignoring the facts, you can't blame the wreck on the train.”

I truly wanted to avoid “a wreck,” so I took what I knew was the necessary step: I resigned my position and focused my energy on getting back on my spiritual path. The transition was not without a feeling of sadness on my part as I shifted to a new direction. Yet I know that the decision to “get off the track” and find my way back to my spiritual path will serve me by nurturing my soul.


Note: If you are interested in hearing and/or buying Greg's song, here's the link: https://gregtamblyn.com/track/2401107/you-can-t-blame-the-train

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