Testimonials from Clients


Carol Was a Light During a Dark Night of the Soul

I have had the privilege to have worked with Carol Hansen Grey on several occasions toward the end of what were some of the most difficult years of my life.


She was a huge light in a very dark night of the soul. I had just come off several prescription medications that I believe were suppressing many of my family traumas that had not been fully realized until the work I did with Carol. What happened was very miraculous, and I know I couldn't have processed any of it without her help. 


I was born third in line in my family. My sister was five, and my brother had just been born when my mother got pregnant with me just a couple of months later. She was very sick with pneumonia when she delivered my brother.
My mother and I were never very close while I was growing up, and later in life she didn't understand my career choices of being a musician or electing to have an abortion. On her death bed she wrote a very mean letter to me bringing up everything I had ever done wrong in my life, and my father was instructed to give it to me after her passing.


I struggled for many years with why she had written a letter like this, and it was my last memory of her. She had never expressed her disapproval of my abortion very clearly when she was alive, but my mother never did express herself very well with me, and all of that disapproval came out in the form of anger when she was dying and wrote it to me.

Over the holidays this last year I came down with pneumonia several days before the anniversary of my mother's death. I was very sick, and was still recovering from the medication withdrawals that had left me in pretty rough shape. I was really struggling to find some reason to keep going in my life as I had been through quite a rough 15 years prior to this.


A friend introduced me to Carol and thought she might be able to help me. We went to work by phone while I was down in bed seriously ill. Carol helped me peel away layers of what had happened with my mother. During my work with her, I ended up in the hospital for a few days. When I came home, I had one of the biggest ah ha moments in my life. I had never had pneumonia in my life prior to this infection. I had no idea how hard it was to get over, and never understood what my mother sacrificed to have me when she had been sick with my brother before my conception. Women didn't have the option of abortions when she was younger, and she never would have considered not having me.


I believe my mother was deeply hurt by my insistence that she never wanted me and I was a mistake. I now understand how difficult it must have been to have a third child after being as sick as she was and what a sacrifice she made to have me. I deeply understand her hurt and anger at me for the abortion now.
Thank you, Carol......the healing I had was very profound.

M.C. from Scottsdale, AZ


Transforming Fears Transformed Diagnosis

Carol Hansen Grey is an amazing human being who was a great support to me when I was experiencing a major health problem. I had gone to the emergency room at a local hospital, feeling the most excruciating pain I had ever experienced. A CAT scan was performed, and the doctor diagnosed the pain as resulting from the passing of a kidney stone. The doctor also noted that several tumors had been observed in the CAT scan. After a number of tests, biopsies and additional CAT scans, I received a diagnosis of lymphoma from my surgeon. Needless to say, I was absolutely distraught; my father had died from lymphoma. I am by nature a very positive, upbeat person, but I was very scared and felt as if I was on an emotional roller coaster, trying to maintain a positive attitude but not succeeding. After sharing my diagnosis and distressed mental state with a friend, she suggested that I contact Carol for support.


Carol used a process with me called "Free Yourself From Fear." During this process, she supported me in bringing to light the layers of fearful thoughts I was holding around the diagnosis of lymphoma. The negative thoughts and feelings that emerged in my mind ranged from my fear of death, to concern about the people I loved, to cleaning up my trust and my house so that all my affairs would be in order. Gradually, through Carol's mentoring, I began to experience positive thoughts and feelings, full of hope and gratitude. The outcome of Carol's mentoring was to enable me to transform my fears as we worked together. In addition, in the weeks following our session, I was able to continue to transform the fearful and limiting thoughts as they surfaced, unbidden in my mind. I found myself feeling calmer and more focused on how my body was healthy and my mind was filled with peace.


I underwent a serious operation to finalize the diagnosis, and the findings were negative; I did not have lymphoma. I am truly grateful to Carol for supporting me in rediscovering my own inner strength and positive energy. I also appreciate Carol's willingness to share this powerful tool, as well as many others, in her new book, Simple Healing Tools. 

C.B. from Walnut Creek, CA

Story in Testimony of the “Free Yourself” Process 

Recently, I was up in the Bay Area, on a fundraising trip with my “Sister-of Choice”, Joyce Oneko, from Kenya, Africa. Joyce is the founder of Mama na Dada, an amazing non-profit whose mission is to help women and girls empower themselves to be emotionally, mentally and financially self sustaining. (www.mamanadada.org). We were fortunate enough to spend a morning with Carol Hansen Grey and her wonderful husband/partner, Victor. (They created the beautiful Mama na Dada website.) They told us about a process they co-created called “Free Yourself From Fear” and gifted us with their newest CD—hot off the press!


I was staying with a dear friend who was getting ready to move. I suggested that I help her clean out her garage, a huge feat that we had attempted several times before. Her daughter had died 22 years ago, at the age of 12, after a heroic 10 year battle with Cystic Fibrosis. At least half of the garage was filled with prints of her amazing artwork and journals and her Mom’s manuscripts, boxes of years of work on many forms to honor her daughter’s life: a children’s book, a TV show, a school curriculum, a movie. Once again, my friend welled up with tears, paralyzed by her deep sadness and feelings of failure; failure that she had not been able to keep her daughter alive, failure that the many ways she tried to honor her daughter’s inspiring life were sitting unpublished in her garage.

Having just been guided through the “Free Yourself” process by Carol and Victor and being blown away by the immediate results of “transforming” the thoughts that underlie negative feelings, I suggested we listen to the CD and do the process. A miracle happened! A 22-year-old wound was healed!


One by one, we identified the thought under the negative feeling and asked Holy Spirit to transform that thought. She stuck to it, continuing to allow and encourage each negative feeling to surface as the messenger asking her to identify the thought that created it. As she surrendered each underlying thought for Holy Spirit to transform, she began to feel lighter. After nearly an hour, with some heartbreakingly courageous moments, a great surge of clarity, lightness, and even serene joy filled her whole body, mind and spirit! She felt free at last and at choice to focus on HER life. I could even feel her daughter’s joy at her mother’s shift to freedom!


My friend had long held a belief that the worst thing that could ever happen to anyone would be to have your child die in your arms. With her new awareness, her perception shifted to one of great gratitude and of feeling that she had been privileged to have been able to hold her daughter as she died!


“Free Yourself” is a profound gift, ever reminding us that we are always at choice. Better yet, “Free Yourself” is a simple and pragmatic process which gives us the tools to always make the highest, most life-affirming choice, one thought at a time!

Elizabeth Stephenson, Palm Desert, CA


Our Family Transformed Our Fears and a Miracle Happened

This is a belated testimony. Over ten years ago a member of our family was diagnosed with throat cancer and given 6 weeks to live. Carol gathered us together as a family and led us through the Free Yourself Process. We allowed every fear thought we had about the diagnosis to come up and be transformed. The result: The cancer went into complete remission and our family member 10 years later is still with us leading a full life! I highly recommend this process for anyone who is going through a life threatening challenge. Carol's work is amazing and this process is truly miraculous.

S.L., Walnut Creek, CA


Successful Surgery without Fear! 

I was slated to go into surgery for removal of a cancerous tumor. Needless to say, I was in a complete state of fear. A friend recommended a session with Carol. Following the session I felt calm and confident about the surgery and am pleased to report that the surgery was completely successful. I cannot be happier with Carol's coaching. It truly brought me into a state of personal empowerment by helping me transform all my fears. Thank you, Carol

S.M., San Francisco, CA


Transforming Fear Thoughts Saved Our Mother

My mother underwent a hysterectomy and was sent home. A few days after she went home she started experiencing extreme pain and ended up back in the hospital to undergo an additional surgery to remove some scar tissue that had formed as a result of the surgery. The second surgery did not go well. My mother, who was in Intensive Care, did not regain consciousness and doctors were telling us that she would probably need to be moved to a facility where they could care for her. My sisters and I called Carol who was a dear friend of my mother. We wanted her to do a Reiki healing and got permission from the hospital for her to visit her in Intensive Care. During Carol's visit the doctors called my sisters and me into the hallway where he again told us that she would probably never regain consciousness and that we should probably start looking into funeral arrangements. After the doctor left, Carol came out into the hallway as we were discussing what the doctor had told us. Carol brought us into the waiting area and said to us: "By believing what the doctor just said, you are putting nails in your mother's coffin. She is not strong enough to transform any fear thoughts -- she is depending on YOU to do that for her." Right then and there Carol led the four of us through the free yourself process. Within an hour of us doing the process my mother woke up. Within 2 days she was moved out of intensive care and into another section of the hospital. Within a week she was sent home. That was 15 years ago. I'm happy to report that my mom is now 92 years old and is still living a full and happy life! Carol's process and her loving devotion to my mother saved her life.

B.Y., Wanut Creek, CA

An Amazing Experience

The Free Yourself process guided by Carol Hansen Grey was an amazing and powerful experience.  I have a lot of negative and fear thoughts about many situations in my life and Carol offered to do a Free Yourself session to address some of these fears.  We started with the topic of my work environment.  As the negative thoughts came up, Carol gently directed me to transform the thought.  We later moved into the fears I have around my son who has some special needs. During the session, there were several thoughts that touched on some deeply held emotions that I had been harboring for a long time.  As the tears came and the thoughts were transformed, I experienced an immediate feeling of relief and calmness.  The session lasted about an hour and a half. After the session was completed, I truly felt "freer", like my load had been lightened.  Taking negative/fear thoughts and transforming them has become a daily practice for me.  The Free Yourself process has allowed me to release those negative, limiting thoughts and move towards my full potential of becoming the joyous, healthy person I was meant to be. Thank you, Carol, for such an empowering tool that has filled my life with miraculous moments.

J.C., Clayton, CA


A Session with Carol Helped Me Immensely!
I first attended Carol Hansen Grey’s Free Yourself From Fear Workshop about thirteen years ago. I've used the powerful technique many times over the years and then again recently when I was reminded of it in her new book “Simple Healing Tools“. But it wasn't until I had a session with her that I fully understood the technique. When I called for the appointment I had a particular issue in mind. I had wanted to accomplish something for years but I realized I must have fear around the goal since I never seemed to complete it. I had worked on the issue from several angles but to no avail. I could do the Free Yourself From Fear on my own but felt that I didn't seem to take the process far enough.


When I met with Carol for my session she asked me what my fear was about. I told her that I really had a couple of them. She asked me to close my eyes and relax in my comfortable chair which only took a couple of seconds. She also asked me what higher power I would like to transform my thoughts, i.e.: Spirit, Jesus, Higher Self, etc. Then she asked our angels and guides to come into the room to assist us. She asked what thought I had in regards to my issue. With her as a guide I could relax and listen to my thoughts whereas when I had done the process myself I had to be both roles. I could let go in a deeper way. With each unwanted thought that I expressed, Carol would follow by saying, “Jesus, transform the thought that ….”.


For example, my first thought was that I didn't have enough money. Carol said, “Jesus transform the thought that I don’t have enough money.” I repeated what she said and then took a deep breath and then exhaled as though letting go of the unwanted thought. Carol continued asking me what my current thought was and if it was a negative thought I would ask it to be transformed. At one point my thoughts shifted to the positive. For example I had felt fear about owning a home because I thought that the responsibility of it would rob me of my freedom. But after transforming a few unwanted thoughts, my thoughts shifted to a positive note. Carol then asked me to enhance the positive thoughts. For example, “Jesus enhance the thought that the responsibility of owning a home would be something I would enjoy.” I inhaled and exhaled, releasing old thoughts. At this point with my eyes closed I could see and feel a soft gold light surrounding what looked to be a southwest type house. I didn't see any details, but the notion of owning a house seemed more than a reality than it had before the session. If I had to explain it I would say that the house had come into my aura. My fear thoughts about owning a house had been keeping a house out of my energy but because the thoughts had been transformed the barriers to me accessing a house had been removed. I just felt more hopeful that owning a house was more of a reality than it had been before the session.


Carol then asked me what thoughts I had about another issue. We transformed the negative thoughts like before until a positive thought emerged. At one point I didn't have any thoughts at all. I felt a warm glow surround me and saw golden light. Carol asked what I was thinking. I told her that I felt loved and that nothing else mattered. She reminded me that we had a lot of help in the room. I didn't feel fear anymore.


In a nutshell: After a session with Carol, I realized that I didn't have as much fear as I thought I did. Much of my fear was habit and really there was no longer a basis for it. The fears that remained were lightened with the knowing that they were in Gods hands and that love is all that matters.

N.H., Walnut Creek, CA