Personal Empowerment: A Critical Component

in Creating a Peaceful Planet

By Carol Hansen Grey 


Each of us has our own picture of what a world at peace might look like.  Perhaps what comes to mind is a world where everyone gets along, where disagreements are settled through negotiation instead of guns and bombs, where people feel safe to walk the streets, where people have freedom to express their opinions without fear of retribution, where people are honored and respected, where everyone's gifts and talents are welcomed, where children are loved and nurtured, where everyone has access to life's essentials -- nutritious food, safe drinking water, clean air, safe shelter.


The vision I hold for world peace certainly incorporates all of the above.  Yet I feel that none of the above can be achieved unless people feel a sense of personal empowerment.  Without feeling personally empowered, people cannot reach a state of inner peace.  Without inner peace there can be no "outer" peace because we project externally what we feel internally. 


When people feel disempowered, the underlying emotion is fear. When a person is in that fear state it is impossible to feel empowered.  So, what is the first and most critical step to becoming personally empowered?  It is choosing love over fear.  To do this, each one of us must reach a state of unconditional self-love where we recognize and acknowledge that who we are matters -- not for what we do, but simply because we are unique individuals who are here right now on this planet in this time and space.  We each have come with a mission and that mission is to generate and expand love.  Should we each choose to accept this mission, our first assignment is to love ourselves and then extend and expand that love to others.  If self love is not present within us, then the energy that flows outward from us -- our personal ripple effect -- is not a loving energy.  We must remember that we create in our outer environment that which we feel in our inner environment.  So, without self-love we cannot fulfill our mission of generating and expanding love on the planet.


Once we do reach that state of self-love we can begin our journey on the path of personal empowerment.  Like self-love, being personally empowered is critical to reaching a state of inner peace.  Once enough people on the planet reach that state of inner peace, outer peace will manifest and we will attain our goal of a peaceful planet!


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