World Peace Experiment

Read What Participants From Around the World Are Saying:
(Updated Feb. 4, 2016)

From Hereford, UK: A wonderful enterprise. It is the intention that sets the outcome. So the experiment for peace will produce peace.

From Livingston, Texas, USA: Thank you for your signal of light, for your beacon.

From Lynnwood, Washington, USA: I was sent to this site by a friend who is also full of love and I never knew this existed. I agree 100% with what is said here and would like to participate.

From Stuart, Florida, USA: Thanks for this opportunity to be a part of a world wide peace experiment. I am reading "The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight" by Thom Hartmann and your organization is mentioned in his book. It brought me to the computer to find your website. I do believe that the intention of peace and love by millions can and will alter the matrix to improve the lives of many on people as well as Mother Earth Herself. "Only Love Prevails"!

From Middletown, Connecticut, USA: Thank you so much for putting this project together. Many Blessings.

From Clinton, Connecticut, USA: I am thankful and blessed to be part of this World Peace Experiment!! May love and peace prevail throughout the world!!!

From Grand Junction, Colorado, USA: It was great to find you. I have been doing this for a number of years myself by focusing on Heaven is on Earth now. Thank you for sharing your affirmation, I look forward to using it. Much thanks.

From Rennes, France: I would like to thank you for having created this experiment. I completely believe in the fact that intended positive thought changes reality but thanks to your explanation of the waves theory I can see that I and we can all also make a change of reality on the scale of the Earth just by thinking positive!! Not needing to do anything particularly great or famous and I think this is a big message of hope because this choice is available for everyone of us and does really make a big change for peace in our world, in our nations, in our cities, in our relationship,s and in ourselves.
Thank you to all the people participating in this wonderful project.  May peace be within every soul and everywhere. May the peaceful intention of this project fulfill its goal. May our thoughts bring love and be blessings for all.
Only love prevails, Noémie

From Royalton, Vermont, USA: My friend, Nate, who has one of the largest hearts I know was telling me this horrific story and then said, "only love will prevail." Having heard of  your work through Peter Payne I knew I needed to look up your site. Thank you for the encouragement, my dear friend Nate. My lover Dan and I will incorporate this into our lives. Often I find that people use meditation for an escape. I use it to move into the pain, into the truth and allow transformation to occur.

From Perth, Australia:  I suppose this will only spread by word of mouth,so signing up is also the opportunity to share and pass it on. Glad to do just that. We together can and will keep the space. The piece about giving up television, news and radio was brilliant.

From Shorewood, Wisconsin, USA: I'm in. Just may work! Wouldn't that be lovely. Ultimately, an end to war everywhere, even in the home. Thank you for your efforts. Good idea. I am filled with gratitude that we can use the web for goodness.

From Halifax, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom:  I believe totally in this action. I trust completely that this will succeed. My understanding was that this is the way forward so I looked on the internet and there you were! I am so glad to join in and be a part of this. Sending love to all and everything on earth and in the Universe.  Only Love Prevails

From Lydney, United Kingdom:  This is a beautiful idea, and I would be proud to be a part of it.

From Los Angeles, California, USA: Thank you for you site and your insight. I wanted to add a new practice to my routine beginning with Lent. All of the study I have done leads me to the conclusion that Love is most important. I happily join with you and thank you for your efforts. ONLY LOVE PREVAILS.

From Melbourne, Australia:  Only love should prevail and may peace also prevail on Earth.

From San Francisco, California, USA:  Thank you for generating and promoting love!

From Fountain Hills, Arizonia, USA: Intention... to be an ambassador of peace.

From Candler, North Carolina, USA: While sending out encouraging messages to fellow lightworkers, I started to send out ONLY LOVE PREVAILS, and realized that I had never actually tracked down the person/site/story of how the movement began. Picked up a flyer back in late 1999 I believe, and called a gal, possibly Carol, while I was living in Ashland Oregon. Now for the last few years, a gal in my, what I call lightworker net research group, has been posting this at the end of her emails to the group. So, today I wanted to send more energy with the message to my friends who are experiencing seemingly attacks and manipulations, though from spirit, I know those are lessons and obstacles which serve as fuel to lift us up. Glad to hear more about critical mass interpretation, which was another question I have had. I belong to a world peace Buddhist group with members in over 190 countries We chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo from the Lotus Sutra and study Nichiren Daishonin\'s understanding and wisdom re: the consciousness, cause and effect and universal principles  Looking forward to reading your booklet Free Yourself from Fear and will forward your site out to others. Eternally grateful for your wisdom and mission.  ONLY LOVE PREVAILS

From Karratha, Australia:  Unfortunately I have seen the darkness that awaits this beautiful planet and its people. I with to do everything in my power to prevent it and bring peace to the people. People of the world, I am proudly at your service!

From Memphis, Tennesse, USA: Our family is peace driven. We want to add harmony and love to the greater consciousness.

From Mississauga, Ontario, Canada: Glad to be part of the "only Love Prevails" organization. I will pass this info along to others who I know will join.

From Bandung, Indonesia: This experiement may take some time, and I'm definitely in.

From London, England:  Without realising it, I have been searching for this my whole life. The words Open Heart have been in my head for the last few months and eventually led me to this website. The simple truth of what I found here has clarified everything I have been instinctively feeling for a long time. Only love prevails. I can\'t tell you how much those three words have done for me. I am going to do everything I can to help spread this message, starting with myself. If you want to change the world you have to start by changing yourself. It\'s so clear now. Thank you Carol, and keep up the great work. Love, love, love...

From Arlington, VA, USA:  Thank you for your work! Listened to your audio. I have lived TV-free as well, and totally understand the freedom and this is inspiring me to watch less, as I've lately gone off the deep end watching too much. I liked what you said about not "living through another person." So glad I found your page.

From Zephr, Ontario, Canada:  I designed a peace flag called the Flag of Love. The design fits your project. Check it out.

From Chesapeake, VA, USA: I am honored to be a part of this experiment. It is in line with my path and feels good to know I will be a part of a group that seeks peace and love in all things.

From Bloomingdale, NJ, USA:  The material world binds us in flesh and substance, but in our true energy form we are stardust, golden, and love in its purest form. Embody Love and there are no limits.

From Glasgow, Scotland:  What a simple and a positively effective step anyone can take part in to create world peace. Since being led on this path of my spiritual journey, I had already weaned myself off from watching the depressing news on tv and reading newspapers and agree wholeheartedly that our appetite for bad news actually creates more tragic stories to be reported in the media. Our thoughts create our world. I have however become an avid viewer of a channel aired globally by Supreme Master TV, which highlights in its uplifting schedule of conscious programs, a lengthy news slot of the many good events happening around the world. The spiritually based channel has a huge following advocating a vegetarian/vegan diet and going green as the quickest most effective solution to save the planet from global warming. I am definitely passing on your link to all I know to spread the word. May God bless you in all your efforts and sincere devotion to raising the consciousness of the masses.  MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH!

From Longview, TX, USA:  This is a wonderful project. We are using the Free yourself from Fear materials in our Sunday School class.
Thank you so much.

From Truckee, CA, USA: I am a 28 year old female on the road to recovery from the depths of alcoholism. Alcohol nearly took my life, with my liver failure amongst other medical problems. I have been blessed, by a power greater than myself. This is my time to do what I could not do before which is to love and share my experiences with others.

From Calgary, AB, Canada:  Freedom from Fear is the shared Spiritual goal of humanity. Relinquishment of egoic judgement & Forgiveness of past errors in ourselves & our brothers is essential to acheiving Inner Peace & the universal goal of peace. Avoiding the culture of death & promotion of divisiveness, punishment & retaliation so prominently promoted in media by those who profit from selling "news" is a wise decision. Marketing & exploitation of conflict (& gossip) by the media is pervasive. Without sharing at least equal news coverage on the positive & healing, compassionate, charitable, loving & life-affirming efforts alive in the world, much of media is a divisive & irresponsible force. Carol you are doing much to aid the raising of Unity Love consciousness in the world by enabling the joining of a powerful healing effort of minds for Peace. Thank you !

From Harwich, MA, USA:  "The highest and best for myself and the highest and best for all concerned." This is the mantra through which a one world unified holographic vision invites universal alignment and vertical evolution. This exponentially can and will empower our perceptional abilities as a race, our purpose and mobility in this galaxy. Cleaning house in the inner space in the present moment is the future and our destiny. Outer space will be the reflection and the continuation of it. All darkness is overcome by light. Congratulations for making this website! It is in true alignment with the universal wisdom.

From Hilbert, WI, USA: If this helps in any way I will do my part. We really need world peace in this country before its too late. Sad to see there are not more people signed up. Hope this helps to obtain your goal. It just doesnt seem like people understand what's going on with this world and I don't know how I can help. So I guess this is a start. If we could get the world's energy on peace, happiness and love, wouldn't it be grand! Best of luck and peace be with you

From Brighton, UK: This morning my first thought was how can I help? What can I do because no one seems to be listening to me or changing their negative behaviour despite trying to lead by example....I\'ve been actively working on my own negative beliefs/resistances etc for the past 13 years but feel I need to come at this from another angle now......and today I found a link to your wonderful experiment on Thank you. I will spread the word.

From West Covina, CA, USA: This has simply brought me back to life, all that you have said has a been a dream of mine for years. I guess I lost hope for a while but now that I see I\'m not the only one who wants to sincerely and truly see the world bursting with PEACE, JOY, AND LOVE, I'm just so extremely greatful for how much you care and how you're actually trying to make a difference. Let us open our hearts and change the world!!! =)

From Munich Germany:  Thanks for this wonderful idea - "Love is the only truth."

From Stanton, Kentucky, USA:  I remember Gregg Braden, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Christine from "Love & Above" speaking about this. I am very grateful to you for reaching out and putting this opportunity out there. I hope the results improve our world and our lives in positive ways that are unimaginable at this time. So happy to be a part of your experiment.

From Kiev, Ukraine:  I feel in my soul that it is a very correct idea to create such a society.  It is what I want most - to be with people able to love.

From Biot, France:  That also is my experience that I do feel calmer if I do not listen to radio, so I am very alert as far as I can be upon radio listening, I do not read the newspaper much, only casually in case I need to consult announcements, and as my parents were wise enough to decide not to buy TV when we were young girls in order for us to be focused on our studies and family life and not to create tension and fight for it in our family, When I had a TV set some years ago, I could see that it was easy to be diverted on any TV program even if unattractive, so I deliberately chose to shift to no TV at all -- I do not have TV at home and it is not missing me at all. I see that on Internet there are some videos or comments on extraordinary and positive events. I get them by mean of emails most of the time and I feel happy about these human victories. I also see that when I did not have Internet, I was reading more and doing more things at home and outside. Books are still essential to me.

From San Antonio, Texas, USA:  I am a minister and speak often on the truth teaching, that only love can change the world. Looking for things about love on the net I discovered this site. I love it and will keep this thought in mind and include you and your work in my prayers.

From Coventry, Rhode Island, USA: I already kind of do this on my own, when I've reached my saturation point of "gloom and doom" articles on the internet. I then go and meditate and pray, and send out love and God's pure light to the planet to replace the darkness with light. I know it's working.

From Brisbane, Australia:  It's funny. I have been using the sentence "only love prevails" for a long time.  Not sure where it came from but wanted to use it in some prayer cards I am amking and thought I would look it up on the net and found you guys.  Keep it up.  Things are moving so fast.

From Rindal, Norway:  I'm all for anything that will bring about change on our planet, be it spiritually or physically.  I believe if we all begin to understand how connected we all are -- for we are One -- we will understand that things which hurt or harm life on earth affect ALL of us.  We can all do something to enable the shift in consciousness to bring about a peaceful future, eliminating self interest and agree, thereby eliminating want and need -- if only we adopt the will to do it.

From Walkertown, NC, USA:  I support anything that helps create an expanded consciousness and new paradigm of Oneness.  Peace and Love..

From Santa Fe, NM, USA: Thank you for this project and its role in the transformation of the world. May the experience of our Oneness prevail.

From Melbourne, Australia: Love this!! Came across it years ago, good to see its still happening, not sure if I signed up then. Site seems unfamiliar, may have changed, but the message is the same. I have paper Love Hearts around the house with those words written on them to remind me!! Well done. Keep up the good work. Lots of love. S

From Sacramento, CA, USA:I have always wondered why war exists and why there is so much anger and hatred in our world. Upon meeting people such as Philip Burley, a Mystic and Medium in Phoenix Arizona, beloved AMMA who is known as the Hugging Saint, and John of God, a Healer in Brazil, I began to realize that LOVE is the answer. When you are in the presence of such loving people, you feel their love eminating from their soul which causes change in you! I am thrilled to be part of ONLY LOVE PREVAILS.

From Karakol, Kyrgyzstan: Peace is the key ingredient for Happiness. A change in perception leads to a change in attitude, which leads to a change in behavior, which leads to a change in the world.

From Wimberly, TX, USA: Only love prevails! May we all be well and happy and peaceful!

From Canoga Park, CA, USA:  I really want to make a difference in the world and open up people's eyes to what we really could have for each and everyone of us. We need to make a change NOW or we're gonna be lost.

From Key Largo, FL, USA: It's time for all peoples to come together in Unity & Compassion with a deep gratitude & Respect for all living beings and Mother Earth. It's time we start learning from one another and getting along, instead of seperation and divisions, prejudices & judgements of one another. Seeing the beauty and awesome wonder in all beings and creation. Patience, Love, Kindness, Honesty and Respect with and for all and an end to all destruction of any kind to our only home...Planet Earth.

From Shoreview, MN, USA:  It's been a long time since I\'ve watched newspapers in radio, either. So most of what you suggest...I\'ve already been doing. (And wow...does it every help keep me in a flowing, loving heart-space.) However, I ADORE the "Only Love Prevails" response to situations that may cross my path from the "Old Earth Reality." Short, meaningful, "centering." I shall use this method from now on! Thanks, thanks, thanks for what you are doing. We are co-creating...a New Earth. Based on Love.Yippee!

From Rome, Italy: Thank you so much for your beautiful idea; I will tell all my friends about it.

From Las Vegas, Nevada, USA: Thank you for doing this, building awareness helps to bring about tolerance, understanding and hopefully, ultimately, PEACE!!  Peace & Love to you all :)

From Snettisham, Norfolk, UK: I am committed to helping humanity understand its potential for change. Hubby and I work to help others understand their soul selves, in doing so empowering them to working towards world peace through Love and Compassion for all.  Thank you for your work. Many Blessings Whitefeather

From Albuguerque, New Mexico, USA: Learned about this from Little Grandmother, Kiesha Crowther.

From Sanford, Colorado, USA: I am a Native American Shaman and I will be passing this to my tribe.. We will all be joining.. Mitakuya Oyasin are my Great Spirit.  With love and light, Little Grandmother

From Gonzales, Louisiana, USA: This positive experiment can do only good things for the human race and for our planet. Individually, it emulates a proven formula for growth and positive attitude change. I happily submit my application.

From Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA: As a former national publicist, my opinion of the way our US media select what they cover has been set for a very long time. My children, much to the distaste of their social studies teachers, have not been allowed to watch the news or read a newspaper for years. My stance has always been that there is so much good going on in this world, but the media has chosen not to cover that. I felt as if I were hearing myself speak as I was reading your "Step 2." I love knowing this is happening in the world. Thank you!

From Manchester, New Hampshire, USA:  I believe this to be conscious act resulting in a liberating manifestion of thought and World Peace. Thank you for sharing your experiment with the world. Om Shanti

From Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA:  It is my pleasure to align myself with the World Peace Experiement. As a Priestess of Peace, Ordained Minister and Bishop of the Madonna Ministry International ( A Church Without Walls) I gladly weclome the opportunity to assist in whatever way I can.

From Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine: This is a great opportunity to help people and the Earth itself to free the space for LOVE!!!!!

From Queens, New York, USA: I want to be part of the project of creating a shift in humanity. It is necessary. It is our only chance for a better world that everyone claims to want but very few take action.

From Saint-Petersburg, Russia: I live loving every creature in universe with universal love every moment, so I really like to be with all those people who think that only love prevails, and I hope it really will be possible to create such strong love vibration that whole Earth will proceed to the more high dimension, to the world of unity and love.

From Kiev, Ukraine: I believe that this a great project and I believe in the positive result at the end. It will help every person who decided to take part and humanity as a whole.  I don't watch TB and do not read newspapers because I realize that it brings only negative information in my life.  Thus step #2 will be easy for me and it's my conscious decision.  And I'll be happy practicing step #1 and believe that it's very effective.  I'd like to thank all the people who started this project and believe in its success.  Love really prevails :)

From Oakville, Ontario, Canada: Thank you for trying to make a difference in the world. I try to be as positive as possible, not only for myself, but for all those around me. I believe that if I emulate love and goodness on a daily basis, perhaps I will influence all of those that i come into contact with, and than perhaps those feelings of goodness and love will be passed on to others.

From New Delhi, India:  Live and Let Live! Spread the message of love and peace without any condition. (signed up 5 people)

From Canterbury, UK:  I am more than happy to be a part of this wonderful programme.Keep up the great work, then ONLY LOVE CAN PREVAIL!!!

From Donetsk, Ukraine:  Thank you for this experiment!  So many people around me believe in this idea. (signed up 12 participants).

From New Orleans, LA, USA: I believe that Peace could theoretically be achieved, If as many civilized people as humanly possible, could come togather to realize and truly understand the following concept:  Life and everything in it is a gift from the infinite mind, and the only way life could go wrong, is through the limits of the finite mind.  Eric

From London, Ontario, Canada:  I may not remember to say only love prevails but I live in faith that the critical mass is soon approaching. Not one thing happens before it\'s appointed time. Peace and Love.

From Yakima, WA, USA: Thanks for your help in World Peace. We are in that window of opportunity and have been since 1997, you obviously know that. We have about two more years to raise our level of conciousness to take full advantage of this evolutionary leap into spiritual beings.

From Milwaukee, WI, USA: I would like to say this is a great idea.. Me and my best friend started what we call "A note of inspiration".. we create random notes of inspiration and leave them behind for people to find, we leave inspirational messages, our email is attached and we get feedback :)

From Shetland Islands, Scotland: I have been practising this form of positivity for 18 years, do not watch TV or read newspapers, etc. My life and inner peace has benefitted enormously :-)

From Toronto, Ontario, Canada: What a superb idea, a way of connecting like-minded positive energy to dispel the negative energy that hovers over this planet like a polluted blanket of poison! Created out of love, we are, "Love on Legs!"

From Edinburgh, Scotland: Well done I am on your wave length and know plenty others share your love of humanity and choose love as a path to pease. I will spread the word.

From: Kremenchuk, Ukraine: Thank you so much for this wonderful project! I wish to bring the light and peace for people, for our Planet, for Universal! I hope very much and know that very soon people will change for best things in our World because Only Love Prevails always!

From: Highland, NY, USA: I believe the goal will be reached very soon now that the shift has picked up momentum! I can think of no better expression than the spanish, "¡Ojala!"

From: Bartlesville, OK, USA: Blessings to all, as each one who participates changes his or her environment, the world indeed blossoms into something we have not known before.

From: Boone, North Carolina, USA: Thank you for creating this. I have recently begun channeling a group that is giving me exercises for being peace. I am a stand that there be peace in the middle east and that Jerusalem be a city of peace for the world. My web-site, which I just created and is just a domain so far is called WeCanBePeaceNow. I'll link to this site when I create it as a web-site. My other site is WeAreOurDreamsComeTrue which is currently under construction. Peace. Elizabeth Percival

From: Baldwin, Michigan, USA: Some folks call be an old hippy but I am really young - 53 in a few weeks -in the age of the universe just a drop of time! Ever since my earliest years I have long for a peaceful world - I abhor war- but I understand that war is part of being human! That being said I know that things can change - to know and understand our follow man is a start.  To be a part of a World Peace Experiment perhaps is what is meant to be!

From: Iowa City, Iowa, USA: Wonderful to be connected with so many that share this vision.  For me, world peace began as a childhood dream.....  We have the power to make it reality through love and gratitude.  Let's move forward in the new year!

From: Bridgenorth, Canada: Greetings Friends, Thank you for starting this wave. I am pleased to participate in raising the planetary consciousness. How else are we to evolve? I'm so glad that we're all beginning to work together for a harmonious coexistence. Love and Light, Andrew :-)

From: Vernon, Canada: This is GREAT, AWESOME and Wonderful....we are a part of the GO GRratitude theory and now just can't fail. We have been filtering our 'viewing' too, only watch the 'feel good' shows and those that bring a positive angle to life. Many Many Many thanks.

From: Lund, British Columbia, Canada: Thank you for materializing this beautiful experiment, it is perfect for plugging into love and peace, gives me peace and strengthens my heart, love is the answer.

From: Marquette, Michigan, USA: Thank you for this opportunity to be a part of your experiment.  I found you through the Go Gratitude site, which is awesome, as well.  I also would like to add a reciprocal link to your site if you are interested. It is  Thanks again! Susan Belanger cofounder Puzzles with a Purpose

From: Green Cove Springs, Florida, USA: I am so glad I found this page.  I have been personally promoting peace in the quiet of my soul since reading the books "The Celestine Prohpecy", "The Tenth Insight" and "The Secret of Shambala" by James Redfield, so I am very happy to add my "little part" to your greater World Peace Experiment.  Blessings - Margo  


From: Ojai, California, USA: Thank you for the effort you have put into making this possible. I truly believe that THOUGHTS ARE THINGS....THEY HAVE WINGS! Count me in!

From: Manchester, Maine, USA: I find it interesting that I should have been sent this link as I was just listening to a tape about about the positive and negative vibrations that we give off. It is all fitting like a puzzle in my life. I hope 80,000+ sign up for this experiment. Sharon

From: Oceanside, California, USA: This is really cool. "one must live the way one thinks or end up thinking the way one lives" anonymous "with each thought we create our reality" excert from a quote from The Buddha check out George Harrison's early stuff

From: Deer Park, New York, USA: Thank you for the opportunity to accomplish a long held desire. For years, I've been telling people I thought it would happen in my life time, and I didn't know why, but just knew. This is a real validation and I am in anticipation.

From: Scarborough, Maine, USA: I only signed myself up But I will pass this on to everyone I know and help add to your list for sure. I have a huge list of very conscious people all over the US. and some in other countries as well. Thanks for all your effort to help in the change that is moving through our world as we transition into 2012 and the New World!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! check out our web-site: maybe we can even link up our sites. Our web person will be building our links soon!! Blessings on all that you do, Deborah

From: Pukalani, Hawaii, USA: We are in total alignment with your goal. We do our very best to shine peace (Only Peace Prevails) in our daily lives. We are honored and proud to be associated with such fine people around the world.

From: Melbourne, Florida, USA : I found  your site from newsletter-- i think this is a fantastic idea-- i gave up on the news media YEARS ago- -i couldn't stand the depressing and upsetting news it spewed-- thanks for allowing so many to participate in changing the perceptions and hopefully changing the world--

From: Vancouver, B.C., Canada; I heard of this a year ago, and although I haven\'t tried "doing" it, the idea has changed my perception already.   Do the Adbusters people know about you?  This is a meme they can help spread.

From: Worthing, United Kingdom: Peace comes from within. Each peacful thought matters. Let's make it happen. With love. Peter

From: Mundelein, Illinois, USA: This could be the start of something GOOD! I am onboard and ready to help change mindsets-my own included. Only Love Prevails-greta mantra. Let's hope it spreads as well as the washed sweet potatoes!

From: Denver, Colorado, USA: I belong to a church that is based on Quantum Physics and its teaching is that we attract what we think. Also that there are two forces in the Universe - Love and Fear (not evil). We have all the really great speakers every year Wayne Dyer, Deepac Chopra, etc.  We have had the director and several of the people from "What the Bleep Do We Know."  Mahatma Ghandi's grandson comes every year for our season of non violence. I will pass this around to Mile Hi Church members. Thank you.

From: Ojo Sarco, New Mexico, USA : I have made a committment to pray with the sacred pipe everymorning before coffee, smile.  Before sunrise with the fire and water for peace to prevail. May the Hundreth Monkey come soon. ART

From: Little Falls, New Jersey, USA: This is a wonderful thing.  Energy is powerful... Love is the cure for all sadness... we need to use our minds to believe in happiness and peace only then will it occur around the world. Keep up this wonderful project, "Only Love Prevails"!

From: Chennai, India: I do appreciate your noble effort. I am with you cent percent and from now on chant 'Love only prevails' to drive away negative energy, whenever necessary. With kind regards, K S Venkataraman

From: Clarkston, Washington, USA: I am glad to have found this site and participate in the experiment.  For years, I have believed that love will save us.  I want to be involved with spreading love awareness any way I can.  I would like to be a part of a peace organization that promotes the teaching of love in class rooms, work places, prisons, rehabilitation centers, government, military, at home, etc.  Goal, world peace.  I am passionate about the cause and I will contribute as much as I can.

From: Wilmington, North Carolina, USA: My daughter and I are signing up!  We already have cut out the hysteria of the media and will be very happy to send out the energy that "only Love prevails"  Thank you!!!

From: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka, Russia: Good afternoon! We live on Kamchatka. We are active participants of this experiment though did not know that there is such subscription. We - the Kamchatka group of workers of light - ask to include us in the list. We send Love every day. Happiness and love to you! Emma, Natalia, Oksana, Anna, Dmitry, Ella, Sergey, Zoe, Valentine, Alisa, Ìàya.

From: Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA: Thank you for doing this!  I have felt for a long time that it is us that needs to shift individually.  Though I know this truth, often fall into the trap of viewing things negatively.  From now on, I know that this effort to shift to a new paradigm will be done with thousands of people and it gives me great hope! Thanks again, Karen

From: Seattle,Washington, USA: I wear a button on my jacket that says"TEACH PEACE", I have been told in a tarot card reading that I am to TEACH PEACE in this lifetime, I stand for PEACE in anti-war rallys(instead of "no war"), and I am proud to sign on for the Peace Experiment (found out about you from the Go Gratitude Experiment!) The positive outlook appeals to me, too. Thanks for doing this, carol

From: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA: I just happened upon your website, but it describes exactly what I have been thinking for about five years.  This experiment will work!

From: Den Hague, Netherlands: Thank for this fantastic experiment! My two little daughters also signed up. We promised eachother to be peace.

From: Boulder, Colorado, USA: thank you, exactly what I was looking for. This planet and all of humanity is in need of a huge shift. It will happen, it is happening!

From: Chennai, India: I am concerned with the alarming state of affairs about the  safety of the globe, the mother earth! our only one most precious mother! Survival of humanity depends on the unpolluted fresh air to breath, pure clean water fit for human consumption, several million of saplings grown into thick shady trees to cool the earth are our inevitable progressive needs right away. World Peace Experiment, the Organisation committed to save the earth for peaceful living gives me an impetus to work for the avowed purpose.

From: Corlette, Australia: We are the founders of the Australian Peace Academy. The Academy is training and supporting people who choose to passionately commit their lives to bring about the Golden Age of Peace on planet Earth. The Australian Peace Academy is a non-sectarian, non-political and a non-profit organization. Our Vision of the World is Where All People Live in Peace and Harmony in an Abundant Universe. Individuality is Celebrated, Differences are Respected. Leadership is Practiced with Action, Wisdom, Acceptance, Creativity, Respect and Synergy. And When an Awakened Spiritual Consciousness is Guided by the Power of Unconditional Love.

From: Arlington, Virginia, USA: I have a mission to establish Peace on Earth by 2027. First we need to start with eliminating Domestic Violence because we can't get to World Peace if we can\'t have peace at home. There are 9 other significant topics to be addressed to establish Peace but the short of it amounts to :   Education + Prosperity = Peace Some people say there is not enough to support the World's population. They are wrong. We are using all our assets for poor ideas instead of productive ideas that are good for all people and good for the planet. The world has been held hostage through fear for way too long. We can stand together and we can build a new world.

From: Dar es salaam, Tanzania : "Only love prevails" what a wanderful statment. Love can change anything Only love. Am very graetful to have people who ahve the same vision I have. Vision of promoting peace in the world. It is a wonderful and noble service which can change lives of so many people around the world.

From: Cottonwood, Arizona, USA : This is a great experiment but let us not limit it to 80,000 and let us confirm with determination love will prevail forever! After all, love is an inside experience. Thank you for this timely call to peace. Patrice

From: San Luis Obispo, California , USA: Thank you so much for coordinating this opportunity to learn and practice making our own lives more peaceful and more loving, and to join with others who believe our thoughts contribute to an evolution of human consciousness.

From: Venice,Florida, USA: Wow, I've been learning about true peace intently for 3 years now but have always felt it in my heart since a very small child.  This is wonderful indeed !!!  PEACE At Last

From: Toyone-mura, Aichi-ken, Japan: May the Spirit which moves through All things Smile down upon Us And Bless us with Joy, Love, Grace, & Gratitude Until the end of our Beloved Endless Numbered Days, And Beyond!

From: Sydney, Australia: The Strangest thing has happened.In the last few weeks I have been overcome by the presence of an overwhelming sense of joy and unconditional love. I have been in search of truth my whole life but during the last few weeks my reason for living and my purpose has become very clear to me; "Give love to Everything". Again and again in the last week I keep hearing myself thinking the words "love prevails". I was watching a disaster on the news and I found myself saying "love prevails". It's become very intense and I was not sure where these words where coming from. I don't recall ever hearing this phrase before. So I typed in this phrase in google and I found your website. After looking at the link on the 100th monkey effect I was made awe-struck. Has the   practice you guys are doing created this within my life? if so, thank you.

From: TORONTO, Canada: This message came to me via e-mail in January of 2006 ... I read it and moved on.  Today, I'm going into my archives and came upon it and am wondering how I could have ignored such an important opportunity!  Better late than never, I say ..... I'm on board!  ONLY LOVE PREVAILS!

From: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA: This is the community I want to "belong" to--thank-you for this!

From: Santa Monica, California, USA: I've been on a "low information diet" and have not followed mainstream news for several years now - so I'm already halfway there. Seems like an easy step to incorporate "only love prevails" into the daily chatter in my head. On a somewhat related note: To find positive news, members may want to check out  Lastly I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Howard Zinn's article: The Optimism of Uncertainty  Here is a link to the full article:   And here is an excerpt: Revolutionary change does not come as one cataclysmic moment (beware of such moments!) but as an endless succession of surprises, moving zigzag toward a more decent society. We don't have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in the process of change. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world...The future is an infinite succession of presents, and to live now as we think human beings should live, in defiance of all that is bad around us, is itself a marvelous victory.  Peace, love and understanding from Santa Monica

From: New Hebron, Mississippi, USA: My whole life I have wanted to help the world, but I have been "afraid" to go out into the world. I have been praying for help in overcoming my fears. I came to your website and read the paragraph about Fear and not watching the news....thats the answer to my prayer because I LOVE watching the news. But now I am going to STOP! ;) Thanks!

From: Brisbane, Australia: I totally believe in thought forms, global consciousness and that we are the creators of our universe.   I thank you for your courage to follow your inspiration and passion.  Bless you all.  

From: The Villages, Florida, USA: I have been inadvertently practicing this for some time by not watching the news AT ALL and pushing out of my mind any negative thoughts about the world. The mantra "Only Love Prevails" will be a great addition to my conscious effort to rid myself of negativity. Thanks for this opportunity to help make a difference in the world.

From: Rural Alberta, Canada: As usual, as I struggle to stay positive and loving in this world, I was led to this website.  Thank-you for being here.

From: Herat, Afghanistan: It's my vision to become able to reduce the conflicts among the nations! and I think that i love everyone - No matter who you are, or where you are from -  and it's my always dream to ask people for friendship and brotherhood; NO WAR , NO PREJUDICE.

From: Rubgy, United Kingdom: I am thrilled to find out about this 'experiment' from Thom Hartmann's book; it's one more milestone on an amazing journey that started in 1997 with an illness that nearly claimed my life. After more than 4 months in hospital I went home on December 12th 1997, just around the time this movement was launched - coincidence? Could be, but then again ...

From: Camden, South Carolina, USA: Believe me this type of saying do works,I have't look at any news since 1972 and I aways have a positive thought,it also keep your head from hurting.

From: Bangalore, India: I'm a teacher in a college, and have always been telling my young students about dispelling negative energy and allowing the flow of positive energy into us. This movement seems very inspiring and is essentially the need of the hour. I shall, in my own humble way, try to follow the prinicples underlying this movement and shall definitely make a good effort to spread the message across...  

From: Tehran, Iran: Nationality or humanity? There are always some key questions in my mind that I want to know their answers: 1. what are the borders between two cities or provinces of a country? 2. What is the border between two neighboring countries? 3. How and why the borders have emerged. 4. How the borders have moved in the past and how we can make them move or remove in the future? 5. Can borders separate the cultures, languages or other aspects of people\'s lives? 6. What are the differences between two groups of a family living on two sides of a border line? 7. The borders can change the humanity or dignity of the people? 8. Are there any advantages on increasing the borders? What are those? 9. If there is no advantages on increasing the borders, then are there any disadvantages on decreasing them? What are those? 10. What is the meaning of “The small village of the world\"? 11. Can you imagine a country that its people need a visa to travel from one city to another city? 12. Can you imagine a world that their people do not need visa to travel from any country to the other countries? 13. Can you imagine an international meeting without presentation of the translators? What is a language? 14. What is your opinion about a regional war for a few kilometer of the land? 15. What affects has had the communication technology on culture, language and other aspects of the life of the people of a country? 16. Can you predict other changes in the future of the world? 17. Can you imagine a world without regional borders and with global culture and language? 18. Which are the effects of the regional and international boundaries on the world peace of the human? 19. What is "Nationality” and what “humanity” is? 20. Which on is better: "Nationality" or "humanity"?

From: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada: I have believed for a while that the age of peace is near at hand and we only need to awaken that critcal number of believers to bring it about. I am encouraged to hear about this movement. I will do my part to spread the word and encourage others to actively participate in bringing peace to it's rightful ruling place in our lives and on this earth. Val

From: Nashville, Tennessee, USA: I would like to share a wonderful song and music video with you. It's called I Choose Love. I wrote the song shortly after the towers fell on 9/11. It speaks to everything the peace experiment is about. Please go to my web site and click on ICL Video and it will take you to the link or follow this link. We have had over 235,00 plays on the song on the two sites it's posted. Enjoy. I Choose Love, Shawn Gallaway

From: Haiku, Hawaii, USA: I believe in love more than anythiing in the world. the only way to have world peace is to spread love to every corner of the world. I am so happy that Obama is our president, he has such a positive energy around him and a beautiful inviting smile. change has finally come when we need it the most. aloha, lucy

From: Vught (near 's-Hertogenbosch), Netherlands: I am truelly honoured and very grateful to be part of this wonderful and Divine experiment. You see, I have not have read a single newspaper (except for our local paper and only to read about good news stuff!) or listened to the radionews or watched telenews for many, many years, precisely for the reasons you mentioned! I am convinced that with compassionate focuss and intention we soon reach the divine number of 80,000 participants, I feel that with every bone and cell of my body-mind-soul spirit. Only love prevails!!!! Go gratitude..... Love, Igno and Monique

From: Skokie, Illinois, USA: I Learned about this experiment at the Unity Church I attend.  Unity teaches many of the ideas that do open my mind and heart.  I am pleased to join this interesting and powerful experiment.

From: Jamaica, New York, USA: I am a stand that my peers get to be apart of the peace movement.  I feel that so many of my peers are not aware of the advances in science and spirituality that are taking place.  Many are very caught up in the distractions of media and materialistic gain.  I can see how easy it is to be lulled to sleep by the facets of media.  I also can understand that it is the belief that we are all seperated that causes so many to be indifferent to the struggle of others.  If you have any advice, let me know I what I could do in my physcial community to be an effective vessel for peace.  I would like to see progress in the urban community particularly amongst the hip hop generation and blacks.  I am 29 years old and a single mother of two.  I am a metaphysical minister and celebrity hairstylist.  Thank you for listening and your support is greatly appreciated.

From: Prague, Czech Republic: I found out about this project from a friend of mine. It's such a great idea that I had to join. :D

From: Ripon, United Kingdom : I've just been looking at a load of informative but sadly pretty gloomy stuff about the state of the world at the moment and suddely felt inspired to look for some sort of global affirmations/visualisations to redress the situation and coincidentally (?) the hundreth monkey 'thing' was very much on my mind and voila i came across your site....i was very excited and eager to sign up but disappointed to find - that thus far Mar 2009 just 33,548 people have joined, also that your 'participants comments' was last updated in August 2006! Nevertheless I shall hold that this is still very much a 'live' happening and am joining in peace and love and excited anticipation that we will effect this great shift in consciousness.

From: Viseu, Portugal: Peace is one way to bring hapiness to this world!!Lets keep trying ispirate people and put love inside of theirs hearts and bring peace that we need..! Big Hug!

From: Pucon, Chile: Love what your doing group partisapation is the way to heal the world good luck with all and let me know if there is anything we at H.E.A.L. (Heal Earth and Life) can do to help you guys out.  Ziggy/Nuela Chogyal C.E.O. (Concerned Environmental Officer) H.E.A.L. (Heal Earth and Life) Email me for a free copy of this book

From: Ruther Glen, Virginia, USA: This site is VERY inspirational and it will help be my catalyst in my day-to-day life for being more peaceful and positive, and thus bringing peace to the world!

From: Melbour, United Kingdom: Never has the news and attitudes of people been more negative than at this current time. What a fantastic experiment.

From: Victor Harbor, Australia: For many years i have not read a newspaper or watched news on television, (i went for 6 years without a tv) and hardly ever listen to radio.  I have always known if something important was happening i would be told about it and did not need to give myself a dose of unreal negativity.  At times i felt guilty cause i was not "keeping up with the news" but upon listening to the audio on this website it has reinterated and confirmed to me that i am choosing to live my life my way.  Thankyou. Recently i have started to read news articles on the internet if they are of interest but have noticed a dulling effect these are having so i plan to curb that behaviour also.  Good luck.

From: St Louis, Missouri, USA: I have always held Peace in my heart and mind.  I am a chaplain at Unity Church of Peace in St. Louis, Mo.  I have had visions of drawing a nucleus of Peace to our Church, our city, our country and our world.  In Greek,my name means Peace.  God bless you for your wonderful work and I will try to bring your message Go Gratitude to the attention of our congregation. Blessings and Go Gratitude---Irene Strain

From Calgary, Alberta, Canada: I think this is great, our world, my world certainly needs to start focusing on the positive. I will definitely take steps to filter out the negative in my world. Thanks!

From Crescent Valley, BC, Canada: I read about this experiment in "The Last Days of Ancient Sunlight" and I was moved and excited that we can come together in this way to change world consciousness. I believe that a shift to a higher awareness is happening now. But there is an urgency if we are to save the planet. There is huge power when a group comes together in love and light, especially through the power of love. Together we can indeed bring peace to the world. Blessings to all!

From Sandston, Virginia, USA: I recently meditated on the "differences" between the "Forest of Trees and the Forest of Humanity"--both of the same Creator, Intelligence, Law, but seeing how it is used in humanity to appear different, while the only Creator, Intelligence, Law is expressing. As I look at the diversity of Nature and the Universe, I only see purpose and harmony as the only Law that is present! I Know the same is also Consciously available to Humankind and it is not only important but imperative that we learn to live in harmony with each other, and with our Mother Earth, our Life Support System. It is time for our Presence of Unity, Peace AS Love as the Alternative that has not heretofore been tried AND It is time to bring it forth! And the more of us the "world" sees, they may start thinking that this movement is growing and now they might be encouraged to "give it a try". With Love & Appreciation for all You are Be/Doing.

From North Syracuse, New York, USA: I just learned of this and I must say I am disappointed that after nine years you haven't reached the goal of 80,000. I congratulate you on persistence and fortitude and conviction.

From Nobleboro, Maine, USA: The US is spending trillions on new weapons. Love is free to give away and harms noone. How difficult is the choice?

Kula, Hawaii, USA: What a blessing you are. Isn't it amazing that the most simple truths need to be said outloud and then suddenly we don't feel alone.  Thank you for reminding people of what they already know underneath all the noise the fear.  Mahalo Nui Loa (Thank you from the depths of my heart) for touching my grateful heart.

From Patchogue, New York, USA: I was so pleasantly surprised to see notice about this in a Catholic Church bulletin. It is with a sincere and hopeful heart that I sign on to this ministry. Thank you for this opportunity to participate in such a wonderful way. God bless. Peace and All Good,

From Yellow Springs, Ohio, USA: Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to share group energy, and remind me to shift my focus towards loving, positive thoughts on a daily basis.

From Leakesville, Mississippi, USA: What impressed me with your site was the lack of negative judgement toward anyone. This is so very important in sending out prevailing love! I also like the prayer for our world leaders. I have forwared your web address and invited friends to visit your website with hopes they will join. I truly believe in the power of critical mass.

From Ljubljana, Slovenia: It's working already!! :) Our president Janez Drnovsek started to spread positive thinking colored with love. He continues to channel his energy into political projects: from trips aimed at solving the Darfur crisis, to domestic issues such as pardoning convicts and founding the Movement for Peace and Development. Latest news on: Two of his quotes: "One of the fundamental questions of today's world is undoubtedly the question of equitable globalization." "Today the fate of humankind is even more crucially linked than ever before. The boundaries between the problems of "others" and "our" problems are being increasingly erased." -- He is speaking about the "critical mass" also and I really believe that we are coming close to it!  Love for all from sLOVEnia!

From Lisbon, Portugal: Today, my 10 year old son was becoming aggressive and I whispered to his hear "só o amor prevalece" (only love will prevail, in Portuguese). He looked at me, surprised, then smiled and kissed me. Later tonight, he lit a few candles and an incense, put on an Indian classical music (tribute to Gandhi) and stayed unusually calm for the rest of the evening until he went to bed and fell easily asleep. My 8 year old son was born in 1997, year of the beginning of the experiment. So, my children are an inspiration and I dedicate my signing up to them. Thank you for bringing love into our home. Sometimes, daily life contaminates us with negative energy, whitch is not always easy to recycle. Today, your work helped us. So I wrote on a window glass, with a permanent marker, in a wave shapped phrase, ONLY LOVE WILL PREVAIL, both in english and portuguese, to ensure that love will stay with us and will pass on behond us. May peace be with us all.

From Colquitt, Georgia, USA : Carol. I have the "Only Love Prevails" bumper sticker on my car and this week-end my niece commented on it. Do you have any available? I would like to order 20. This mantra continues to bless me. Whenever I am in a difficult situation I remind myself "Only Love Prevails" and the tensiion eases and I can focus on the important work to be done. Thank You Again. (Note: Only Love Prevails bumper stickers are available in lots of 10 for $5.00 including postage from Open Heart Press. CLICK HERE for details.)

From Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada: This is an unbelievable thing that has come across me at this point int time in my life. I always talk about how our media, marketing and even our peers are blindedly being guided by negativety and the importance of being better than everyone else. Like the American dream we are are living with ER: BiggER BettER FastER StrongER...always in a competitive mindset, and in turn is negative. I am so happy to sign up and be apart of this organization to hopefully make a difference and get the word out that LOVE WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL!!

From Newburgh, Indiana, USA: I am glad to see someone putting the actual numbers to work. Dr. Stephen Hawkins estimates similar effects when we reach "critical mass." I look forward to tracking our progress. Thanks for doing this.

From Cape Town, South Africa: Thank you for the opportunity to co-create that which we truly are, namely Divinity personified. It is time and we are ready. Let us together deliver and receive our eternal truth. LOVE!

From Sugar Land, Texas, USA: What a great idea. I thank the organizers and applaud the participants. It is perfect timing for me, because I am currently experimenting on LENT (Let's Eliminate Negative Thinking) during this Lent season. I am fasting on negative thingking for 40 days. This will augment my own personal experiment by affirming "Only Love Prevails" in the process and extending the 40 days to forever.

From Sint-Gillis-Waas, Belgium: Thank you very much for this beautiful experiment! I hope the shift works, only repeating "only love prevails" as a mantra, made me feel better!keep up the good work people and let's transform our world!!!! With Love and Light and Power and Wisdom!

From Dripping Springs, Texas, USA: Thank you, thank you. I love you. You have sucessfully and beautifully articulated the deepest knowing of my heart (and the hearts of thousands!) I am delighted and honored beyond words to participate.

From San Jose, Costa Rica: excellent experiment, thinking positively attracts positive things in your life!!!!!!!

From Kongens Lyngby, Copenhagen, Denmark: Dear Carol! Thanks for your good initiative and continuing work on world peace.It is funny for me, that I have done your suggested practise for many years, so it\'s about time I signed up! I have some comments... In general we have 2 states we can be in: Our natural state of Love & Attention (as newborn human beings) or the state of Fear & Violence (from unrealised traumas). When I act in critical situations, I consider whether I am acting out of love or fear. I am making songs about love and fear, e.g. "It\'s-a-dam bush of fear!" and songs for parents and lovers. I highly recommend LAUGHING WITH OUR FEAR and CRYING OUR LOSSES as the laughter therapist Dr. Annette Goodheart recommends in her book "Laughter Therapy -how to laugh about everything in our lifes that isn't really funny!" (  I wish you laughter and love.

From Cambria, California, USA: Thank you for your work towards peace for all. I am, and will continue, working within my heart and extending this work outwards to others. It is my sincere feeling that peace can only be attained worldwide when we have found it in our own hearts.

From London, United Kingdom: Having meditated for peace and harmony throughout the world for many years, I am overjoyed to learn about this international peace initiative. Yes, love will certainly prevail because God is love. Each one of us is made in that same image; it's just that we have all forgotten and need reawakening to our eternal truth. Om shanti.

From Alton, Illinois, USA: I can't believe there are only 27,000+ people signed up since this started in 1997. I always thought the 'group' was larger than this. We obviously have much work to do!

From Auckland, New Zealand: I think this a wonderful idea, and something I truly believe in. I have always avoided watching the news, and reading horror stories for this very reason. Good luck!

From Chase, Michigan, USA: I am delighted to have this opportunity! Gathering eneough people together to make the critical mass for world peace has for a long time been a desire of mine that I had no idea how to acheive! Now I can be a part of that dream. Thank you!

From Albert Lea, Minnesota, USA: This has worked for me. In 1994 I took a meditation class and for 1 week our assignment was to notice the toxic things we put into our body. I was addicted to the nightly tv news. I recognized the toxicity of that hour+ every day. I stopped tv and do not read any print news although I do get some emails from organizations I subscribe to with news content. I have been more peaceful and positive in my life over the past 12 years. Thanks for your efforts.

From Santa Rosa, California, USA: A wonderful strategy! Simple and most effective both personally and globally. Thank you.

From Minsk, Belarus: All my family wants to take part in this experiment: I, my wife and 2 daughters.

From Morgantown, West Virgina, USA: This is such a blessing to be a part of this, and to recognize that peace is growing amongst us. Thank you and blessings. Only Love Prevails.

From Kfar Clil, Israel: Thank you for your work. I do the same in Jerusalem and Israel. We can only win, with love

From Stamford, Connecticut, USA: Thank you. Saying or thinking "Only Love Prevails" in the face of negativity gives me something positive that I can instantly do. I believe it will make a me. I also believe that peace begins with me.

From Boulder, Colorado, USA: A wonderful idea! Individuals do make a difference! I agree that the media is a predominantly negative force...I worked in TV news for 10 years and saw the need to remove myself rom that element of our culture. Now I stay away from TV as a rule, and hope that my positive thoughts and love make a far better contribution to our world. Only love prevails.

From Barcelona, Spain: It's a fantastic idea to go beyond "good and evil" polarities which have caused so many harm and absurd fanaticisms and misunderstandings and to focus on Love, and the Open Heart. My own inner research is telling me that this conscious state of "heartful love" is the answer for many of our today's hatred and separative images that we have towards each other and the environment. Congratulations!

Fom Phoenix, Arizona, USA: We are all here for a reason and we all matter. I am here to make a difference and to the best of my abilities, I choose peace. By seing only peace, I am willing to be a channel of peace.

From The Woodlands, Texas, USA: I'm in for ME first. If I can learn to remind myself that ONLY LOVE PREVAILS when someone is rude, hurtful or defaming toward me, then I have created the transformation I need in my life right now. It is easier for me to declare ONLY LOVE PREVAILS when I am not attached to the person or the situation. When I have mastered my own detachment to negativity toward others, then I will be better equipped to take a STAND for the world at large!

From Mayen, Germany: Thank you for creating this experiment. I am practicing it since some time, especially after reading a book called "leide nicht - liebe". I am going to give the information to others and hope we will reach the number of 80.000 soon.

From Denver, Colorado, USA: What a awesome idea! I have been picking and choosing what news I want to hear for a long time now. Not what they want to sell us. I truly believe that 1 or 1 million can make a difference in the world. Now more then any other time, in this universe we need World Peace. I belong to a drum circle here and we drum with universal intentions, we lead each round with the Mother Drum, that is where the person standing in the lead position makes the intention, the last round of the night is the Healing Round, we softly call out names of the people that need healing, spiritualy, mentally, physcially what ever it maybe.

From Haiku, Hawaii, USA : I've been living like this for 7 years-- no media and still I hear what ever is neccesery but no pollution--no TV in the house just DVDs of my choosing. It is so much happier. Love does prevail!

From Sydney, Australia: For the last ten years I have been writing articles on all the terrible and obscene actions of politicians, corporations, financial institutions, media manipulations and religious misinformation. All the things that have brought the world to this sad state that we are currently experiencing. Although I have offered a sound and rational cure for all the problems that we face, in an article titled "Education is the Key", I have not realised until I visited your website just what was missing from my writings; "Inspiration". I, myself have always been inspired with the belief that humanity is capable of re-inventing itself in the form of a truly civilised society, however until now I have been blind to the fact that in order to really reach people, to grab their attention and to hold it, they also need to be inspired. To this end I intend to edit the two books that I am currently working on, to include inspirational messages from beginning to end. Thanks to you.

From Zaqaziq, Egypt: I really like your site, I love peace and hope that it will prevail on all the world. I'm a Muslim and one meaning of Islam is PEACE :) And our greetings is Salamu Alykom whick means Peace be upon you.

From Yellow Springs, Ohio, USA: Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to share group energy, and remind me to shift my focus towards loving, positive thoughts on a daily basis.

From Tel-Aviv, Israel: Thank you for this amazing service to humanity. I will send your website to all my friends so whoever wish to sign - will do so as well. Shalom - peace and love prevails on Earth always !!!!

From Mankato, Minnesota, USA: What A Wonderful Web site!! I don't open very many e-mail links as they usually are long and don't have much meaning. However I could not resist this one & immediately couldn't wait to see what this experiment is!! Sure glad I checked out this site!! The process is so simple yet so VERY POWERFUL on a world level!! Brilliant, Brilliant, I'm proud to be a part of this world changing experiment!!!  I also would like to share that you are right about the media mainly spreading fear and "negative energy". I recently traveled to Israel and had an Amazing journey!! I only experienced peace and wonderful, gracious energy from the people living there!! I never once felt fearful, and have only positive things to say about my Israel experiences!! It is really too bad the majority of people only believe what the media portrays about this amazingly peaceful "Holy Land"!! I like to share my experience with as many people as possible and encourage traveling to this beautiful country!! (as everyone I know thought I was crazy to go there cuz it is so "Dangerous") I did not want to leave!! I will definitely travel there again and hope to bring many more people so they too may experience what Israel is really about: PEACE & LOVE (in my opinion). Thank-you for spreading LOVE May there be PEACE ON EARTH

From Truro, Cornwall, England: Great idea ... I heard about you in Thom Hartmann's "The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight" I will do what I can to network you to others and hopefully we will raise the pitiful numbers of UK participants ... there are more Lightworkers than THAT here LOL!!! I am amazed that we have not yet reached critical mass!!! Thank you for doing this .. I appreciate and support your efforts and hard work.

From Glenwood Springs, Colorado, USA: What a wonderful effort...and EVERYONE can be a part of this change in perception and make a difference. Thank you for your invitation to be a participant and spread the idea!

From Johor Bahru, Malaysia: I think you are doing a great job and I am sending this message to everyone in my address book....let us spread the positive vibrations to as many as we can and help wipe out negativity and create more love. Cheers and keep up the great work.

From Salt Lake City, Utah, USA: What a wonderful idea. Every little pocket of love will add to the whole. How joyful it feels to be a part of this.

From Auckland, New Zealand: What a fabulous idea. I fully support this and will tell many others about it and hope that they will sign up as well. Best of luck for the ongoing endeavour.

From Brighton,United Kingdom: Well done, what an amazing concept, I am tingling all over in anticipation of what you are about to achieve. love and peace.

From Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA: Thank you so much for this powerful reminder that we can each choose to make peace a reality in our lives each day and at the same time benefit the whole planet by changing our OWN negative thinking/experience and acknowledging the truth: ONLY LOVE PREVAILS! Bless you.

From Chiba, Japan: Your idea sounds cool and helpful! I hope you will reach your goal very soon... I will forward your website to my friends as well. I hope world us getting better with peaceful love.

From Adelaide, Australia: I always say whatever the question "Love is the Answer" so I guess I've been doing ok on my own with the first part of the experiment and already believe that the media shows too much bad news and not enough good so I am happy to be a part of this experiment.

From Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA: I would be very interested in sharing this with many friends. I believe in your theory and am so glad the experiment has come my way. I believe it was sent to me from the universe as I did not recognise the senders name. Thank-You

From Buenos Aires, Argentina: I completely agree with everything you say here. I`m aware of how energy works, I work everyday with my thoughts trying to change bad for good, negative by positive ones. I`m convinced that I cannot change the whole word but if we are enough people changing our minds we can do a lot.

From Grants Pass, Oregon, USA: Thank you! I am grateful to find this site. I will share it with our spiritual community in Medford, OR Center for Spiritual Living

From Gainesville, Florida, USA: This is a beautiful idea...Just yesterday I was worrying about the divisions being created over politics and differing opinions. Now, I just have to ask myself, "What can I do right now in this moment to contribute to unity, to peace?" Every moment is an opportunity to Love.

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, USA: This was so refreshing to see the large number of participants, and all of the comments written before me. Wow. I am a healer and often feel that my contribution is so small. To see the comments from so many other Light Workers re-affirms that it all starts within. What I do does make a difference, one person at a time... and, yes! Only Love Prevails!!! Aloha! and Mahalo! for this website and positive movement of energy.

Boulder, Colorado, USA: Yes, this notion of love prevails needs to be shared. I want good for all. Sometimes I struggle because I am not accepted as part of the group or blamed by others for the giving I do, and am astononished by this reaction. I need to learn not to be attached to the negative reactions of others who try to put me down for the good I do. Often I feel like there is a constant tug between good and evil. I only want to align myself with good.

Amsterdam, Netherlands: Check out on the international day of peace, 21st of september, we organise a fun and meaningful day on the theme peace. we combine that with an educational package on peace at schools where kids make their own plays and paintings on the theme.

Burlington, Vermont, USA: I have been doing a similar practice using reiki symbols already and I am glad to be part of such a big group of peacemakers now. Love and Peace to each and every one of you!

Gatineau, QC, Canada: excellent experiment and one in which I am proud to participate. There is a similar initiative on the part of the TM people and David Lynch in which they are building "Peace palaces" throughout the world and intend on building a University of World Peace". Maybe a link between the two initiatives would speed the realization of your goals.

Rockarp, Sweden: Thank You! My first thought when I woke up today was "there should be a news agency that reports news about all the beautiful things that happen in the world".

Lockport, Manitoba, Canada: Thank you - I have been utilizing a similar idea for many years and I am one who does not participate in viewing the news as I have always felt it was bias and tended toward sensationalism by generally offering news that was degrading to humankind and not of life-enhancement. So I play with the focus of upliftment for I believe that what I focus on is what I create in my life and then share with the lives of all others. In joy and gratitude. Thank you for taking the time to put this World Peace Experiment together

Burbank, California, USA (originially from Norway): What a beautiful concept! I am proud and happy to be a part of this and will forward invitations to all my friends and aquaintances. Love WILL prevail! I am surprised though, that it started back in 1997 and haven't reached the 80.000 yet...Then I forget where I found the information, it was on a piece of paper (I am a note-person, always making notes) but it doesn't really matter because everything is happening in the right time and so on. Thank you for doing this. I send you and all of humanity my greates love.

Rosarito Beach, Mexico: My friend that signed-up yesterday told me of this great site and thought last night at dinner. Today we have used the Only Love Prevails several times in situations and it really puts the situatin in positive light. Thank you and let's keep make the world a happier place to live.

Vancouver, Washington, USA: Only love prevails---we are all One Life of Infinite Love---beyond mind or description---a oneness that is so powerful, that it cannot be spoken of. Without the Infinity of Love, nobody could be said to exist. Thank you for this opportunity to say "only love prevails." Peace and Love

Brisbane, Australia: Thank you for the work you are doing to encourage us all to be more peaceful in our own beings, thus bringing more peace into the world.

Traverse City, Michigan, USA: The theme of my church's annual All Music Service last month (December 2005) was peace. One of the songs our vocal ensemble sang was "When There Is Light In The Soul" which was written by a fellow named Tom Shea. The lyrics of the song go something like this:

When there is light in the soul there will be beauty in the person.
When there is beauty in the person there will be harmony in the home.
When there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nation.
When there is order in the nation there will be peace in the world.

Thank you for creating the World Peace Experiment. I am using 'Only Love Prevails' to keep light in my soul... and help create peace in the world.

Brisbane, Australia: Fantastic experiment - it is an honour to be invited to participate. I will send out your website to all family and friends to alert them of their ability to contribute positively to collective consciousness and experience heaven on earth. Thank you.

From Rochester, New York, USA: I'm excited about this & have been wanting to organize and/or participate in some type of world peace experiment over the last 20 years. About 1990 it was going to be a Rainbow Walk Around the World, but it did not materialize though one man did start walking....but he gave up when no one joined him for more than a few miles.

Winter Park, Florida, USA: It is the energy of perception that creates; if we proclaim an energy as evil, so it is. It we proclaim it as just energy and see it also as a spark of God filled with goodness, light and love, so it is and you have just helped that energy to reach its highest potential!

Isle-of-Whithorn, Scotland: May this year be the beginning of peace within us all......thus radiating out to All.....may all beings be happy.....

Longwood, Florida, USA: I think it would be a great idea for a song to be written, recorded and distributed titled "Only Love Prevails", and have everyone ALL OVER THE WORLD SINGING IT, all the radio stations playing it, etc! Any good songwriters out there? (Note from Carol: A song HAS been written and recorded by my dear friend Carole Isis called Only Love Prevails. She wrote it as a theme song for the World Peace Experiment. You can read the lyrics to the song in our Inspired Writings and at Carole's website: where she also has a sound clip!)

Scottsdale, Arizonia, USA: The paths to Spirit are many. Love is Spirit. Peace is Spirit. To paraphrase St. Francis: "Spirit, make us instruments of your peace. Where there is hatred, let us sow love."

Santa Clara, California, USA: I really liked your step 2- I did step 2 five years ago and life has been much happier for me. Of course, I made myself aware of the basics of tragedies such as 9/11, the invasion of Iraq, the tsunamis and other natural disasters, but I refused to be drawn into watching the media's sensationalized view of it all. Life is good.

Southaven, Mississippi, USA: My name is Hannah.  I happened onto your site.  I am a Native American grandmother. (Minneconjou)  My medicine man gave me a pipe 12 years ago.  Until I moved to Mississippi I poured water in the sacred Inipi.  I work with herbal medicine and other ways to help people with their health.  I would like to join in your experiment.  Aho Mi' takuye' Oyasin

From Washington, DC, USA: I think this is a great idea and am happy to participate. A friend and I were sitting around one night being peaceful and talking about the news AND HOW DISTORTED IT IS and we thought there should be a newspaper called "The Good News". A paper,a show--website---or all three where people could tune into whats happehing in the world that's good. I still think its a great idea!

From Kerikeri, New Zealand: Good luck getting the numbers you need! Already started say Only Love Prevails before I finished filling out the form.

From San Joaquin, Venezuela: This is a wonderful experiment! I work with energy healing and sound healing and will participate fully in it!

From Matawan, New Jersey, USA: Thank you for this opportunity. This is exactly where I need to be for me and the lives of people who I touch. I work in a new age store doing arch angels readings and healings and will pass this on to as many as I can. deffinetley count me in!!

From Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA: Thank you for starting an orgaization such as this. I have forwarded this info to others and hopefully they will join. I am a firm believer that if there are enough of us of the same mind, we can make a difference. And it truly starts with each individual on the inside. Peace be with you and about you.

From Ocean Springs, Mississippi, USA: Thank you so much for this offer. I have been doing a world peace meditation at our local bookstore for 2 years now. We are the change that we have been looking for. Only love prevails. Blessings

From Vienna, Austria: Hi there, this is just what I need right now to find my way out of a self created "negative thinking spiral". I'm pretty good in thinking negatively, so this will be a hard lesson for me and a real challenge, but I'll do it. Love the idea of changing the world or better people's mentality that way - thanks for that one! Only love prevails!

From Calgary, Canada: I am very committed to World Peace and Connection of all to this. I have recorded a CD called Woodstock and 50% goes to Amnesty International. Please go to to find it. I am organizing Unique World Peace Concerts in North America. Sept 11 05 is my first one in Calgary Canada. Peace!

From Escondido, California, USA: I am definately for Peace and Love and into creating them a positive and loving way! I am Love and know that only Love Prevails!

From Corvallis, Oregon, USA: How wonderful to be a part of changing our consciousness. I am very excited to experience the changes that will be forthcoming. I will make this my personal mantra and will spread its energy around to my "ten thousand things..." May love prevail!

From ljubljana, Slovenia: I think its very good idea. I think it is time for people to turn to love, to live love and give love. Mother earth needs our commitment, over will to live out of love. We were born from love and love is only real power who can change everything. I hope there are lot of people in the world who are searching for more in their lives than just living in shadows. I know we will make it. With love everything is possibile. Thanks for doing this project

From Sedona, Arizona, USA: I need to do this as much as you/we need me and another 79,000 to do it. So let's get to it!

From San Francisco, California, USA : I'd like to share a saying with you that came thru my pen. Feel free to share it. 'Tread Peacefully Earth's Shores for Within its Bosom Lie the Newborn Souls of Tomorrow and all the Spirits of Yesterdays' Judy Jones

From Olathe, Kansas, USA: Peace begins within. We are Love. Love is the very essence of our beings. As we express the truth of our being, we become Love in Action. As we heal ourselves from within we begin to heal the world. What we are remembering is that we are not separate. We are one. I am happy to join this experiment as part of the whole. Namaste

From Mt. Shasta, California, USA: I have been doing this and visualizing a web of light servers around the world so am delighted to join in!

From Houston, Texas, USA: Thank you for the opportunity. Together we can change the world.

From Honolulu, Hawaii, USA: THANK YOU for initiating this wonderful experiment!! I'm sure you will find that there are MANY more of us than some people expect ... spreading the PEACE & ACCEPTENCE to the world is what makes a huge difference! THANX!!

From Lake Forest Park, Washington, USA: As it is spoken, so it is created. As it is spoken, so it shall become. It is done. Only Love Prevails. It is done. It is done.

From Fitchburg, Wisconsin, USA: Thank you so much for this work of art, this work of peace.

From Newcastle, England: I think this site is truly inspiring. The world needs more love and care. Me and my classmates at St Mary's Primary love your site. Peace and love is all we need to make the world a better place. And we need to unite together and shine our candle in that darkness. We need to overflow that glass and meet in God's paradise after all Love is God's Paradise.! (PS. I am 10 years old).

From Manchester, England: This website has really changed my life and opinions. Lots of love from Alice (age 11). I can't believe that so many people are handing out millions of dollars to buy guns. Think about it. If you were a lonely child out there waiting to be killed by us, how would you feel? So, SAY NO TO ALL THESE GUNS AND WEAPONS. It's UNFAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only Love Prevails

From Cullercoats, England: What an inspiring site me and my class are all joining and we're 11 years old.

From Karachi, Pakistan: PEACE Through MUSIC is my Aim. Only Love Prevails.

From Kiryat ono, Israel: May Peace Prevail on Earth! Yishre Shalom Aley Adamot! A Salam Lil‚Allam Ajma! Infinite gratitude for this marvelous initiation! As a peace seeker who lives in Israel and for almost 2 decades involved with bridging the stormy water between Israelis and Palestinian I congratulate each and any initiative radiating positive actions, with no judging nor knowing‚ who is right and who is wrong. My belief is that we are all ONE and that first and utmost - peace dwells in the heart--all hearts! In Oneness and infinite loving gratitude

From Benin, Nigeria: I strongly beleive that the world could come together as one.

From Belmar, New Jersey, USA: I am very excited about this and can't wait to see the results of people coming together for love. The world needs more people focusing on love and peace. When I say my prayers every night I wish people to find peace withing themselves, because without inner peace how are we ever going to find outer peace? I am letting many people know about this. Peace and love to you all.

From Brandford, UK: This is just one of many love initiatives I am involved in - please be aware that there are many other activities spreading love and that we will prevail over those spreading anything other than love. I love you all. I love all souls. I love the world.

From Olathe, Kansas, USA: I gave up the media shortly after 9-11--and it's one of the best decisions I've made. On occassion I want to catch the weather or traffic report on TV and within 5 minutes I'm depressed listenin to fires, police chases and more.

From Littleton, Colorado USA: Thank you for trying this, for blessing the world, for inviting everyone. How thrilling to know we care.

From Chatham, Massachusetts, USA: This is a simple and wonderful idea. And the simplicity of it is what will make it work. We already have the blessing of the Universe.

From London, England: I teach peace and work for peace within and in the outer in numerous ways with numerous people. I am certain that we will move faster toward Peace on Earth if we pay attention to the care and nurturing of pregnant and birthing women. PEACE ON EARTH BEGINS BEFORE BIRTH!

From Royal Oak, Michigan USA: Righteous idea here. I will be adding this "Only Love Prevails" mantra into my meditation. I already avoid some media exposure; aside from keeping myself informed, I generally don't watch/read the news. Local news is worst, especially here in Detroit, it's all about murders and such. Just kind of saps your soul to watch it. But it's consumer driven, we must not demand to see horror stories anymore. Let us choose love and peace instead. :-)

From Copenhagen, Denmark: All attempts to bring order to the world through force, destruction, and fear of punishment are unacceptable. The only way is to bring the peace from within yourself into the world. The only enemy worth conquering is your own fear. Gradually, as this fear is reduced, you will seriously recognize your inner reality as being completely at peace. This peace only wants one thing. It wants to recognize itself in everyone. So how can the World not end up being peaceful? It's up to you. (

From Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa: Wonderful idea. I have heard of the 100 monkey theory and believe that, if it can work on monkeys, logically it stands to reason that it will work on humans! I think that this process is very slowly happening all over the world anyway, but I do believe that a project such as this, which actively gets people involved, can only speed up the process. Great! :-)

From London, England: I guess the world needs more love. in london people are so busy - and things are superficial - its hard to feel love, but love is all there is really! i think this is a good idea, power to the people.

From Jerusalem, Israel: Just want to say that the second criteria of filtering the media information is already done by me in the last two years naturally although it is a challange to do so in Israel.

From Lamma Island, Hong Kong: I resonate with what you say and this experiment. I have protected myself from TV and newspaper (excepet the 'positive news'!) for 15 years. Only Love Prvevails

From Lacon, Illinois, USA: I think this will be very cool. Thank you for doing it. We need all the help we can get at this time.

Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada: Thank you first of ALL for the work you are doing and secondly, but most importantly, I think it imperative to a positive outlook on third dimensional views, overcoming the idea that we are conditioned by our perception that life in a polarized reality is given contrast by the dark and the light, or Good and evil.True meaning in the higher realms is that colour gives contrast, not black and white. I am reminded of the time earlier in the 20th century when black and white TV was all that was available to us. Of course we graduated to colour TV and the progression seems so self evident that it amazes me that we have for the most part accepted the less evolved idea that there is no good without evil. To realize this truth is to cut oneself free from the lesser proposition.

From Lebanon, Missouri, USA: Hi! I'm honored to be part of your experiment and of this wonderful peace family. ONLY LOVE PREVAILS! I would like to recommend a site called Triangles of Light also where people form triangles and agree to "click on" their star and say the Great Invocation every day.

From Berlin, Germany: I am very glad to know about your initiative! This is just the way to look at the world I try to teach my mediation students! I will tell all my friends and students about it. Just to show, how I am trying to do something against the “Negativity Energy” of the media: in my website I created a Newsletter part with “TIRAMISU” – the hopeful and sucessfully solved conflict stories! (italian: tiramisu is translated something like :push me up). Created to have some really energy-bringing storys ready for all of us “peace workers” in moments of depression and little hope. I will ask the german-canadian friend who told me about your initiative to translate these storys into English. And I would be very glad to receive storys from people who participate in your initiative. Thanks to all of you!

From Magaliesburg, NW Province, South Africa: Hi there! A mate sent me your details and I love it! I’m 38 and in recent years the “love bug” has been approcahing me. I especially had a nemesis over new year and talked to a few people about this. I said - there’s basically only 2 things in life - love and fear. People said it was hard to always choose the path of love, as it’s so much easier (and conditioned within us) to be judgmental, suspicious etc etc of others. But we try... Please sign me up for 100th monkey! I’m practising all the time!

From Australia: I am signing up on behalf of myself and two daughters. I know that they wish for world peace too. We have so much agony and pain in our world, it is just so unfair. We have an inbalance of good fortune - not that I deny a person the pleasure of reaping their rewards after hard work, much food can a person eat, how many clothes can we wear, how big a house do we need to sleep in - how many cars does a person need... We have forgotten our fellow human being - as citizens of the world we have an obligation to help each other and achieve world peace. Love and good health

From Grandview, MO, USA, Many blessings upon your vision of gathering those that affirm Love in this world! I am a Priestess and Minister in the Madonna Ministry-A Temple Without Walls. Please use my name as it will benefit your vision. -- Reverend Kim Oursler

From Western Australia: I would love to be part of your experiment I felt better just reading your website which was passed on to me by Michael Redshirt (Semchison).....who we have just had the pleasure of his company .....he stayed with us for four days & he bought a great spirit with him.....I honor your humaness with respect

From Ohio, USA: Hello! I am happy to be a part of a connective positive movement like this. Shortly after hearing about it, I had this real negative energy about vacuuming. I repeated the montra, “Only Love Prevails,” and it was a snap to get started. PS. I went to high school at Our Lady of Providence Academy, OLP for short!

From Ontario, Canada: I have used "Only Love Prevails" so many times since joining the World Peace Experiment and I can testify that IT WORKS! When I am feeling overwhelmed by any negative emotion I repeat the phrase and peace comes to the situation immediately. Thank you many times over for sharing with me.

From Austin, Texas: You have contacted the International Institute of Culture and Language, a tiny worldpeace nonprofit determined to suffuse the planet with truth in place of ignorance, love in place of hatred, and peace in place of violence. Your goal to get a critical mass of people together is consonant with our own themes; therefore I the General Director of IICL seek at this time, your permission to copy your text into our Six Months' Activity Report as one of the great things that has happened to us since the New Year of 2003.

From Finland: I am a peaceful-minded woman from Finland,
and I am actually thinking as you are :). I nearly don't read newsletters nor see the news at the TV cause I am so tired of the bad news I always see! I am one founder of an online group of Angels on the Earth and member of others and I am trying to make good and spread love within our members and all other friends I have online and offline! This your project will not be anything new to me so I can be one amongst you all

From Sedona, Arizona: Spiritual love has always been at the heart of the world's religions. Perhaps because of this, the word humanity has a positive connotation, and that we have not yet completely inniliated ourselves. However,love without action can lead to stagnation such as that of the rigid cast system that prevailed in Inda for so long. It took the love and action of Ghandi to lead to positive change. So love without action may not be enough.

My response: Regarding your comments that "love without action may not be enough" I'd like to suggest to you that participating in the World Peace Experiment is indeed an action... one that requires us to pay attention to our thoughts, judgments and influences (an action in and of itself) and then to say the words "only love prevails" whenever we perceive negativity (again another action). These actions actually change our thinking and as we change we, through a ripple effect actually start a change in those around us.

From Schaumburg, Illinois: And count me among your 80,000. Wisdom dictates that one remains aware of those who may not share this enlightened view. There is a place where we can be positive, cleanse ourselves and still be grounded in a reality that is made of all ranges of perceptions and reactions. And for everyone's sake, we should not forget we may have to deal directly or indirectly with those of extreme and/or just different perceptions. If a "wish were a prayer" and "thoughts are things" can keep us on a positive track and spoke out to all whose lives we touch this will radiate the true white and loving light beyond what we might dare believe...why stop at 80,000?


From Burleson, Texas: I would like to give this a try. I have been thinking negative thoughts and have been watching the news media religously to "find out what is happening in the world". I don't want to be an ostrich and stick my head in the sand as I am on this planet and sharing it with others, yet I don't want to "buy" into the negativity either. Would like to give this focus on peace a try though. Count me in the World Peace Experiment! I know there are others for peace out there, we just feel alone sometimes!

From Santa Fe, New Mexico: Thank you for this movement and including me in the mailer. This is the best attempt I have read at changing what is happening to us. I say it every day to everyone I know that it is is each person, individual's greatest responsibility to extend love and think positive thoughts at this time or else we will go down. Rest assured that I will be sending this piece to friends all over the US and Canada. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

From Redding, California: I support peace and will be honored to participate in this experiment. There is only One and the power of collective consciousness is invaluable. Thank you for your efforts.

From Australia: Just a quick email to let you know that we received the "Only Love Prevails" bumper stickers today.  Thank you soooooooo much - they are just great (purple/violet is my favourite colour), and it was such a nice suprise after all this time - we had forgotton all about them. Keep up the good work; Our beautiful "Garden of Freedom", planet Earth, is so blessed by your presence, and we are proud to know you and to be associated with "Only Love Prevails" and the "World Peace Experiment".

From India: Thanks for the message. Indeed we are all one mind. Due to ignorance, we are trying to hurt our own selves. Love prevails over hate. The negative thought is inherant in all of us. Media is exploiting it. My first reaction was why only 10,000 since 1997 to joi this organization. Soon I realized it is a negative thought. Like the farmer removes the weeds, we have to do it contantly as negative thoughts grow again feeding from our vasanas and the seeds can come from the surroundings. Hence we have to very careful about our surroundings and the company.

From Veracruz, Mexico: I wish to join the open heart experiment. Actually my work deals with this. I am an emotional harmonizing therapist, we channeled some techniques to harmonize peoples emotions, and starting from there, health comes, and many of our cases, people heal from sicknesses which standard medicine couldnt treat. Most important for this therapy is to be aware of my constant creations, so I have to be in harmony most of the time.

From Lee, New Hampshire: I am interested in joining this movement, even though I am participating in some others for peace, which might be offshoots of this. In any event, there are many streams that can use the "PEACE PREVAILS" MOTTO. I am thankful for the prayer that is being distributed and will hold it in my morning meditation.

From Snowflake, Arizona: So this seems to be only the best of the major religious and philosophical systems in the world. I belong to the Unity of the White Mountains, Show Low, AZ, USA, and this is the sort of stuff we talk about all the time. I'm so happy to be Doing Something About It. As a songwriter and performer, this is right up my alley.

From Austin, Texas: Great idea! I totally support it and will follow through commencing immediately. I'll also pass this along to all my friends who are "on the same page" and just need a little direction to "do" something that makes so much sense.

From the Czech Republic: A friend of mine who lives in the U.S.A. has e-mailed me your appeal to all the people who want to participate in your work of transforming the negative energies in the world into the positive ones. To me it makes a great sense. I myself am a meditation and reiki teacher and I'm therefore well aware of the positive influence such work has on our environment. So, I'm going to participate in your programme which I've been doing anyway in my own way for a long time.

From Simi Valley, California: I am not sure that peace is possible. There has been war since the beginning of Biblical times. I would love it if peace could prevail. I have been an advocate for peace (which, to the contrary of some opinions, is not the absence of war) for many years. I pledge to promote the phrase "Love Prevails." I have forwarded this message to about 45 people on my address list whom I think would be receptive. Thank you for the opportunity to help promote peace...not only in my own heart, but in my family, in the community, in the state, in my country, and in the world. I will continue to pray for peace, and to pray for the efforts you are promoting. God bless you.

From Sydney, Australia: I totally support your experiment. There is so much judgement, criticism and negativity surrounding us in this world and it is absolutely true that ONLY LOVE PREVAILS. Let us hope that we can make a difference with this world bringing peace and harmony.

From Phoenix, Arizona: I would love to and am participating in sending positive energies to our planet. Only Love Prevails!!!!!My name is Gerri Krisa living in Phoenix Az. USA. My goal is to send as much love and light to our world to live in peace balance and harmony. Also as a Reiki Master have been sending energies to all our leaders for peace for all. Blessings for all that you do.

From Warsaaw, Poland: I will participate in this marvelous idea with love! In fact I am trying doing that two things everyday. I don`t read any news and don`t watch tv. I am trying to think just positively and fill myself with pure light. I am absolutly a pro!!

From Portland, Oregon: I will repeat as often as is necessary that ONLY LOVE PREVAILS. Sign me up. I am very excited about this and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for doing this and for including me. Ya double hoo!!!!

From Foster, Victoria, Australia: Hello Open Heart Folk, I have just received a wonderful email from friends in Tennessee letting me know about your terrific Peace initiative. How wonderful to have some positivity at last! I have sent it on to everyone in my address book and I hope that we can soon reach the 80,000 - great number. The 8 is very important now.

From The Netherlands: I really believe with heart and soul in the message "Only love will survive", so from deep inside I will join this group.

From Istanbul, Turkey: Thank you for this opportunity.May peace prevail over the whole world.

From Indianapolis, Indiana: I will continue to sign on more people. I am all about Love and love, and then some more love, and then after that, a bunch more love, and when it is all said and done, love is everything and the only thing.

From United Arab Emirates: The world peace movement is necessary to save the Humanity at this troubled time

From Curacao, Netherlands Antilles: I love the simple basics of what you would like to achieve. It is easily duplicable and respects everyones spiritual or religious beliefs.I will surely watch how the number of participants will increase.

From Carol Stream, Illinois: Thanks for the opportunity...I've been on a media fast for a few years now for the reasons that you mention, although I couldn't articulate them for myself at the time - when I went back to have a look during the events that took place last September I was blown away by the obvious intentions and not so subtle manipulations. Anyhow...thanks for your efforts to pull together like minded people in such a worth undertaking.

From Portland, Oregon: Yes, only Love does prevail. I have been practicing this for years using different words. Thank you for your efforts to maximize our recognition that in reality, only Love exists. As written in A Course In Miracles, "Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God." In other words, only Love exists therefore, only Love prevails.

From Salem, Oregon: People around the world are doing a daily(noonish, if possible) Prayer/Meditation to send the Whales and Dolphins Human Love and to ask for their protection. Please join us, and please spread the word.

From Waterige Weg, Netherlands: I read about the World Peace Experiment in a Newsletter of the Shield of the Command here in The Netherlands, and I want to join in. In fact, the second step of the two I already try to practice as much as possible, especially after 11 September last year.

From United Arab Emirates: Our world is becoming choked with: Greed, Fear, Anger, Hatred, Wars, Drugs (Licensed & unlicensed), Pollution, ...........the lsit can go on & on.... We the followers of Light, Love, Peace, Joy can change the above with: 'ONLY LOVE PREVAILS'.... I too believe in it fully

From London, England: This is a beautiful and divinely inspired project, and I feel truly blessed to be able to participate in it.

From Seattle, Washington: Love is the only answer. It always has been. If it noes not fit your question, ask a different question. Love is the only answer. Love in action is Peace- and Only Love Prevails. Amen and So Be It.

From Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada: I just learned of your project. I was pleased to read your "steps" as they fit very well with what I have been planning to send out to some people. Instead, I will notify them of your "experiment" and contribute my energy to it.

From Otalla, Washington: This is such a great experiement! I know you and we will reach critical mass quickly. Thank you for your work.

From Buckley, Washington: I have been doing this for the past ten years but was unaware of this site where I could join with others of like mind. Whenever I am somewhere and the media news is being listened to or watched, I wrap the whole senario in love. I can usually feel the energy shift and the waves become lighter. Truely, love can prevail.

From Pymble, Australia: To become free within is to set the world's people free.

From Sao Paulo, Brazil: I think this is the best thing I heard today...

From Kewaskum, Wisconsin: I try to use peaceful thoughts and words in my everyday life. I do not listen to the news or read any newspapers if I do not have to. I am a massage therapist and stress the importance of positive thinking and problem solving in my practice and the goodness of everyone I meet.

From Yelm, Washington: Bless you for this!! From this moment on, I will type "ONLY PEACE PREVAILS" on all my e-mail messages and tell all my friends. I will be forwarding this on to at least 50 people. SO BE IT!!

From Penn Valley, California: I will forward this to as many like-minded individuals as possible, and am grateful for the opportunity to take part in this all-important group work. Let Light, Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

From Tilton, New Hampsire: Peace-the ever longing and always sought------finding within ones self----leads to true outer peace. Look within and send out from there-all will feel it and really live, some for the first time.

From Rowayton, Connecticut: I have waited for something as formidable as this to come along. How wonderful it feels that the message of PEACE and LOVE has not been lost afterall. Blessings and light to all.

From Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa: I would like to participate in your experiment in shifting the consciousness of our planet. For a few years now, I have not bought the newspaper, for the simple reason that it is just too distressing and filled with negativity. I have always believed that only love will prevail. It is something I have known from my soul. To see the same sentiment written down, coming from somebody else, is thrilling! Knowing there are others around the world who strive for the same global peace makes life wonderful. I believe that some day soon, Only Love will Prevail. Thank you for speaking out, for putting into words our deepest desires. May you soon reach your goal of 80000 participants.

From Adelaide, SA, Australia: I love your idea about changing the world's perception of "good and evil" to a perception of love. There is certainly far too much negativity in the media presently so I would love to participate in changing this, as we know..."Only Love Prevails".

From Johannesburg, South Africa: I would very much like to be part of your experiment in World Peace. It is a wonderful idea and ultimately the only solution that will save this planet. Good luck!

From Labrador, QLD, Australia: sold the TV set last October after that ridiculous 9-11 farse.... We read a lot more and enjoy the un-conditional teachings of our 13 month old daughter! We think that the decisive "shift " is quite near.........around the corner so to speak in hu-man terms.

From The Netherlands: Vrede zoek je allereerst op in je eigen hart, dan is het pas mogelijk de energie verder te versprijden. Geloof in een innerlijke vrede, dan zaai je het de wereld in. Peace for the world is peace in yourself. Believe that you can make it a better world, by believing in yourself.

From Waco, Texas: A wonderful way to expand the conciousness of all beings! I'm proud to be part of your numbers. With Love Light and Blessings

From Eugene, Oregon: Just as negative thinking has distorted the view of the world, so too can our positive thinking reshape the world view.

From Tordher, Pakistan: we want peace. in the world. we want to finish terrism in the world.thanks

From Leeds, UK: How wonderful! I am honoured to be part of your beautiful plan for world peace. I know, collectively we can and will make a huge difference. I shall be telling my friends and family about this and hopefully they will be joining too. Love, light, blessings and peace to all.

From West Hollywood, California: All is consciousness manifesting on different levels in different ways/frequencies/densities etc... Certainly we can help speed up the shift of thought forms from the old consciousness based on fear (power and control and greed are fed by fear and can successfully manipulate people as they stay in a fear-based consciousness) to a new consciousness based on a more refined awareness that all is one and love. Love as a fuel/life force for consciousness to manifest. We are in that stage of evolution which shows the beginning of the shift. Some great human beings opened the portal for this new consciousness to enter more into matter on our third dimensional world. If you read the works of Sri Aurobindo you will find how he planted the seeds for a Life Divine, to help man realize that he can transmute his body and emotions and mind by surrendering-actively to an awareness that we are all Divine, we are all made of Consciousness...

From Stockton, California: We need more sites like this. We can change our reality. We are changing our reality. It is done.

From Charlotte, North Carolina: I am all for Opening the Heart (mine) and bring about World Peace. I believe we have a tremendous opportunity right now to bring about World Peace. I believe movements such as this one will have lasting effect on the World. Lets do it. World Peace here we come.

From Queensland, Australia: Thank you for this opportunity to join this peace network. I hope you reach your 80,000 or more of course. I have sent same to all my friends. Thank you.

From Johannesburg, South Africa: Last week I've got your mail from a friend, and since then I'm always saying ONLY LOVE PREVAILS. It is amazing, how often I say it. I was working in the corporate world for 15 years, was involved in the usual Rat-Race and the fear of survival, and along the way I felt that I lost all me spirituality. I am a Usui Reiki Master, got in contact with the Ascended Master's, Buddhic Boost, finishing now with the 6 stages of the Lightarian Reiki. At the moment I'm taking my Sabbatical Leave, trying to find myself again. I will pass on your letter to friend's, and hope that we will reach the stage of even more then 80.000 people, who will integrate the message into their lives, of: ONLY LOVE PREVAILS. With the kindest regards, in Love and Light and Peace

From Cornwall, England: I stopped watching the news and reading newspapers years ago and didn't even know for ages that Princess Diana had died which people thought was bad of me! I whole heartedly support this idea and believe that if everyone did the same the world would be an entirely different place. Hope you get your 80,000.

From Bryanston, South Africa: I already choose not to expose myself to the junk out there in our popular media that permeates everything. I choose not have a TV and zone out in front of one form of negativity or another. And I will work the mantra "only love prevails."

From Subiaco in the centre of Perth in Western Australia: I connected to this world day and I had my group meet in a very lovely park near bye ,it has lovely trees and I use it often to run special meditations . it has lovely ducks and it is on three levels and with big rocks and gardens, it is a SPECIAL place.> we lit our candles and passed it around and sent it to all the world and I said prayers and and then connected to the world as it felt great. a lovely day here. cool but sunshine. we had 5 of us....thinking and sending you Love and LIGHT

From Ottawa, ON, Canada: Please add me to your list of participants. For the last two months I have stopped watching televison altogether, have stopped going to conspiracy theories sites a whole lot less (like, etc.) and have gone outside for strolls in the park to talk with the trees. And you know, they're starting to talk back. They are alive, have personalities, and they love this planet. To anyone who is willing to acknowledge their existence, they are ready to pledge their love onto to you.

From South Africa: Yes, Please add us into your experiment. We are doing daily work very similar to what you suggest already ... I run a Healing help line here in South Africa and all 50 people are participating in our daily work to refuse negativity. Blessings .. every good/loving thought DOES make a difference, it can encircle the Earth in seconds even as a smile to a passer-by can do. Thank You

From Ojai, California: Thanks for your lovely and powerful idea of engulfing the planet in love. I am gladly, as of this moment "officially" one of the 80,000. In some way I have so been for a long time. We (my beloved husband and I) do not have a connected TV, nor do we get newspapers, except for the small town paper with local good news. This is a gentle town. The reason we unhooked from the TV and reading national "news"papers was exactly what you are putting forth: Our belief that it does NOT reflect the majority of news, happening daily everywhere, of wonderful conscious acts of kindness, and in fact energizes the harsh "news" by broadcasting and highlighting it. It was while watching the news a couple of years ago that we realized we were watching manipulative horrible trash and turned it off and unhooked the cable on the spot. We have been more peaceful, happier, more productive in beautiful ways, and enjoying more walks, reading and silences. So, count us amongst your tribe of visionaries of love. We'll add envisioning to our own walking as lightly and as peaceably on the planet as our awareness allows.

From New Zealand: I live in the very centre of the South Island of New Zealand. You will not find it on your map as there are only 11 residents in the village. It is in the middle of the Southern Alps of New Zealand mid way between Christchurch and Greymouth, between Porters Pass and Arthurs Pass. I have built a labyrinth for Peace in my backyard and set up a clootie tree to tie clooties (peace flags) on. Thank you for your reminder about living peace.

From New Zealand: I have just received your e-mail from a friend in Austria. I am happy to participate it is something that I do every day now. For many years I have foregone the newspapers and the trash that is delivered to us by the media and sifted through to only have on my consciousness the good. All the best.

From Johannesburg, South Africa: I would be happy to participate. Coming from a particualarly violent country (South Africa) I have recently found myself limiting my exposure to the media which is designed as the opposite of 'feel good'. I live in Johannesburg, capital of the world in terms of crime, child and woman abuse etc., etc. Wildly in need of positive energy.

From Great Britain: Dear Openheart, I believe that love is all you need and that love conquers all and that love is its own reward. i wait for the day when we have peace on this earth and I am working daily to experience peace in my heart - some progress is beign made!!

From Pezance, Cornwall, England: I think this is great! A shift in consciousness is what we are doing, and this is a wonderful part of creating it. I also feel it's important when we do see "negative" stuff on TV or wherever to not feel pity (as opposed to compassion) for the "victims" but rather to not only affirm that love prevails, but also affirm their truth, who they really are in essence; powerful, creative beings, part of the oneness - as, never mind distance/time, it elicits a response in them somewhere that goes "oh, yes, I remember, that is what I am", and strengthens them. It's such an important part of the equation to also affirm people's essential truth along with the love - which of course is their truth too!

From Macomb, Illinois: Whenever I tell people about the New World Order and people get scared I say "Remember, Love is the answer!" TV is CIA-opted (Operation Mockingbird). I haven't had cable since the day democracy died Dec. 2000. Kill your TV. Better yet.. Imagine No TV. There is no way we could be controlled without that particular medium of brainwashing and behavior modification. Really. 70% of resources devoted to geo-strategic objective is spent on Psychological Operations, 30% on ammo & weapons. We, in the US have been duped - and everyone else in the world knows it and makes fun of us. Stupid brainwashed Americans living in a cult opted by the CIA, quite literally. Check out Read, it's important

From Marazion, Cornwall, England: I totally resonate with what you are doing and indeed, have been achieving a large part of it in my life already. (Thank you for the opportunity to measure!) Would be happy to "join forces" with you all. Marazion overlooks St Michaels Mount and is where the Archangel Michael/Mary Ley Line connects with Skellig Michael in Ireland and travels right through to Israel. A powerful place and more and more spiritually minded people are locating here, especially for the invaluable work of balancing the Divine Masculine and Feminine.

From Gympie, Australia: May piece radiate through all our nations and bring love to all. May every one be blessed with kindness and wake up to each day with a smile for every one. May you all just take the time to help one another and be happy with what we have. Love is in you Spread it wide and may it return ten fold.

From Newcasle Upon Tyne, England: What a lovely positive site to discover through Arielle Ford's book, Hot Chocolate for Mystical Lovers. Thank you for putting it together. I will tell my friends to read about your peace experiment.

From Laramie, Wyoming: I think what you people are doing is GREAT. There are far too many negative things happening in the world right now, it would make a tremendious difference if more people were open to living their lives with peace and love instead of all the negative influences around them.

From Brecht-St. Lenaarts, Belgium: Greatest experiment ever in my point of vieuw!! Good luck ! and...untill we meet in Peace !

From Indianapolis, Indiana: I sent the information regarding your program to the View this morning. Their program was so negative and demeaning to women it was pathetic. I usually don't watch it, but maybe there was a reason today. You may be contacted. God bless

From Hoogeveen, Holland: Thanks for taken care of being united and given so many souls the opportunity to do something for well-fare and well-care of our beautifull planet and whole universe.

From Cameron Park, California: Thank you for this experiment. I have often thought of doing something like this, and you have articulated it well. Perhaps in the future, I will share with you some of what I have come up with along the lines of your experiment. Again, Thank you!

From Ravenna, Ohio: At these troubled times, when we all feel so hopeless watching our leaders draw our world deeper and deeper into a labyrinth of violence and hate, what you are providing here is like a breath of fresh air! Thank you for being here and good luck to us all.

From Lander, Wyoming: I want to be part of this - I gave up reading the newspaper over a year a go and moved to the west in June, leaving my television set behind in Cleveland. How beautiful the world is without this constant negative influence. Occasionally, because of my job, I'm exposed to television and CNN for hours at a time. I'm happy I received this message at this time - it will help me get back into balance.

From Somerville, Massachusetts: I would like to be a part of this experiment. I intentionally avoid the news already, so I will add the "Only Love Prevails" thought to my daily life.

From Palm Harbor, Florida: I would be happy to add my positive energy to World Peace. it is the only way.:)

From Miami, Florida: I am also deeply committed to love and peace on this earth. I am honored to align myself with your vision and experiment.

From Springfield, Ohio: I think this is a really well-thought-out and worthwhile experiment...I hope it works!

From Anderson, Indiana: I find this very inspiring--to know peace is possibe to believe and live like it is, and to be a part of bringing it about.

From Salt Lake City, Utah: Your web site is wonderful. Your goal and those similar to it are powerful and will set into motion the desired changes. I know this is true

From Yellow Springs, Ohio: I will pass this on to my friends and feel sure they will sign up. Thank you for this spiritual, positive approach to world peace.

From Winston/Salem, North Carolina: peace is possible if the heart is ready.The more hearts that are ready will make other hearts ready.Each soul means so much to the total.And the total can't be without YOU!

From Commerce City, Colorado: I have already taken some of these steps, because I am very aware of media manipulation to create chaos and dissention. I agree that we have become addicted to the horrible, and I personally can't take it anymore. I have chosen to take personal responsibility for my thoughts and actions, and refuse to take personally all of the random occurances that surround me in this world. Thank you for the opportunity to voice my opinion, and good luck with this project.

From Contennial, Colorado: I am excited that you are getting members from all over the world. Thank you for your efforts. This is a terrific idea that can change the paradigm of the world.

From Lerona, Wyoming: Love & Peace will certainly prevail! That is the foundation of "ALL THAT IS"! My Love energy is being sent out constantly! We Lightworkers are making a wonderful difference in this beautiful world. Mother Earth is such an amazing HOME away from HOME! Namasté... my dear friends

From London, Canada: Great idea--- I've known or remembered for a few years that we only need the square root of the earth's population to achieve this effect. Thank you for the work you do.. We are learning to live this-- many of us that I know. As the Children of Oz say--- "Pre-tend" and So it IS! We are already enlightened--

From Courtenay, BC, Canada: I just happened to say a little prayer asking for direction because of feeling frustrated about our world and the random thought came to me to try "" and voila there you were. I love your site, thank you.

From Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Let us make the shift together! Be conscious, and present, and let your love flow at all times!

From Venice, Florida: Even before Open Heart, I thought this kind of thought is where we should be coming. Great idea.

From Costa Rico: This is a good initiative. All we can do to advance peace does have some impact. The larger the group, the larger the possible critical mass. Everything is conscious. If we can concentrate and coincide, we can make the difference. Or we can start to make relevant differences grow meaningfully and effectively. Why should we not have and have positive impact in this macro world or so called material realm of the 1% of reality, if we all know that science shows us that at the quantic and or subatomic world, what is just the 99% component of reality, the focalization of the energizing attentions of our concentrations does effectively and meaningfully chose the orientations of events and overall reality? Is this not evidence that prayer does have to have the same effect on our world? Through prayer we can have discernable or not so discernable impacts on bringing about our intentions. And if our coincident intentions all converge synchronistically we can bring about world peace. Love, much love to all.

From Mumbai, India: A very good initiative indeed! I look forward to hearing more from you. Thanks.

From Tilton, New Hamshire: As a teacher of a course called "Healing From The Heart" this concept has very special significance and appeal to me. We share the belief that we are all connected, and that what one of us 'feels', we all do. We are all psychic in the sense that we do truly perceive what those around us feel, but most often choose not to acknowledge those perceptions for fear we might have to respond to them or, to state it more clearly, 'Act Responsibly'. Many of us still believe 'Approval' is the same thing as 'Love', and as a result fill our lives with rules that might produce approval, instead of allowing our hearts to open to the unconditionality of acceptance and love. This is a truly inspired and inspiring project, and I am honored to marry my own intentions to those already committed here. Our love will lift us to places and experiences that will prove that we need go no farther than where we are right now to reach that place we've been taught might be our reward for good deeds...heaven. It takes a shift in attitude, not a shift in location.

From Sharon, Massechusetts: As a clinical scientist, I am impressed how you have brought grounding to your highest truths. Thank you for making available to me a way to express and generate my own highest truth that love is the most powerful force. It is the source of being, and I now have a way of turning my frustration into love.

From Woodland, Washington: I am pleased to participate and will sign up the friends who live with me. If for some reason they don't agree, I will find another two but they will. We already look at the >world this way and will be happy to be part of an organized effort.

Columbia, Missouri: I lead community chanting for world peace in my community. Many participants find that chanting helps bring personal peace to their lives, which leads to peace in our community, which leads to peace outside of our community...and on to world peace.

From Lander, Wyoming: Hello! I am so happy to find a caring site that is willing to try and change what is happening in the world and i would like to be part of this program. I all people would wake up to what is happening to the world environment we might turn it around. I hope we are not too late as it is.

From Los Angeles, California: Thank you for sponsoring such a wonderful project. May every participant's portion of light add to the world's, that a network of healing envelop humanity ... the need was never so great. It is a privilege and blessing to join you in this endeavor.

From Surrey, Canada: I do believe this concept can work. I first came across this concept after having read "The Hundredth Monkey". It's good to see someone actually applying this principle.

From Des Plaines, Illinois: The greatest power we have is the power of thought. Through the vibrating energy of thought we are lifted to new heights. Nobody can stop us from using our minds. And when we recognize this and use it collectively to affect positive change, nothing is impossible for us.

From San Diego, California: I think this is a great idea and I pray that your experiment is a great success. It will help me to realize that I can really do something constructive for world peace.

From Madrid, Spain: What a lovely idea this is. It is so good, I know it's going to feel great to participate in this, and I'm sure it's going to make a difference. Thank you very much for this project. I've got to know it through a member of the discussion boards in

From Rome, Italy: I appreciate your initiative very much. May World Peace be created out of all the loving, knowing hearts.

From Ridgecrest, California: What a wonderfully simple way to evoke powerful change. I feel like I now have the true "bottom line." I will pass along your web sight to all my friends. Thank you for your work of love. Namaste

From Cairo, Egypt: only LOVE and open heart can realize PEACE in this world.

From Napal: Namaste. Thank you very much for keeping me in your email list. Yes , only love prevails if we are true with our heart. True love is like a tree from where the flowers pf peace, non violence, harmony.. blossom beautifully. Therefore, the entire world needs love, only love. Thanks. love & peace

From The Gambia: Our organisation is a charitable one with sole vision of attaining global peace, Edenic Peace International.

From Louisville, Kentucky: I have been affirming that Love is all there is for many years... So wonderful to be apart of an official PEACE experiment. Thank you all who put this together...World Peace begins at home...Love & Light, Namaste!

From San Diego, California: I love the fact that this website is available and believe peace & tolerance needs to spread. I would like to have a link from my website to this one. Is there a code or something I need to accomplish this. It might help get more subscribers.

From Oakland, California: This is wonderful. Thanks for the opportunity. ONLY LOVE PREVAILS. You are angels. Much love and continued success to you all. I will be sharing this with people, surely signing up a bunch.

From San Francisco: I appreciate this effort of trying to get peace into ourselves by changing ourselves. I myself do not read newspapers and only selectively watch TV. Keep up the good work. Peace, Love, & Light.

From Manhattan, Kansas: I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking, if this is a step in the right direction then I am all for it. We really need something big to happen to turn this world around and become a more positive, peaceful, and compassionate place.

From Ontario, Canada: I pledge myself to strive to hold peace in everything I see, hear and say..I promise to instill peace, where there may be sorrow, hope where there may be despairity..I offer love, where there is hatred, prejudicm or injustice..of this I pledge to this cause for world peace among us!

From San Francisco, California: Namasthe, On Our Way to Critical Mass!! Embrace All, Resist Nothing, Jugde Not. Thank you for Being. :-)

From Cairo, Egypt: Nationalities, Religions, Languages, Colors and Locations should not be a reason for wars and unfair poverty and miserable life. Peace means peace and peace is equal for any creature all over the world.


From Gotse Delchev, Bulgaria: Hi. I want love. I need to love. I know only love prevails. I know we are creatures of love-- our mission is love. Please contact me! Right now I need to learn how to love again after the pain and lost illusions!

From Seaside, California: I believe that love IS the most powerful force in this particular universe and that our job on earth is to prevail in this belief system...and that when we have ALL acknowledged and accepted and DONE our job, we will ALL be in the light together -- ALL Love, ALL Light...what an exciting challenge -- to be a footstep on that path!

From Candler, North Carolina: We are focused on creating peace in our own lives. If everyone did just that, not too long afterward, there would be peace in the whole world.

From Lewiston, Maine: I am honored and grateful to participate in the peace experiment. What better place to put my attention and intention but to join energetically with others to fill the critical mass with peace and light.

From Rico, Colorado: Gratefully I join with the Power of Love, to manifest the Truth that Love is all there is. Since Love is all there is, there is no way we shall not get there. For we never left. There is only the illusion that there could be anything else to be. For the purpose of knowing experientially, that, that is what we are not. Having no further need for the illusion, we shall proceed unswervingly N2 the truth of our being.......Love. Thank you and God Bless You for the place and the momentum to accomplish this knowing! Only Love Prevails and SO IT IS. I shall pass this Love Truth -in-Action on to many more!

From Santa Rosa, California: Thank you for creation of this site. I've just awakened recently to this more continueous God-consciousness, discovering'IAM' walking. Whose personality? Goddess and I are not separate. I'm getting to know me; diggin her shine :-) This is how we will have world peace/love

From Irvine, California: Add my energy to the wave!! Thanks for providing this focus for all our myriad, harmonious energies!

From Lodi, California: I Love this, and hope you get all you need really soon....

From Bayville, New York: "Individually we make a difference.....together we can change the world"

From St. Augustine, Florida: Great site with an exceptional purpose and goal.Peace to and for all


From Quartzsite, Arizona: Excellent idea ; It is impossable to bring another mind into comradery by putting a bullet in their brain! A $1,000,000 dollar smart bomb-- now there's an oxymoron.

From North Bend, Washington: I love this ....I have been running around for a year telling everyone that only love prevails....Thank you very much for all of your efforts.... I will do all in my power to make this happen!!!

From Seattle, Washington: Love you and your idea. Thank you for having the courage to change the world.

From Big Sur, California: Thank you for all your conscious efforts in building a divine world. We love what you are doing, and White Light is white light. We are united in the effort of peace. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, and we believe it. Peace, is the answer. We, as a human species, with awareness at our fingertips ... must agree to disagree, and find common ground.

From Winston-Salem, North Carolina: We must all come together. Love is my religion. The world is my family. God bless you and thanks for being there.

From Grand Junction, Colorado: I really Love that so many people are taking a stand so far, and I'm proud to be part of this idea. I totally agree with becoming peaceful within ourselves before the whole world does, even though it is going to be a hard task but if we all just share a little love it will rub of on other people.

From Irvine, California: Bravo for initiating such a priceless, timeless and core endeavor- best of luck. To a better, more peaceful and loving globe...

From Little Rock, Arkansas: I have been doing (a form of) the two steps for some time now (not necessarily saying "Only Love Prevails" but thinking similar positive thoughts). I totally agree that the media does more than its share of spreading negative and despairing news. Unfortunately, I can't remember where I received the inspiration to filter what I hear and read in the news and to offer love when faced with negative energy. I would like to join your experiment - too many people are giving up (or have already given up) on world peace. We need to tip the tables back the other way if this planet is to survive. Thank you.

From Escondido, California: World Peace is possible here and now and I know it must begin with me, and now we who are willing to BE PEACE.

From Fort Rucker, Alabama: Thank you for reminding me about the negativity on TV. Even though something may seem benign, such as some of the cartoons my four-year-old watches, those things still get embedded into his brain. I will teach him to be more discriminating when choosing his TV programs.

From Orlando, Florida: I know you probably get swamped with mail, but I'll be short... I recently have been bombarded with a lot of negativity and a loss of a 10 year friendship. By repeating 'Only Love prevails,' I have been able to change my impulse to react with anger and negativity to that of peacefulness.

From Fairfax, Virginia: We can only have faith that this collective will gather momentum and the pendulum will begin to swing the other way.....

From Maitland, Florida: Treasure Life...Love is the only answer to Fear, Hate, War, Conflict, etc. Listen to what is beneath the "argument".

From Orlanda, Florida: Every Day allow your light to shine - for you are experiencing life and emotion for God. You honor God by LIVING and Loving. Only Love Prevails is something everyone can do. Light and Love Blessed Be

From Valencia, Venezuela: The difficult part is stop to read bad news. Because my work depend on what is saying the news. But I will do it just for work and the rest I will comply with the principle of only love prevails. And any time I will see the negativity I will say only love prevails.

From New Paltz, New York: How wonderful to see people from all over the world signing up for your peace experiment! This is the best use of this new technology! Blessings to you and for what you do!

From Altoona, Pennsylvania: I love this site and will be telling everyone I know about it. Thanks so much for spreading goodness and love throughout the world. Life is good and the world is a wonderful place to be!!

From Victoria, BC, Canada: The first peace, which is most important, is that which comes from within the souls of men when they realize their relationship, their oneness, with the universe and all its powers, and when they realize that at the center of the universe dwells Wankan-Tanka, and that this center is really everywhere, it is within each one of us. This is the real peace, and the others are but a reflection of this. The second peace is that wich is made between 2 nations. But above all you should understand that there can never be peace between nations until there is first known that true peace wich is within the souls of men. -Black Elk.

From Louisville, Kentucky: Blessings of Love, Peace, Joy and Compassion for the work you do and bring to us all!

From Miami, Florida: The miracle will come true. What a great idea to set the peace energy in motion. And we should remember also: In the beginning was the word and the word was GOD.

From Sparta, Missouri: thank you for this ~ the moment I say this I feel all the energy that is being generated by many.

Cliffside Park, New Jersey: Dear Carol, I became acquainted with your "Lighten up" tape, through my therapist, just this morning. Being a "geek", I went searching. I like your "Only love prevails" concept, also at a time like this, what can be more important, than world peace. I am emailing info to all my friends.

From San Francisco, California: Congratulations on your fabulous project "Only love prevails!" It gives the opportunity to change personal and mass consciousness. And what a simple but powerful gift to the universe. Please add my energy. May this find you in the midst of life's passions today,

From Phoenix, Arizona: This is a very heartening effort. I whole heartedly support it. The web page and all else appear very well designed. Let me know how else I may help.

From Maryland: I think what your trying to do is absolutely wonderful. We must never give up our struggle for world peace. I can promise you I will do everything in my power to help you achieve this. Thank you and god bless.

From Branson, Missouri: This is my passion. Thank you for bringing together another forum in which people are consciously declaring their commitment to peace. I believe the more frequently each of us declares our conviction the stronger it grows.

From Tavares, Florida: The "hundredth monkey" concept is the most encouraging path to achieving world peace, I believe.

From Denver, Colorado: Thank you for putting this together. It is a much easier way than getting up at 4 AM to pray for peace once a year.

From Pacific Grove, California: This is a postive, wonderful site!! Thanks for creating it!!!! Interesting that so many voices wanting peace, yet in 4 years you have reached only 9,415 people........about 2,7007 a year. Ahhhhhh, room for change!!! Let's go for it.......!!

From Yokohama-shi, Japan: May Peace Prevail on Earth! Infinite LOVE to all! May Infinite LOVE prevail on Earth.

From Ngatea, New Zealand: This is a really interesting concept and one that I would like to be part of. I really do agree with the comments about the media and its negative affects on the population, how a good news sheet production. My mother is always saying she is a positive person, she reads the New Zealand Herald everyday and comes and tells me all about the negative things that are happening in the world and our own country. I find this annoying and actually kind of threatening to my inner peace. I also think it has a bad affect on her well being. Anyway, I am prepared to give the World Peace Experience a shot and am surprised that are not more people involved especially in New Zealand. Could there be some way of publicising this more effectively.

From Nevada City, California: Thanks, I know for myself that "Only Love Prevails" and I'm happy to be part of this experiement.

From Tucson, Arizona: It is time to remind people again that even if we are really angry, peace solves things and war never does. We learned this lesson once, this is just a time for a wake-up. Watch this one grow!

From Wallingford, Vermont: I started to say this is a wonderful experiment, but I caught myself. That would be a negative statement, this isn't an experiment. It's a manifestation of the efforts of many people to save our planet and make our journey more pleasant. Thanks for spreading the light and love to so many.

From Cape Town, South Africa: LET THERE BE PEACE

From Bridgeport, Connecticut: It is of utmost importance that the essence of "divine love" be taught, preached, lectured and broadcasted over and over again, until the soul of humanity yeilds her powerful fruit in the heart of mankind. Thank you for all that you are doing.

From Bridgepart, Connecticut: WHILE COUNTING MY BLESSINGS, I THOUGHT ABOUT YOU. After waking to a rainy day It dawned on my soul I should really count my blessings. For in doing it, I would be made whole. Well this I did for a second... Then a minute of time had passed... 30 minutes, then a hour. Boy, this was something that was going to last. So the process had begun I said, Father thank you for my job. I kept on counting my blessings. And afterward in mind, I saw a mob... A mob of family, friends and associates... Who by chance had crossed my mind... A mob of uniquely different individuals whom I had connected with from time to time. After this revelation had come to shine in me today. With love and appreciation You are a Blessing Through counting, this I can truly say. Only Love Prevails.

From Mt. Tamborine, Gold Coast, Australia: I agree totally and after reading could not wait to sign up - I am very pleased that so many people feel as I do - love does always prevail. I had become disheartened lately but you have struck a cord of hope in me - I am very grateful, thank you.

From Oakland, California: This is wonderful. Peace and love are the only solution. Amen. You all are wonderful. I'm starting a wellness site where art / words / sound will be combined, allowing people to create their own multimedia! Continued success to you all. Much love

From Halifax, Canada: I have been looking for you people for a long time. I used to sit in front of the computer and think to myself "if i could get everyone who is connected through the internet to become a one-conscious force...." how amazing would that be if everyone would spread the love and peace. ...and here you were doing it all along. i am just happy to have found you on my journey. please include my name in the world peace experiment. Always in love & peace.

Lincoln, United Kingdom: I found out about this site from a good friend, a healer, and a lovely person. I've been hoping to be involved in something like this for many years. I hope that angels of light will help us to change the world. Thank you.

From Grass Valley, California: I was tickled to read your website. I know that this can work and would love to participate.

From Johnnesburg, South Africa: This is exactely what our planet and everyone needs at this time.We all need peace in our lives.

From San Francisco, California: It would really be wonderful if this goal is met. We definately need to spread more peace and love throughout the world and universe.

From Norwich, England: Thanks for this very useful site and collective experiment for Peace in which we can all contribute and make a difference.

From Burbank, California: Carol, I am so excited about the Only Love Prevails experiment. After researching my book I am convinced that the only thing that will save us from extinction and save our planet from dying is to move out of hatred and hostility into Love: Love for ourselves, Love for each other, and Love for our beautiful planet. This is what Nature and the Universe intended for us from the beginning of our evolution and I see so many signs that we are beginning to awaken to our real potential. I have made it my job to tell everyone I know about the World Peace Experiment. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Only Love will Prevail.

From Healdsburg, California: This is exactly how love prevails. My love to all who have created this experiment and to those who have partcipated.

From Comming, Georgia: Beautiful. May compassion become humanity's "automatic response" to pain, fear, violence, and change.

From Spokane, Washington: I often feel overwhelmed - sometimes, very "alone" - in the face of negative energy that often manifests in images of aggression. anger, violence, confusion, "the war stance". I just discovered you in Thom Hartman's: The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight. Recently I attended a meditation class at a Buddhist Temple. I asked Bodhipaksi about mantra. I thought I needed a master to select this vital focus for me. Bodhipaksi said I select my own. My view has been to discover my mantra -that it would be revealed to me - it has been. Yes, Only Love Prevails. I know this. Thank you. I feel a great lightness - a gift of family. God bless you ya'll.

From Victoria, BC, Canada: Choose Love! In this polarized world there is either Love or Fear, one or the other. You can't have both. What bliss would it be to live in a community of like-minded people who have chosen Love! Thank you for taking action on this website...May I join you?

From Udine, Italy: Thank you for this present; I'm sure it will work.

From Warszawa, Poland: I only believe in love and would like to have only people around me who are the same. I will transfer this information to other people so we can have more participants.

From San Rafael, California: What an inspired idea. I have been looking for a mantra to say to still my overactive, worrisome mind. Now I have one. Only love prevails. Only love prevails.

From Zionsville, Indiana: I work for a program called the Peace Learning Center. We teach kids in Indianapolis how to solve their conflicts peacefully. I will see what I can do about getting some kids to sign up too. You can check out our website if you wish at

From Courtenay, BC, Canada: What a brilliant idea. I will forward this website to all my friends and hope that they to will join. I believe in this. I believe one by one, we can make a difference. Thank you.

From Maynard, Massachustts: Thank you for creating and maintaing this site and thank you for helping to create and maintain peace!

From West Vancouver, BC, Canada: Wouldn't the world be a better place if we didn't dwell on the negative. I seems like it is so hard to find people who aren't caught up in negative thinking. I have been consciously clearing my life of this negative energy but would still like to meet others who think the same way. I am forwarding this address to my family, hopefully they will sign up too.

From San Francisco, California: I fully agree with this peace and realize there is only love. I do believe its a great idea to give up news media negativity.

From Newark, Delaware: Thank you for giving me one more support system that focuses on peace and the opportunity to change the world!

From Los Osos, California: Thank you all for sharing your desire for a peaceful world. I have clung desperately to my desire for peaceful resolutions to our conflicts, and sorrows. Reading your words has given me hope that we can all learn to live in love, and act in peace. I am glad I am not alone, and am so pleased to join you in the World Peace Experiment! Blessed Be

From Southington, Connecticut: I think this is a wonderful idea. I enjoyed looking up how many people from other countries joined in the peace experiment. I do believe that we can make a difference. It starts with our own indivual peace. What a wonderful thought to keep sending all that love and peace energy around instead of fear and evil. Thanks Peace to everyone. Marion

From Winchester, England: I feel it is a bit of a new-agey California sort of thing (n.b. significantly the largest number of signees are from that state) but on the other hand it can hardly do any harm to anyone, and might conceivably do some good, not least to me. I don't mean that in a selfish sort of way, but even if 'thought waves' do not transmit around the world in terms of energy, as envisaged, positive thoughts can help those thinking them, and thus indirectly, all others in contact with the thinker. I agree with you about the prevalence of bad news coverage. It is easy at times to feel despair about the state of the world!

From Sydney, Australia: This is wonderful, I am glad to have found this. AND Thank God for the internet (Technology enabling some good), as it makes events like this possible.

From Santa Barbara, California: Thank you for initiating this powerful and beautiful movement. I will tell others that I know and encourage them to sign up. Together we can do it!

From Charlotte, North Carolina: This is a lovely idea....and is certainly an answer to the question: "What would Love do?"

From Gainsville, Florida: A friend told me about your website in a passing comment. There is nothing more powerful in the Universe than LOVE. Thank you for bringing this wonderful idea forward in this particular form.

From Roseburg, Oregon: I was not really surprised to find this website. For some time now I have been watching the planet transform into the cycle of love fullfillment. There is evidence all around us. I was curious how we would all get under one "roof of unity" but knew the web would be involved (it's a wonderful tool) - if you sign up on this site I believe it is because you have been called to do so. Together and with unity of thought we can transform this planet and help bring about the universal plan of love throughout the universe. We can demonstrate the power that love has to create a harmonious existence.


From Bolivar, Ohio: The real struggle is not on this physical plane, rather it is on a vast spiritual plane. For all, the duration of this struggle is the time, be it a life time or a soul time, it takes to make a choice: a choice between Love and nothing.

From Gainesville, Florida: I've been doing this for several years but didn't know the concept had been formalized. I'm thrilled!! OLP!

From Hawthorne, Florida: Thank you for giving me an opportunity to join in a group effort to uplift and change the negative energy that has ensued over recent events. I have been participating on a personal level in only sending to others that which is in alignment with our highest energies, the Divine energy which is all there really is, the rest is just smokescreen and manipulation through the use of fear. Thanks. I will be sending this site to all the people I know will participate and offer their energies to this endeavor. Thanks, and Bright Blessings to all.

From Rochester, New York: I see the energy and power of love everywhere, yet the media denies its pervasiveness. I sometimes feel the tug of fear myself, but my experience of the last few years shows me there is more to life than the mundane experience. The recent events have created a strong, united wave of fear. The anthrax information seems to be coming out in a manner to reinforce that fear, knowing that we might heal otherwise. I don't know who or what is creating this test, but I know we have the knowledge, the experience and the power to pass this test, because we know that ONLY LOVE PREVAILS

From Chicago, Illinois: Let the peace begin within ourselves. Let the little drops of water gather together to become a big ocean. Let us take the concept of worldpeace from dream to a reality. :) Be Blessed. Prayers for peace and Love for all.

From Chilmark, Massachusetts: Blessings to you and the uniting of peoples from around the world. As we unite and links our names we unite and link our hearts and Light. God be with each person everywhere. Love, Di

From Alameda, California: My contention has been that the internet will create world peace. Young people especially have friends all over the world and have a greater world knowledge than I had at their age. Many are multi-ethnic with environmental awareness and know about the heroism of the Greatest Generation. Thank you for helping to create this world peace vision.

From Lexington, Kentucky: What if everyone who signs up for this was to take out an ad in a Sunday paper all on the same day to let people know about this? I just happened to stumble across it. But I plan to share it with all my friends and family.

From Orange, Virginia: You have an amazing club going, I just hope your new visitors can handle the openness of the love energy of the site since it almost seemed to push me away through my viewing tastes. Your inspiration pages were truly a blessing for I love quotes toward peace and unity! Keep up the good work and you will know that those who sign up are not against the beautiful and loving heart which speaks the direct truth :) Oh yeah, thanks for keeping me up to par on realising that which looks "mushy"(what am I supposed to call it?) is actually very open and loving.

From Cincinnati, Ohio: I do hope that this movement swells to billions so that war will be removed from the human vocabulary. May I make a suggestion. I don't hear the mothers of the world. Here is their chance to stand up and say to all of us, "You can't take my son/daughter. You must find another solution to the act you are now contemplating." We must get the mothers, of ALL creeds to come together to save their/our children from the war and it's dehumaizing aspects.

From London, England: This sounds wonderful...I was only talking to someone about this sort of thing recently. Thanks for organising it. Here's to a better world!!

From Guadalajara, Mexico: You are doing a beautiful work. God bless you!! :-)

From Bucharest, Romania: All is love, and unless we see this we have a problem of perception.

From Chatham, Ontario, Canada: What a wonderful idea and one I fully endorse. I have been trying to do ththis on my own, and to know that there are many others also participating reassures me that we can and will make a difference. Let peace and love prevail

From Sonoma, California: So glad to discover you in the wake of this global tragedy! Very much aligned with the critical mass start with inner peace practice compassion & oneness daily approach. I'm a psychotherapist in Napa, CA specializing in womens issues--I'm fwd'ing your message to my womens groups & others. I tend to discourage media exposure also because of the pervasive negativity, but I find now since the tragedy the news & media has shifted also--much more coverage of positive heart connections & both local, natl & international linking. The world's heart chakra seems to have opened thru this shattering! Thanks for your site helping to further the linking.

From Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada: I use the TV news broadcast time as an opportunity to send a blessing into the world in a very specific way, sharing an attunement with the topics and people directly affected by the specific news event(s) and also because I know there is a large number of people viewing at such a time and I see this as an opportunity to send blessings their way as well.

From Milwaukee, Wisconsin: I have forwarded your email of 9-30-01 to my entire email directory and feel the lion's share will sign up. Thank you many times over for this weaving of the fabric we are all part of.

From St. Louis, Missouri: This is absolutely fabulous! I look forward to participating, I do this now, only not in quite the same way. It will be good to have this mantra to say. I haven't watched the news in years and quit watching after a day or two about the WTC. It really does make a difference. Thank you for creating this project.

From Gainesville, Florida: Thank you for creating a place so we may gather with others who seek to make the difference with a paradign shift. I hope more and more are attracted to this Work as a result of 9/11/01.

From Eastlake, Colorado: I agree with your project and you have my support. I have been using the affirmation: "Divine Love is adjusting and harmonizing all situations here and now". I am delighted to find resonance with your "Only Love Prevails" thoughtforms and will practice both.

From Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: exellent mission of guidance and progress tracking love it all may the peace reach around the globe and back 365 million times love in light

From West Valley City, Utah: I am sending a e-mail to all I know and letting them choose to sign up. I am very hopeful that all over the world we are creating peace and would be vhonored to be a part of a peaceful community.

From Nevada City, California: Thank you for putting this together. Now, more than ever in the history of the world, we can create the peaceful planet we want. Let us do it! Peace and blessings in the name of St. Francis Assisi.

From Raleigh, North Carolina: Thank you for providing such simple words for so important a feeling. May you find love prevailing in your heart and life in every moment.

From Portland, Oregon: Thanks for you work. I have already been on this path for some time now, but it is good to open up and join up:)

From Fairhope, Alabama: Unity Churches the world over are with you in the scientific application of spiritual strength! I am confident that the 'critical mass' for Peace is within our reach. Let Peace Begin with Me!

From Deerfield, Virginia: Much appreciated and with God all things are possible. Love is the most powerful frequency in the universe I am a nursing assistant that just walks anywhere just carrying all the love and light within my soul. Thank you for what you are doing for Earth Mother and God's divine plan!

From Charlotteville, Virginia: I thank you for this...let us ALL come together in peace and love and forgiveness...A great and worthy 'experiment'...

From West Jefferson, North Carolina: I will send this website info to about 15 people. Hurray for compassion and agape love for all our brothers and sisters and relations on this planet. May we find more and more ways to deepen this committment.

From Covington, Kentucky: Wonderful wonderful idea! Thank you! I feel like this is something I can participate in at this moment in time that makes sense!! I am forwarding to many friends. Much Love, Light, Peace, & Freedom to you.

From Gainesville, Florida: Without a doubt, gladly I say "it's a done deal!" Peace prevails, look at you looking at me, you and I together are one!

From Westbridge, British Columbia, Canada: I, as a devotee, admire what you are doing. Had to strip it down a bit to make it palatable to the masses, didn't you? Well done though. It is a very real war that we do fight, and make no mistake about that. After this time is when the peace comes. Yet it will come.I have been taught what traps await us in naive perceptions. It is not enough just to wish in docility for everything to be fine, as so many in the ranks of the "new age" movement still do. Nonetheless, it if is the light that we promote and express, then fight we must, and fight very hard sometimes. So if it is for creation we fight, then fight using the forces of creation, not the forces of destruction. This is among the orders of the day, and this is what I see you doing. MY Siblings. So Be It.

From Napa, California: thank you for your creative idea, and for putting it into accessible action for us all

From Santa Barbara, California: Thank you for holding the light. This is the work now. I will enjoy sharing with my students some of the letters on this site.

From New York, New York: This idea is well worth a try and whatever effort is necessary to spread it. Positive thinking and more acceptance of one another is the only way out of this mess we find this world, our world, in.

From Schenectady, New York: what a wonderful idea. This - the internet - is indeed the "network of light" on the manifest level. I am so excited to see it activated so enthusiastcally!

From Columbus, NC: THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! Your site and your dedication to PEACE is truly an inspiration. I feel I am stepping into the circle of peace with each and every one of you and we are connected heart to heart.

From Waterloo, Iowa: I can't begin to tell you how my heart filled with joy last night when I read the E-mail from you. I was so excited to see how much your world peace project has grown and how beautiful and informative your web site is. On September 11th I was filled with fear, depression, hatred and anger -- but mostly ANGER. More anger than I have ever experienced before. It really scared me because I had no idea how to get rid of it. I was consumed with this anger and hatred. It was toward the terrorists. But it was also toward anyone who said or did anything I did not like or approve of. Then, thank God for my two sisters who had something for me to try. They suggested I take all of these intense feelings and offer them up in love for Ossama bin Ladin, his followers, and for anyone else that I wanted to receive love. I started to do that immediately, and just as fast, felt change in my attitude. I began to experience peace again. It was amazing! If my attitude could change that quickly, what could 80,000 people working together accomplish??? I can't wait to find out. I am working on recruiting more people to participate in our world peace experiment. Thank you so much.

From Cairo, Egypt: Peace will prevail, I am sure it will if we realize peace within.

From the Netherlands: Dear Peacemakers, We as students of A Course in Miracles and Attitudinal Healing support the goal of striving forward in maintaining Worldpeace by means of meditating and reading Lesson 186 I am longing for the Peace of God. Thank you for this message. Let the Holy Spirit help us to realize that inner state of peace and let Him help us to forgive all our thoughts of opposition. God bless you

From The Netherlands: Dear Carol and Victor: About a year and a half ago we signed up to take part in the Peace experiment. Today we received your "group-mail" through our msn-communities messageboard. Please keep us informed on the beautiful work you (and all the participants) are doing! Since a year ago our lives have changed for the better rapidly, especially since World Earth Healing Day, June 22. More than ever we are following our dreams, living our Truths and filling our days with as much Love and Light as possible! Just living OUR reality, without ugly interference from media, television and newspapers. (we DO know what's going on in the World but refuse to see it from the narrow minded dark side that most of the common media is trying to show us daily).

From Los Angeles, California: You are correct, Peace begins with each one of us in our daily lives as expressed in our interpersonal relationships and it builds from there exponentially. To be mindful of our responses to the world and to each other, without the violence of judgment toward our own delicate spirits is the beginning of the quest. May we all be in a position to be there for each other during the times when this quest becomes difficult and when we might falter along the path. Shalom.

From Kalamazoo, Michigan: I am grateful to you for initiating this experiment and honored to be part of it. I have no doubts about the effect it will have in my life and on the energy of the planet. I long ago gave up reading the newspaper and watching newscasts on television for the very reason of not wanting to allow that negativity into my consciousness. I have friends who feel that this is "irresponsible" and that it is somehow my "duty" to keep up with current events. My take on that is: if it's something I HAVE to know, I'm sure someone will tell me. Thank you for giving us a phrase to help us daily to cut through the fog of negative illusion and awake our consciousness to this simple truth -- ONLY LOVE PREVAILS.

From Savannah, Georgia: I serve on the Board of Unity Church of Savannah; Your philosophy is in keeping with Unity's views of affirmative thought. Our thoughts create our realty; peace begins within each one of us. Thank you for your affirmation "Only Love prevails"; I will use it. Blessings and light to you.

From Berkeley, California: Our only peace, our only security is universal justice rooted in compassion.

From Rutherfordton, North Carolina: While some people think the Gods (over 2500 gods and goddesses have been documented to date) watch to see who will "win the war", others are more certain that our mutual Creator waits and watches to see when we will learn that the challenges to be overcome are within our hearts. We belong to the latter group.

From Amherst, Massachusetts: I have found prayer extremely effective on a personal level. In the middle of parent/child conflicts I have summoned the strength to separate myself and pray "I pray for a peaceful resolve. Dear guardian please bring the light of God into our perspectives." If you'll notice there is no forcing of my will onto the situation. I have found that EVERY single time the issue at hand has turned around almost instantly.This is no less than a miracle with a preteen!

From Novato, California: First, thank you for providing a positive way for people to respond and be involved. Second, I'd like to suggest that by calling this an "experiment", it seems to leave the result of our visualization somewhat in some doubt. I would say it is more an "act of faith" that we visualize that "only love prevails" and that we make this act knowing it is already done - a visualization of absolute faith that this is true. That part of it is no experiment. I guess it's the 80,000 people aspect that you may be referring to. OK. I see that as an experiment. May it be so.

From Ravenna, Ohio: I am grateful to be part of this process of Peace, Light, and Love. Blessings to all of you who share in this promotion of believing that peace can and will be for the whole world. It is a promise from God. We just have to believe it.

From Grand Prairie, Texas: This is a marvelous idea. Directed, purposeful prayer/meditation has been proven to bring results.

From Faber, Virginia: Only LOVE does prevail. To have world peace, we must project LOVE and PEACE.

From Murfreesboro, Tennessee: I believe this can will work if everyone changes their perception. I for one am grateful that I have an opportunity to participate in this experiment.

From Asheville, North Carolina: I think with the world situation what it is today peace, love & prayerful thought is what is called for in making decisions - not only by the world leaders, but by everyone.

From Puebla, Mexico: We are a group of 150 pepole who meditate every day for the world peace. We sing the word peace seven times and send our vibration of love and peace all over the world. We send with our strong thoughts our peace vibration into the minds and hearts of all political people who are making the biggest decisions. We see their minds with the light of love, as we know that only the love can make the decisions in their hearts.

From Nambour, Australia: I am happy to sign up for peace--inner peace and world peace are my goasl for life.

From Mount Laurel, New Jersey: Thank you for the opportunity to be part of a movement that comes from the heart.

From Chapel Hill, North Carolina: I have been trying to practice this concept on my own and appreciate your efforts to spread the word to others re: the importance of positive thougths.

From Greensboro, North Carolina: I am so honored to be part of your group. I had already started doing these things a few years ago and I'm sure you already have your numbers, many just don't know about the website. I will pass it on to my friends that are focused in this endeavor.

From Seabeck, Washington: I have been actively working for years now to foster only positive thoughts, and am getting better and better at it, thank you for this idea. I am always telling people to filter the news, don't take it at face value. Keep on doing this, the world needs people like you.

From Coateville, Pennsylvania: Our simple prayer gives us the plan: Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on EARTH, as it is in HEAVEN.My e mail name translated means Hand of Earth. We are all hands of earth and should join to change the negivity. Each act of love adds to the strength of good. I am behind you.

From Schoolcraft, Michigan: I think this is a very eye-opening experience were trying to deal with. I only pray we don't feed into the terror that is predicted here. I think its's time for people to really realize what could happen if we feed into this the wrong way. We should take this as a real wake-up call of what we really stand for as mankind.

From Denver, CO: I have not given any energy to the recent 911 event other than to honor the souls lost and bless their families.......I stoped watching and listening to the media months ago. It helps me to not be caught up in the yuk......and allows me to just shine.

From LaVerne, California: You have no idea how thoroughly delighted I am to see someone doing this!! And keeping track of the numbers of people who feel peace is a realistic goal!! Touche!!!

From Ligonier, Pennsylvania: Thank you for this opportunity and the blessed service you have provided to our Earth and all of humanity.

From Nahariya, Isreal: Bless you . I hope to sign up more during the next days. Love peace and alots of good will.

From Salt Lake City, Utah: Thank you for this effort and the opportunity to participate!

Brooklyn, New York: Now, more than ever, we need to be the change we wish to see in the world, as Ghandi said so many years ago. I live in NY. Nothing in my life will ever be the same again. But the shock and horror and excruciating pain is easing somewhat, because amid the smoke, and debris, and pictures of missing loved ones, there is a new sense of community. There is stranger embracing stranger in the realization that we are truly all family. There is an amazing warmth in a city that could be a very cold and hard place. And there is light. Incredible light. From thousands of candles; from the churches and synegogues and mosques; from the eyes and hearts of millions, not only here, but all over the world. We are at a very important juncture. We can react in fear and hatred and become like those who did this terrible thing. Or we can choose love, and peace; forgiveness and healing. Thank you for giving me another avenue to make my choice. As we all make this choice we become the change we wish to see in the world, and the world is transformed. My love and blessings to all.

From Savannah, Georgia: Hi Carol and Victor - you two have (in my mind) the right perspective on life. Yes , there is tragedy and yes there is terrorism and yes there are many thing , incidents and people that we may find unpleasant or with whom we do not agree, but ultimately to come from the place of being that ONLY LOVE PREVAILS is uplifting, centering, inner-peace-encouraging, and acknowledges the absolute most powerful entity (Love) that exists. Bless both of you for being the ripples in the pond that you are and clearly one of the most active of the 100 monkeys that are out to bring about positive transformation on our planet. I am sure happy to call you friends and have you in my life!

From The Netherlands: Peace, please... all over the world

From Silver Spring, Maryland: I am so grateful that I can be a part of this great experiment. Thank you and God bless you for what you are doing.

From Milledgeville, Georgia: In view of what happened yesterday, each of us must try to find ways to, in words of old hippie, to give peace a chance. If this is a way, I join and will send email address to friends.

From Knysna, South Africa: I can only pray that Love prevails in America and that all those involved can move past the hate - and hopefully end this horror! I have not watched the news for months now and am feeling decidedly more positive.

From Clewood Gate, East Sussex, England: Please take this seriously. I believe It really does work. I believe everything in the Universe is only energy vibrating at different rates. That is why visualisation really works and that your thoughts create your reality. Our thoughts vibrate at extremely high rates. I believe that this is why prayer is so powerful. I really urge you to register. It costs only a few seconds of your time. Thank You

From West Sacramento, California: I have been doing something similar to "Only Love Prevails" for about 20 years. A phrase I created from a "Course In Miracles" workshop, "Let me be the greatest expression of love." I also use Brugh Joy's mantra when I see or think a negative thought,"No judgements, no comparisons, delete the need to know." They all work.

From Adalaide, Australia: Thank you for spreading LOVE and LIGHT... Love Light and Laughter,

From Plymouth, Massachusetts: Hey I think that this will be the greatest thing ever done in the world if you get 80,000 people looking for world peace to sign up. That is my number one goal in life to achieve world peace and to impact as many people as possible in a good way. When i saw the news it made me sick to think about all those innocent lives that were taken out of hate. My friend and I appreaciate what you are doing and we all hope you will achieve your goal.

From Bear, Delaware: I think that this is a great idea. I am just beginning to get into the scientific approach to this new twist on "positive thinking". I also believe that this approach is what has slowed down our country's normal knee jerk reaction to the current tragedy. We as a country still believe that something needs to be done to end terriorism but we are not, as yet, responding with like action to combat it. Love is truly all there is and if we can end all fear by simply failing to acknowledge it then truly "Only Love Prevails"

From Grand Rapids, Michigan: Your media comments are exactly right. I dropped the daily newspaper almost five months ago. When I read a newspaper after that, I realized how superfluous nost news is - it does not help us reach out to each other. It also does not add value. In the information age, I believe that we CAN help other people on their way if we start with ourselves to improve our conscience and consciousness.

From Tucson, AZ: Two and half years ago, I planted a peace pole on some land I steward in northern Arizona, and use for retreats and vision quests. We use the site to begin and end all workshops or retreats, and it has been profound how deeply people have felt the sense of peace, as well as the need for more peace. This World Peace experiment is wonderful, especially as we are contemplating a very non-peaceful retaliation by those who are seeking revenge and are not operating from compassion and love. This experiment is even more crucial now as we rush headlong into something which could completely later the world's way of life. Thank you for the experience.

From Hot Springs, North Carolina: Thank you for doing this. Peace is every step, as in the title of the book by Thich nat Han (forgive the spelling). Not just in regards to the events, but each and every step in our immediate surroundings. In all of our surroundings. And peace is only found within. The events of 9-11 as tremendous as they may be are only a mirror image of the turmoil that exists within. Where there is no time and space there is not big or small. It just is.

From Ontario, Canada: Last week's terrorist attacks have left uneasy feelings of anger, fear and uncertainty in many of us. Our fragile concepts of 'peace' and 'security' have been shaken. Still, I must going on believing that somehow the good in this world will prevail over the evil. Let us all keep praying and believing that 'ONLY LOVE PREVAILS'.

From Ojai, California: My heart is with everyone during this time of loss. The only thing that can stop us from keeping peace is ourselves. The most important action to take is to keep ourselves in peace. Our job of peace begins from our thoughts words deeds and behaviors. Each step we take carries the power of the precious desire of peace

From Quebec, Canada: Today September 17, 2001 is a new day to reflect, pray and meditate on what has happened and why this tragedy happened in the USA of America. It could have been any other Country in the World, but is was the USA, our family there has been torn apart and brought together at the same time. Only God our Creator could have seen to that! We are all made in Love and Peace no matter what others say, and we all want the goodness of our brothers and sisters to shine, and that means we have to look at the what and why another human being could be driven to destroy so many innocent lives? WE All need to reflect on this and pray that President Bush and his council will choose the proper course of action for the rest of the world. Yes, President Bush has the world in his hands and only God can guide him now if he so chooses to let the LIGHT, PEACE & LOVE of GOD PREVAIL in his heart and actions. Yes, my husband and I, as well as our large family throughout this world, truly believe that "LOVE PREVAILS". WE have seen it in action many times! May God Bless us ALL.

From Boise, Idaho: Love is all there is.........anything else is an illusion!

From Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Thank you Carol and Victor. I can't tell you how many times on a daily basis you have entered my mind since last Tuesday. I have stormed the heavens wth your suggested mantra "Only Love Prevails" as a response to ugliness, pain and any undesired response to negativity in the Universe. Thank Goodness I had perfected its use prior to last Tuesday. It never occurred to me that this would become an automatic reaction to our reality. It has comforted me knowing there is an army out there magnifying this thought. Only Love Prevails,

From Ormond Beach, FL: A humble thank you for doing the job that needs to be done-now more than ever.

From Miami, Florida: Thank you for providing a way for positive energy to be effective...only love prevails, fabulous. the mantra given me from my sources yrs ago is "From Love, To Love, With Love", which to me, is a clear indicator of not only how we need to move the Love Energy between us, but also the loving frame of mind necessary as you move the energy.

From Coeur d'Alene, Idaho: I am so excited to hear about this! Please keep me informed of your progress. I will pass this on to everyone in my address book and also to my congregation. THe events of 9/11/01 make this experiment even more necessary than in the past.

From Chisholm, Minnesota: What a great idea! Especially now... when there needs to be love at the source of all decision-making. Thanks for your idea... Let Love Prevail!

From Aurora, Colorado: I know that Divine Mind expresses only peace and prosperity. I also know that each and every particle of creation is one with the Divine Mind; therefore all 6.4 Billion spirits expressing as humans know only peace and prosperity. And so it is now!

From London, England: Thank you for starting the World Peace Experiment. I have passed the email to many friends around the world and I know they too will join and put their names down and become part of the experiment.

From Bowling Green Ohio: I think that it is beautiful what you are doing. I will try to sign up as many people as I can. God bless America

From El Cajon, California: From this day forward with positve thoughts to lead, I know my world will become a better place for me and the ones around me to live in. I'm a truly blessed.

From Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada: I am going to try this with my family, and pass it aon to my friends. In this world of strife and turmoil anything we can do to make it a better place is a step in the right direction.

From Westland, Michigan: My heart is broken--Iread Tamin's letter & all those countries are in similar situations. I've been crying all week about the victims here, but I guess there are victims everywhere. I give this to God and May He Bless Us All.

From London, England: the more people who have love and Peace in their hearts, spirit the greater the reality that Love and Peace can prevade over the world, and the hate and aggression that makes war possible will diminsh. Its great you have created this to expand the consciousness of Love and Peace and with the power of Love and peace let it enter all those who create war weapons. Let life concur over destruction.

From Holland, Michigan: Thank you for providing a forum for hope during these very frightening past days. I'm forwarding this link to everyone I know...

From Kettering, Northamptonshire, England: I do feel that only this type of work can change the world for the better and bring about world peace. There must be many groups of people who meet to send out light and love and it is good to join one of them. If we could only realize just how powerful we are individually, then we would work much harder to bring about love and light in our own lives

From Shannow, Ireland: What a beautiful experiment. I will be telling everyone I know here in Ireland and hopefully a few more of us will sign up!

From Stockholm, Sweden: I agree with you - Self Love is the most important ingreedient in order to make our planet a healed Loving and Peaceful World! Without Self Love within human being it is not possible. I am working myself with helping people achieve Love and Respect within themself. My tools I use are mainly Reiki, Bio energy healing, Dream work, Acupressure, Qigong, Meditation, Relaxation, Breathing, Nutrition and of course "talk & listen"-therap at my clinic "WellBalanced House". I feel that being a participant in this "Love Expanding Experiment" is a natural for me. Good Luck - to you and all of us!

From Plymouth, Massachusetts: My goal in life is to spread love and peace through out the world and to care for mother nature for she is a beutiful and wonderful being. I think this idea is awesome. I really hope it works. PEACE LOVE AND ETERNAL HAPPINESS

From North Bay, Ontario, Canada: This is a great site. It's a good feeling to know that people may actually start to care about one another. More than just the people around them. The world isn't as big as it seems. I don't think it's as hard to change things as most people make it out to be. I think that People are starting to see that technology isn't going to get us anywhere except in our own graves. Not enough people are paying attention to the damage of our earth and the lack of love that needs to go around. What we have done is forgotten the one reason which makes the world go around.....LOVE

From Cronulla, NSW, Australia: I'd been looking for something like this. Thankyou for manifesting what would have been a dream for you at one time. It gives me great pleasure to be a part of this and I believe your 80,000 target will be reached much faster once you hit the 10,000 mark. Best wishes xx

From Downingtown, Pennsylvania: I have longed believed that if enough people got together and held loving thoughts at the same time the world feel the love and peace that we all send out.

From Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia: What a beautiful way to spread light and love to all our relations - well done and my thanks for the opportunity to join in. Love and bright blessings

From The Netherlands: Love is very powerful. Let love be the alpha and omega of everbody's life.

From Deerfield, Virginia: Much Thanks for this opportunity. Seems I've being doing this all alone except for my spirit realms and my unconditional animal kingdom for years. I just pray I can make a difference as I am getting tired of being the only human factor spiritually in my area.

From Amsterdam, The Netherlands: This is a wonderful idea and one that can truly work. Lets not stop at 80,000. i will reccomend this to friends and family and hopefully they too will sign up. God bless you.

From Beirut, Lebanon: I really hope we will make a difference...because as surely as GOD is our creator, we are also the creators of our own realities...massive shift is consciousness is needed urgently: ONLY LOVE PREVAILS

From Rome, Italy: We woulde like to participate in this experiment. We have already been avoiding all kind of media (TV, movies, newspapers and magazines...) for more than a year. We will also from now on affirm "only loves prevails" every time we observe a negative event. We will in this manner participate to the shift towards a perception of love for all mankind.

From Santa Rosa, California: :)peace can only come from those who know war between others. In a challenging planet like our own,we only have ourselves to blame if human nature fails to please the ways of mother nature. Kindness is not only the way of freedom but the way of togetherness between us all. If I as a human being can eclipse the badness in my heart, so can the others that think there heart is worthless. We all have the power. We all have the joy and strength. Love to all and love to the community that breathes life into us all. Be well. :)

From Nova Scotia, Canada: I have been a student of the Course in Miracles for about ten years. I have never read the newspaper in my 55 years of life and avoid the news on the radio and tv as much as possible.

From Salt Lake City, Utah: I am delighted to have stumbled across this site and to have the opportunity to join the numbers. I believe it whole heartedly and currently teach a related mind-set through a spiritual center here in Salt Lake City. I will spread the word!

From Atlanta, Georgia: I truly believe that we can shift our paradigm from a good/evil duality to one of pure love. We are what we believe - and I do believe that "only love prevails."

From Columbus, Ohio: This is a life long belief with me. I'm glad that someone is organizing this effort. I hope that it is sincere. I've been told that world peace is impossible. But we'll never know unless we try. Thanks for doing this.

From Suburgy, England: What a brilliant idea! Have only just found you, otherwise I would have signed up earlier.

From Cologne, Germany: Love is the only way to get along with things you wouldn't get along with otherwise. Love is the only thing which becomes more and more as more you give it away.... Peace, Love and Harmony is all the world really needs.

From Rotterdam, Netherlands: This is an absolutely brilliant idea! Peace to the world!

From Bountiful, Utah: Spiritusality is my life. I read 60+ books a year on this subject. My journey has taken me into everything imaginable. Nothing surprises me any more. God Bless us all for we are Gods in human experience

From Covington, Georgia: IT IS LOVE, By Kim Baca

I feel the love, callin my name,
breezes by, with a sweet soft whisper,
Soon I will be there, with family, with friends,
Laughing together, sharing life, loving all,

It is here, IT IS LOVE,
All I Crave, All I need, All I know.
A song will say it with its melody,
A poem relays it with its verse,
A flower gives it with beauty and scent,
A lover with a kiss.

It is here, IT IS LOVE.
Very peaceful, yet so very energetic.
Blows me over with its awesome force.

From Ojai, California: The more I read from your organization the more I am satisfied that peace shall prevail in human hearts soon. I pray for a new wave of peace to happen in the next week or two. love harmony peace

From Waynesboro, Pennsylvania: I have great hopes that your "experiment" will both enlighten and delight people near and far.

From Houston, Texas: WorldPeace is one word. As long as it is written as two words, it will be two things. Think about it. Also, the International Space Station should be called ISS WorldPeace. This way we will have a manmade star of WorldPeace circling the world reminding all human beings that WorldPeace is a possible dream. Visit John WorldPeace website at

From Palm Bay, Florida: I am signing up me and my 4 yr old son.I think it is really great what you are trying to do.I am hoping to raise my son to be a positive and loving person, and so far he is on the right path. I agree completely that you need to do away with the negative forces in your life, and concentrate on the positive.Love is the best medicine for everything.

From Concord, California: This is a wonderful concept, and one I truly believe in. My only disappointment is that I waited for someone else to put it out there. I believe this will work.

From Canoga Park, California: Dearest Victor and Carol :) I am so pleased that I came upon your website, for now I have found two more beautiful hearts and souls upon the Internet! :) I've sent your address to family and friends and am thrilled to say that they have agreed to join me in becoming part of your World Peace Experiment. What a beautiful idea you guys have had and may it bear so much fruit that we have enough to eat forever!!!!!!!!

From Orange City, Florida: We are a newly formed church here in Orange City, FL We are a non-christian, non-bible based church. We believe in God the creator, and gather each week o give praise and thanks and show our respect for the mother earth. If all people had the respect for one another, instead of all the finger pointing, better than thou attitude, we could really get things turned around in this ole world ! We will be praying for peace with you !!

From Windsor, California: The Great Invocation has a line in it that I love Let love and light prevail on the earth...keep up the the beautiful work!

From Hartlepool, England: I am totally convinced in this 'experiment', although I choose to call it an 'action' as I know it will work.

From Reno, Nevada: I am a believer in critical mass theory. For years, I have also made a conscious effort to not read negative news articles, or watch night-time news casts. They create negative energy and do nothing to add to the quality of my life.

From Englewood, Florida: Found out about your project in Thom Hartmann's excellent book "The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight". What an excellent idea!

From Highland, New York: I truly believe the light of the rainbow is the very same as the light. The 400 tillion cells of color codes of DNA that can reach the sun and back 6 times is truly the GIFT of God. As we pray to our charaka's for self healing we also pray for Earth healings. Sign me up to continue truthing peace will prevail and recrute every one. Thank you for leading the way.

From North Yorkshire, England: I too believe in your philosophy and am conquering all my negatives and turning them into peace and joy. peace and rainbows

From Cairns, Australia: What has been called the I AM presence, the awareness of our individual awareness of Love is eternal Love or Life itself, according to my evaluation of Lifeexperience. Everybody has the Saviour within themselfes. May we all at last wake up to that fact and may peace, love and true understanding establish sanity within Humanity.

From Southwick, Massachusetts: I think that your idea of world peace is beautiful,and I cannot wait to try this experiment. I will ask my friends to do it too :) Together, we can make the world a happier place!

From Nottingham, England: This is a wonderful idea. I'm signing up now because you're so right...there's so much negativity around, in the destruction of our environment, the many argments that rage between countries and religions...the few that control the lives of most of us..and what really sucks is the way friends and people I work with seem to worship the god of money and possesions and seem to think that others who do not aspire to this as somehow inferior. I shall try to spread the word

From Enschede, Netherlands: I think this idea is brilliant and it might actually work. Together we can make a difference!

From London, England: We send our prayers and positive thoughts for this wonderful project thankyou for being there for the world.

From Oakley, California: I am reading Thom Hartmann's book "The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight" where he mentions this movement. I am a firm believer in the 100th Monkey and am so glad to know you are here. I welcome the opportunity to participate. Thank you.

From Mumbai, India: I am grateful to whoever began this site. It was wonderful to scan through some comments and see how thought is beginning to move away from the negative.

From Sonoma, California: I am linking this site to my own web site: My theme is ONLY LOVE HEALS.

From Panama City, Florida: It makes me happy to be part of such a beautiful experiment! I know we can make a difference in our world through this!

From Eugene, OR: This is a great use for this medium. And and great contribution to the earth. Thank you both for your Light, inspiration, and vision. It is things like this which takes Harmonic Convergence to the next levels.

From Hamden, Connecticut: This is very heartening to hear about! While reading about the World Peace Experiment I recognized my own beliefs and behaviors. I haven't watched the news in years, just for the reason set down. Negative begets negative, positive begets positive. We, as a species, ARE mostly good (unlike the media would have us believe). We just need to nurture that goodness more globally in order to have the peace we seek. Thanks for giving us all a vehicle to affect change in our world.

From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: I am very inspired by this effort & will turn others onto this process. It is an honor to be counted in on this process. God Bless You God Bless Your efforts.

From Boulder, Colorado: Only Love & forgiveness, of self & others will save this Planet. I hear it will happen with the help & guidance of Maitreya & the Masters of Wisdom. Ultimately we have to make the changes, free will prevailing. Thank You for your effort's & energies enforced. I will be happy to join you in your effort's.

From LaGrande, Oregon: You are doing excellent work here. The simplicity of this approach toawrd the expansion of global consciousness, no doubt makes it accessible to greater numbers. The World Mind Society works for similar goals at

From Bear, Delaware: I think that this is a wonderful use of technology. We must all stick together and Peace and Love will prevail. Love and blessings to all who participate.

From Palm Bay, Florida: I believe that only love is real, and I believe that by shifting our focus to love when we encounter something we perceive as negative is an awesome way to shift us all to a vibration of love. Peace!

From Anchorage, Alaska: I recently learned of the voluntary simplicity concept while researching environmental materials for a small eco-tourism lodge my son and I are building. This lodge represents a shift from my law practice to an activity that seems more fulfilling. I read "The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight" last week and was moved and inspired. I intend to have this and related books I am seeking and reading available to guests at Birch Pond Lodge. I hope to gently encourage discussions about the ideas found in these books and thus spread these concepts and insights. It is a small step. I am pleased to join your World Peace Experiment.

From Ft. Lauderdale, Florida: What a Wonderful Experiment! I am thrilled to participate and I have passed on the link to all of my friends and family. I have been choosing to avoid "negative" media, movies, television, newspapers for some years now and it has had a profound effect on my life (and my children's lives), but I LOVE the thought "Only Love Prevails", it works for everything. Just since I learned of your experiment last night, I have used it many times! When my house was full of family discussing the Presidential Mess last night, I repeated to myself "Only Love Prevails".... it was wonderful! Thank you for your work! It is very important and very inspiring.

From: Regina,Saskatchewan,Canada: I am so happy to have found your site and welcome the opportunity to participate in this experiment. I have already been doing this on my own for several years. I shall now increase my efforts and it's wonderful to know so many others are joining together to do the same. This is so inspiring!

From Ashland, Oregon: Your wed site is an amazing gift..I'm an 18 yr. old college student. Thanks.

From Minneapolis, Minnesota: This is a fantastic way to not only create peace within ourselves, but create a whirlwind of positive energy around the world. Thank you for this opportunity to spread awareness!

From Noarlunga Centre, Australia: An exciting idea. A way to feel as though we are actually doing something as part of a worldwide community. God bless you all.

From Hot Springs, North Carolina: I am delighted to become a member of your effort to create peace in the world. I have known since early childhood that to create peace in the world it is for me to create peace within myself. Today, this truth is no longer only a belief about how things are it is indeed a daily effort, joy or challenge and goal. I thank you for the opportunity to join hands with thousands of people around the world who have the same vision. Together we are so strong! Thank you for your love and creativity!

From Oslo, Norway: This experiment might change the world forever.

Mill Valley, California: Thank you for your efforts, intention, and vision. Thank you for giving us a vehicle by which we can join forces and recognize the power of our collectivity. And thank you both for serving as such beautiful exemplars of the principles you espouse.

From Yonago, Japan: I trust it will work.

From New Braunfels, Texas: I think this is the grandest experiment ever. We CAN change the world by changing ourselves. I don't think we should limit the experiment to only 80,000 people. Why not go for a million? Or 2 million? The more people we can get involved, the quicker the shift will take place. I am going to tell everyone about this!!!

From Zurich, Switzerland: I work already lots of time on the matter of world politics - whenever I find a notice in the news, that is a belief about no solutions on conflicts between two nations. As an avatar I feel responsible about going peaceful together. I know there are a lot of other persons doing the same - so the sufis, shamanic leaders, TM-People, some people that are educated in NLP (neuro-liguistic-Programming) and monks and nuns. I feel the power of peace, whenever I remarque an initiative / effort of some people / groups which has a goal of earthly survival and good living.

From Solapur, India: A world of thanks for all your wonderful efforts to spread this light of love & enlighten many hearts. Only love prevails--May this message of peace march on --from home 2 home and from heart 2 heart.

A Prayer from Robin Silverman in North Dakota:
Source of Life,
We come together as one voice
To offer our love
And ask that it be used for good.
Thank You for the peace it has created,
Both for us and all who have received it in this moment.
May the sweet calm we feel
And the gentleness we speak
Soothe the souls of all who are frightened or angry.
We see them now, made new and whole,
At one with each other, with us, and with You.
With praise we sing of the triumph of love
Which restores peace to every home
And rest to every heart.
Now all are free.
Now all are well.
It is here on earth as it is with You.

From Sydney, Australia: I run a Peace Pavilion in Sydney's main recreational location called Centennial Park. The pavilion is dedicated to world peace and is freely available to individuals and groups to discover and experience inner peace. Maybe we can create some links. Please check out web site

From Bellevue, Washington: This is wonderful. Thanks for trying to get the wisdom of peace and love to the masses.

From Boulder, Colorado: Thank you for the opportunity to come together in our knowing that everything is already perfect in every moment

From British Columbia, Canada: I lead a Meditation Circle once a week and will broach this subject with the group. I will give them your info. and encourage them to join up for themselves. We support and honour our sovereignty in all things. Thank you for this powerful Work. ONLY LOVE PREVAILS!!!!!!

From British Columbia, Canada: I've had so much fun forwarding the 'animated email' to my entire address book. Thank you so much. I love your site. What a blessing to find such delightfully kindred spirits on the net. I agree with one of your participants, let's not stop at 80,000!!!!! This is such a beneficial and 'fun' thing to do. Truly an inspired experiment! Walk in Beauty ...

From Evanston, Indiana: I think this is a grand idea. I firmly agree with the comment about the news media. I look forward to being a part of this experiment.

From Olympia, Washington: I will forward this to all my friends. Thank you for initiating this shift in the collective mind set. We hold this dream for all people. We hold spirits inheritance as the truth for all people. I am grateful that we can use our computers to speed up this process. Thank you...Thank you...Thank you.

From Possum Creek, Australia: Thankyou for the love and energy you have put into this project I believe that we can send out love vibration and help heal the planet with the help and encouragement of wonderful people like yourselves Love will Prevail Love is all there is Love is Truth Truth is love.......

From Seattle, Washington: This is FABULOUS. I will definitely be working on signing up more people. Thank you SO MUCH for starting this and continuing to organize it. I am starting a nonprofit called The Inside Story Mystery Schools to help folks form free in-home mystery schools. The "Only Love Prevails" initiative will be part of our courses. Thank you so much for this!!! I have just been doing it for a few days, and already my entire being has been transformed into a love factory. THANK YOU!!! I would like to get bumper stickers and window stickers made. Have you done that? Please keep me advised. I want to take this into the schools and I want to include it as part of my pow wow drumming ministry.

From Sydney, Australia: I would like to share this poem/prayer of peace that I came across some time ago. Unfortunately, I did not take note of the source, however I am sure that the "source" will be pleased to have this shared.
May I be at peace,
May my heart remain open,
May I awaken to the light
of my own true nature,
May I be healed,
May I be a source of
healing for all beings.
May there be peace on earth,
May the hearts of all people be open to
themselves and to each other,
May all people awaken
to the light of their own true nature,
May all creation be blessed and be a blessing to
All That Is.

From Sydney, Australia: Really great idea. Particularly about media. I find great attention to NOT taking on the negative essential. Casual talk with well meaning friends and colleagues also needs similar attentiveness too. many thanks.

From Sydney, Australia: What a marvellous concept and a beautiful way to view our future.

From Horseheads, New York: This is what I have been looking for positive reinforcement of the message of peace. Thanks for sharing this with everyone, I am forwarding this on to several friends.

From Mussouri, India: I have been dreaming of doing this myself for a long time. I appreciate the work which you are doing. All the best.

From Seymour, Indiana: Yes, only love prevails.I am happy to commit to this project. I will share these thoughts with my friends, too, as we look for ways to "help" our world.

From Melbourne, Australia: THANKS.....for the sign post on my journey, I don't want to get lost.....LOVE and LIGHT ...

From Browsville, Texas: I strongly believe in what you are attempting to do. I have been doing all you suggest on a much smaller scale for years. To keep an open heart and be nonjudgemental is quite an accompolishment for each of us as individuals. Banded together in this experiment anything can be accompolished.

From Caboolture, Australia: I have just found this site and wholeheartedly support it I will invite my friends to join by sending a copy of it to them. I am a member of the Rainbow Network and participate in the Global Meditations

From The Netherlands: Dear Carol: Thank you very much for your note. We are ever so willing to participate in your World Peace Experiment. Indeed, the mass media focusing on solely gruesome 'news' facts has lost its grip on me (that is not to say it ever really had one). All through my life I have seriously questioned almost everything one could question: why watch dreadful documentaries, read newspapers - do people honestly feel they don't partake in society when they can't ventilate opinions on how awful this is and how dreadful that is - do they want to make their contribution to get some (negative) attention? For what reason? Why do people watch horror movies? Do they enjoy watching people playing characters that are frightened beyond themselves? Even watching regular 'soap'-series confronts you with people's jealousy, anger, trickery and manipulations. As if everyday people thrive on these alone. Do people want some strange comfort, like : do YOU think nothing happens in your life, then take a look at this. Is it for that reason that people read gossip-magazines? Ha ha, they're not having such a good time after all with all their riches? For what reason? The main thing is: stick to what is yours and try to excavate the innermost significance YOU have to contribute to the world. Why spend any attention on negativity - as a pastime? Some people obviously think of life as very boring. I've always found that very very strange. The whole idea that 'I've GOT to have (and I want to be the first one on the block to have) a TV,video,sound system,microwave,3 holidays a year,2 cars etc. etc. otherwise I won't have succeeded in life.' is totally beyond man's spirituality - we are here to find out what we can do for the world - obviously not to achieve masses and masses of rubbish 'piled up to please' After having seen this around since I was just a very small boy I finally begin to take notice of some great changes. It is all right now to say what I've always found. People are indeed opening up. These are true transition times. I want to thank you very much for your INVALUABLE work which has indescribably more meaning than you realize. Thank you very much Carol! Lots of LOVE and LIGHT to you and yours. We reach out and hope to give you strong support. God bless you!

From Woodacre, CA: I already do as you suggest on a daily basis. I don't watch the news or read any papers. When I see conflict I say "Stay rooted in Love" which is practically the same thing you are suggesting.

From Nerang, Australia: I feel deeply honoured and touched to be a part of this beautiful experiment. I do truly believe that this event is already happening as we speak and I am so grateful to be living in a world so filled with love and light. My heart is always open and giving love and I would like to say to you Carol and Victor that I love you and I bless your wonderful presence on this planet. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to participate. May love shine on you always.

From Fond du Lac, Wisconain: I have always believed in the collective good, and in community organization... even before I was able to name these beliefs... they are very central to my understanding of life. As such, I have always felt that there were one or more groups "out there", putting these beliefs into practice. Until today, I had not been able to locate and become a part of one of them. On occasion in my life, I have felt a positive intervention, earthly in origin, into what would otherwise have been a negative experience, and I am sure that groups such as this are responsible for these interventions. I am happy to sign up to belong and to participate for something in which I have believed all my life.

From The Netherlands: We would love to participate in the World Peace Experiment. It is wonderful to know that there are so many more people believing in Love and World Peace. The end of November 1998 our T.V. stopped funcioning, only a couple of weeks after we spoke the words: "If you stop functioning, we will not buy another T.V. ! We had had enough of how the media presents the so-called news and all of the negativity that was daily poured into our living-room! After getting a computer and connecting to the internet in March this year, we also decided to unsubscribe to our daily "news"-paper. We wrote an explaining letter where we told them that we regret the fact that the media only seem to be focussing on the bad things that happen in the world, while there are so many good things happening each day, that never find their way into an ordinary newspaper. The reply was in short: "if we only bring good news, we can stop our business." We are happy to find your words via the Rising Earth website, which we only discovered yesterday and getting the opportunity to participate in the World Peace Experiment (on World Gathering Day!).

From Houston, Texas: I would Love to particiapate in your experiment. It's such a good idea and I can already feel it starting to work! Thank you. For years now, I have never bothered with reading the newspaper (except the comics) or watching the news. I get a bad feeling when I engage in those activities, so I just stopped. I have a certain amount of resentment with the media and their methods of portraying 'events' to the public. Also, I believe there's a lot that can be accomplished with our thoughts and how we use them. My admiration goes out to the people who have created this beautiful idea and have put it into action.

From Copiague, New York: If I could have a billion dollars or world peace..I would choose world peace...

From Hampton, Hew Hampshire: World peace I believe starts in a family and grows with the family. It must be instilled at a young age and feathered through their lives in their daily living. So count 5 of us, myself, husband, and children.

From Livermore, California: WE--Myself, my daughter, and my husband--want to support the world peace experiment. We support it by promoting peace in our home and in our community and beyond. We send our prayers of gratitude for the great peace that already exists and live in joy as more is realized every day.

From Massachusetts: I was brought up in a violent household;;have bben married and divorced twice to violent men;;I have dedicated my life to peace and love and have become a Massage/Energyworker for peace and healing.I would very much like to be a part of this important experiemnt that I believe will work. Peace and God Bless

From Phoeniz, Arizona: I think this is a wonderful idea as I truly believe that each and every one of us can make a difference by the thoughts we hold. I know that this will shine a brighter light out into the universe.

From Hampton, New Hampshire: I just told my friend the other day, "All we have to do to change the world is get enough people to believe that there IS hope, that the world IS getting better." And today I found you. Thank you for doing this work. Peace will prevail!

From Kenmore, New York: I am so pleased to find this site. At a net community in which I am a member, we are discussing unconditional love as we have encountered a few who do not believe this is possible. I think this site is a great place to disprove those few. Yes, love without condition I will follow your steps gladly and without condition. Much Love, Light and Peace

From Portables, New Mexico: This is a great idea for world peace, caring, and oneness.

From Newport News, Virginia: I have been doing this since I went to your Lighten Up workshop, at Unity on the Peninsula. I even have my nephew and niece who say it with me. They are 7 and 4. It has really helped me. I am also signing up my mom. I told her about it and she is very excited also. I am doing my Lighten Up and that is doing well. Thank you so much for the work that you do.

From Mexico City, Mexico: My wife and I are more than willing to enter into the experiment. As we speak with others, we'll try to pass on the message and find more souls to sign up. We wish you all the best.

From Melbourne, Austrailia: I had the same idea, with unimportant variations. Glad someone else did it first! and you've done a bloody good job of it! more contributions from me to come.

From Johnson City, Tennessee: I am glad to see an action taking group along these lines. I have to tell you, I was guided here by that inner voice spoken of in some of the entries. I have never heard of, nor spoken with anyone about this site. I just got out of the shower and was enjoying the feeling of being a new man. I sat down at the PC to surf the net and it just popped into my head to type, and well here I am. I would like to take part for what you speak of in these pages coincides with what I have sensed internally for some time now. Please keep me updated.

From Belleville, Illinois: Peace starts first with ourselves. When we are at peace with who we are, then it is possible to help those, with whom we share this space on earth, to find peace, too. Thanks for the opportunity to make peace INFECTIOUS!

From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Greetings in Peace and Love! What a wonderful idea! I have just recently been 'delivered' from a most horrendous situation in my life in which it was the collective, loving thoughts of others that energetically changed the event around...Yes! It is true! We are all the same mind, and it is our collective consciousness that shapes and directs happenings...I am honored and pleased to participate in your world peace experiment! Love is what the world has always needed, and especially now, needs! I'll be sending your site to as many people as I can! Sal-Om! Love and Light! Kuumba

From Grand Prairie, Texas: This is a most wonderful worthwhile experiment and one with which I will happily particiate. I think you should actively promote this experiment continuly all over the world!

From Lane Cove, Australia: Thank you for reminding me of the need to walk each day of my life in full awareness and alert to the need for peace in my own life and in the world. Let's make a difference!

From Cronulla, Australia: This is actually what my list is all about! I would constructively suggest that 80K should be an easy goal, that a more aggressive approach need be taken. "Aggressive", does not mean, "less spiritual". In combination, mountains can be moved.

From Aba, Nigeria: "Only Love prevails" is an inspiring and worthy experiment! Thank you so much for sharing this deep felt truth with the world. Please, Kindly visit LET PEACE SHINE. I created this Site to promote and uphold my yearning for peace, love and brotherhood amongst humanity! Thank you once again for "Only Love Prevails". With love and every good wish: Ugonna Wachuku

From Christchurch, New Zealand: It's wonderful to hear of your World Peace Initiative. I am a healer and teacher living in New Zealand; I have been practising the art of mindfulness - embracing everything I meet with Love, and am encouraging my healing students to do this also. I will let all my friends and co-workers know about what you are doing - I think they will be keen to join too! Namaste.

From Dallas, Texas: Thank you for helping so many people live in a world beyond belief by having the courage to live their dreams.

From Madiswil, Switzerland: LOVE is the answer.... always!! I am happy and thrilled to participate, together we make the difference.

From Mercer Island, Washington: What a wonderful way to bring about awareness. Living love each day does make a difference.......... It all starts with us..

From Richmond, VA: In a day when people say technology is making people aloof and cold, it can also be used as a tool to unite people and bring them together. We all need each other and striving for harmony, peace and happiness is as easy as thinking it, feeling it and acting on it.

From Santa Monica, California: Whoopee! Yes! This is the way forward, focused intention. God bless you and all of us. The celebrations in the higher realms are plentiful at the combined efforts of the awakening light beings on earth!

From Simi Valley, California: Dear Carol, Thank you for your reply concerning Only Love Prevails..what a powerful three words to change the world!!! I woke up this morning with these words in my mind and heart and have employed them all day to get over the little "buggy mean things" that one encounters through the day. It is truly amazing that three words can change one's attitude so easily. I will share this peace tool with my loved ones and friends. Peace is possible!!!! Again, I thank you and Bless You and Yours, Namaste

From: Augusta, Missouri: Positive energy is the only way to change anything and you are definitely adding to the world's supply!!! Hope mine will help!

London, England: Finally, some people who will not think I am weird for not reading the newspapers and ignoring the monstrosity that is 'current affairs'! I'm with you... Was it Kurt Vonnegut who said that newspapers are the intellectual equivalent of cheeseburgers?

From Warsaw, Poland: I am a German living in Warsaw/Poland since 6 years. It is so important to see all the efforts for a spiritual development all over the world!! I hope more and more people will take part in future and change their mind so that we can create together a loving and supporting world! I hope to bring in more friends. Love to all of you and thank you for making this experiment possible!

From Arcisate, Italy: I guess you already know that of course in order to experience "good" there must be its polarity "evil" somewhere, but not necessarily anywhere near or even on this same planet. Besides, love only IS and has no opposites. Hate is born of fear, and fear is an illusion, or our own way of un-remembering that we are love in order to experience ourselves (god-selves) in different ways. Thank you for all what you are doing, our group is joining you. Also we have already joined the Circle of Light Centre in New York - - and we join thousands (I hope millions) of people around the world in sending light,energy and prayers to those who request them. In love and light.

From BC, Canada: I would love to be on your list. I suspect there are far more people than we know about who are actively sending out thoughts of love and peace to the planet. There is a fairly large Peace Group in this community and though I've never been to any of their meetings, I know they are very active. Several years ago, during the Gulf war, they sponsored a peace rally which I attended. It was absolutely astounding how many people were there, from all sections of the community and from all age groups, from students to seniors to World War 2 veterans and everybody in between. It was a very powerful experience and must have had a significant effect. I will keep track of your web site to follow your activities because I think that is one of the most important things there is to do right now. The very best to you.

From Chantilly, Virginia: What a concept! I have only known about Open Heart and Lighten Up for a few days but I am extremely excited about what I've learned so far and about what will happen in my life!! Thanks to Higher Power for putting YOU on the planet!!

From Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: I think this is a great Idea. I know so many who do dwell on the negative, and I would love to be part of this help. lol

From Gaza City via Israel: My husband and I are living in Gaza City via Israel. He is working on a USAID project to assist in finding water for the Gaza Strip for when the Palestinians return to their homeland. The peace process here is very tenuous as you know and needs a lot of mental and physical assistance. The political/geographical differences have been ongoing for thousands of years and I do believe there is a foot (maybe just a toe) in the door for this process to become a normally accepted way of thinking. Fear is rampant and I do believe the opposite of fear is love. Many people are here doing the physical things to assist the area. The rest of us who don't physically have a part in the process can certainly take part in the emotional/spiritual process needed to fuel the energy used. Peace be with all.

From Jacksonville, North Carolina: This sounds like a great idea. I believe in spreading good karma to everyone. I'm sending this to all my friends....

From Lavina, Montana: I can do this with great pleasure... after all, we never know what is REALLY behind an event...only what appears on the all works out cosmically, so doing what you asked is easy. I will participate.

From Melbourne Beach, Florida: I'm only signing up myself..but i've sent your link to dozens and dozens of my peace loving friends.

From Mesa, Arizona: I received this info on when I posted a similar type of message for our group to start a spark and turn it into a flame for peace. Bless you!

From Niles, Michigan: Great idea. This universe needs all it can get. We all can make a difference, we just have to get the knowledge and the desire to do what our heart tells us. I will practice "ONLY LOVE PREVAILS' until it's an automatic response. Thanks

From Ogden, Utah: Thank you so much for all you are doing to promote peace love unity & respect, as well as furthering the evolution of humanity & healing our Beloved Mother :)

From Oslo, Norway: Give everybody the freedom and love you desire for yourself with the Trust and Respect our Prime Creator give to hers/his whole Creation in the Now (dreaming state). Love the humanity with my whole heart - we are Glowing Stars everyone of us. PEACE AND LOVE MUST PREVAIL ON EARTH FOR EVER

From Paradise, California: I'm delighted to find you and appreciate your efforts. The heart has been the focus of my life and work for some years. I am a Marriage, Family Therapist who walks a Sufi path of love, whereby one's individual heart becomes an expression of the Divine Heart. I wish you the best in what you are doing. If I can be of assistance, please let me know. Meanwhile I will pass along your website address to others. Love and Peace

From Pembroke Pines, Florida: I have been practicing peace within me and others, and I can honestly say that there are not negative thoughts in my mind and/or around me, so i am very happy to participate on this experiment and "only love prevails" God bless...

From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: This is a super experiment and a marvelous idea. I am forwarding to as many people as I can. Have been saying for years that good news doesn't "sell" so we have to hear the horrors....what a refreshing find to get your announcement. Count me in!!

From Quebec, Canada: I know that it's only thru our willful consciousness that our spiritual evolution may evolveand the only place mass transformation can begin.I haven't watched the news for a few years now, not because I don't care, but because it fills me with so much pain and grief I cannot bear to watch it.I will try "only love prevails"as a daily mantra whenever the negative arises which probably will be a lot. Good luck.

From Schaumburg, Illinois: I entirely agree with you about the newspapers and TV news. I stopped reading and watching them 26 years ago, when my 10 year old son died, and I decided They were all bad news and I didn't need more.

From the UK: We have today mailed re the world peace experiment. We seem to be fellow travellers on a parallel path. We share our experiences and our laughter in our talks and workshops, hoping people will remember that they create their own reality minute by minute by their thoughts words and actions.

From the United Kingdom: We offer a hand of friendship, and hope we can work together in creating an abundant, peaceful world, where indeed LOVE prevails.

From Prague, Czech Republic: I am actually a Bulgarian living in Czech Republic.I like very much your idea,guys. I was expecting something like this to appear and I appreciate you verry much.I am going to spread the word for your project among all my friends.TAKE CARE, GUYS! ONLY LOVE PREVAILS!!! ...and wait for new applicants from Czech Republic (and other places I have a lots of friends worldwide...)

From Arlington, Texas: This has to be the right road to World Peace and it begins at home! At last, there is a way for an individual to do something constructive and positive toward this goal.

From Baltimore, Maryland: This is clearly a very good plan I will do all I can to promote this project. There is a big change comeing and this is a part of that change. there is a saying that rings true (you don't have to stand tall in this world but you have to stand up) I beleave that this is the time to stand up. Thank you to who ever came up with this.

From Bloomfield, New Jersey: I am so excited to be a part of this world peace experience. It is an honor to participate in a program that offers love and peace to self and others. I thank you for giving me and others the opportunity to shift the earths perception and energy to a more peaceful and loving planet which I belive will come forth. Again, I thank you for this offer and would take great strive towards world peace. Shalom!

From Bonita Springs, Florida: i love this movement. blessings to the originators and each and every participant

From Brooklyn, New York: I have recently been introduced to the course of miricles and through visualizations have already received some rewards.I want to focus on peace and love and I want my Heart to be open to Love.

From Carmichael, California: Energy runs in loops. what you send out will come back to you. Love from your heart and receive from your heart.

From Cincinnati, Ohio: Yes! Love prevails over fear. In A Course In Miracles we are told to "Teach only Love." We have formed the Foundation for the Awakening Mind and the Messengers of Peace to do just that. We extend an invitation for all those interested in Peace to visit us at the PeaceHouse in Cincinnati if you are traveling our way. All are welcome! E-mail us for more info or visit our web site. Peace & Blessings, David

From Dallas, Texas: We are devout students of "A Course In Miracles". We are learning to "Teach only love, for that is what you are." Thank you for the oppritunity to be a part of the Great Healing. Namaste!

From Dietikon, Switzerland: Keep the world in balance.

From Englewood, Colorado: Wow are you guys great!! I am so thrilled to be part of this!!

From Fort Ashby, West Virginia: I love the website! I originally looked at the openheart home page when I started "Lighten Up" two months ago. When I re-visited for some encouragement today, I was delighted to find the experiment. Thank you for bringing more magic to my world. I have a great circle to share with but am giving them the gift of opportunity to sign up on their own.

From Huntingtown, Maryland: I think this is wonderful, I believe that all can change with love and peace. I feel blessed to have found this site.

From Indianapolis, Indiana: I am also signing up myself and my mother. We both attend the Lighten Up seminar yesterday. I cannot describe in words how I feel today. What a wonderful blessing the seminar was. It came just when I needed it!!

From Kent, England: Hello good people. With your permission, I am passing on your page both as a link and as printed format to my attendants of workshops/friends/family and everyone. I think you are doing the prompt for magical transformations. I feel so priviledged to have come across your page. Much blessings to you.

From Knox, Pennsylvania: I think this is a wonderful idea.. I had thought of something like this before, but had no idea how to go about it. I can control only my own energy, no one elses. I think if enough people truly devoted themselves to this, amazing things could happen. Wakan tanka nici un mitakola.

From London, Ontario, Canada: What a wonderful experiment - be proud of yourselves for setting this up! I am impressed and hopeful that it will work.

From London, UK: I have started a new site called the object of which being to promote the idea of love and light in this age as the poles shift and take us into a new dawn of time. It's time for us all the awaken and join in the celebration of our new higher selves and the devotion to one another through the giving and receiving of energy. Love and Light - Let your life take flight. The numbers that I have submitted come from the numbers in the crew that I have here in the UK. Hoping to continue to spread the word across the globe using my DJing skills and my computer expertise. I wish you love and luck in your journey too. :) *T*

From Longmeadow, Massachusetts: May we humans very, very quickly learn how to live sustainably, in much peace, love, equity, justice, and harmony with all of life on earth! May all beings be happy! May all beings live in love and peace! May peace prevail on this beautiful living earth! May I do all that I can through my actions, deeds, thoughts, prayers, and lifestyle to brings all of this about!

From Novi, Michigan: Found this inf from some newsletter (very old one) and spotted it and new it was pertinent. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I am a spiritual bodyworker, hypnotherapist and minister. I have been mentioning "Only Love Prevails". What a wonderous experience it had been for me. Recently I found that I got off track and realized just how powerful an attitude adjuster this "Only Love Prevails". At first I thought I had studied this in the Course of Miracles and then discovered the torn out page in my C of M lesson book! I will continue passing this exciting concept on to others. I will be presenting to a Fibromyalgia Group and I intend to share this with them!

From Port Elizabeth, South Africa: Although my country has gone through a process of political liberalization, for which we had all hoped and prayed for, there still remains a lot of poverty, hatred and cultural devision, which are preventing us from realizing our dream of a peacefull, prosperous, multi-racial nation. I am still hoping for this to be possible and that hope extends to the rest of the world, for the preservation of this wonderful earth and all its diverse peoples. Good luck with your experiment and PEACE!

From Sandpoint, Idaho: What a wonderful idea. I'll pass it on to as many as I can. Keep up the marvelous work!! Love and Joy, Kate

From South Brunswick, North Carolina: I think this is truly a wonderful opportunity and I look foward to joining like minded thinkers in healing the universe. Having worked in broadcast media for 10 years you don't have to tell me about a negative fear based industry. I know. That's why I don't do it anymore. Love, Light and Peace

From St. Petersburg, Florida: Heard about this project several months ago & had started using the phrase "only love prevails".I found that it aided in my personal life as well. Found your site & thought I would sign in to let you know I was helping out.

From Sydney, Australia: Recently I have been doing something very similar to this ie thinking about the love aspect in times of negativity and saying something like "I do not take on other people's negativity" when I hear horrible news etc, and I have found that it is a tremendous help in allowing me to function as a clearer and happier human being. It was wonderful to hear that others are doing this and are also aware of the critical mass aspect - It is like hearing back the echo of - Hello! Except it is not just an echo its cheers! Count me in!

From Tigard, Oregon: Great idea! I am a EMF Practitioner and add LOVE into all of my sessions, one on one. This is so much faster. Thank you for making it possible. (Nice web page.)

From San Ardo, California: Hi! I just signed up with your project! I read the comments from all the other participants...Boy, was I impressed by all the people! I don't know how many responses there are on the : page, but I'll bet it's over 1,000...which means this project is well on its way! You can bet that I'll put a link to this page on my site. I think it's fantastic that someone thought of this! I'm 19 (going on 20), and I've become *such* a hippy (in a sense, considering I'm part of the "Gen-X" generation...but I try to keep separate from that). I'm sure that the Experiment will work if only everyone gets together and *tries* to make this world peaceful. On the Merlin page, I noticed the stuff about the war in Kosovo in early '99. Interesting...I wrote a screenplay for a college class protesting that war, and telling how I came to be opposed to the idea of war as a way of solving problems (here's irony for ya: my grandfather's a WW2 vet and my dad was in Vietnam, but my mom was a flower child and I took after her). Anyway, good luck! Like I said, I'm gonna try to spread the word and link you to my site in order to help make it *more* than 80,000! Peace!

From Baltimore, Maryland: For quite some time now I have felt like the cartoon caracture Mr. Magoo. I walk down the street and chaos happens all around me, but I seem to be unaffected. Certainly I have had my share of terrible things happen, but to me they have all been wonderful opportunities for personal growth. I absolutely know the power of thought as well as the power of ONE. How wonderful to be connected to a consciousness of positive change. I will pass it on.

From East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania: Wonderful and powerful idea. It's amazing that I have always felt like that about the media ever since I came upon Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra's books and tapes. We are being fed a constant diet of having to give up on ourselves and I,for one am sick of it.Promote peace and love and harmony, don't feed the fires of hate. God Bless You!

From Northern California: Dear Only Lovers, I participated in the World Peace Experiment in Northern California at 9pm on 9/21/99; together we made a group of three sharing global prayer here in our country home in Penngrove, I am happy to write. Thank you to whom(s)ever had the vision for this wonderfully 'large' way to share prayers for peace and love. We prayed for peace and love to more fully fill the hearts and minds of all beings so that the dear people of East Timor and all those in all wars and other violent events can live in peace. I thought to connect with public radio station KPFA in Berkeley by phone to let them know about the world prayer, peace experiment prayer moment for people in Timor. As soon as I hung up the phone I ran and turned on my radio to see if someone would announce it. She did! So thousands of people from as far North as perhaps Geyserville, down to Fresno in the South in CA heard the call to prayer for the dear Timorese people at ten minutes to 9 pm last night and hopefully lended their sweet prayer life to create a miracle. I am so happy. Getting through to the radio station at just that moment was a miracle in itself. Divine Grace to be sure. We have a good thing going here - let's keep it going. Thank you again. Only Love Prevails.

From Parkersburg, Iowa: Ran across your site by "accident" and it was exactly what I had been searching for, of course. Have been affirming "Only Love Prevails" since yesterday. We CAN change the conciousness of our world. Thank you for being there and please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help. Love to you all!

From Parkersburg, Iowa: Fabulous site! Thank you. I'll be back. Thought IS energy. We absolutely create the realities we choose via our thoughts, words and deeds. Let's not confuse the Universe - being very CARE-ful that we create only good. JUST GET IT. Re-member (you DO already KNOW) ... wisdom, truth, light, energy and ... unconditional, ALL THERE IS ... LOVE.

From Sausalito, California: Thank you, Carol and Victor, for this wonderful inspirational movement! We are all singing the songs of consciousness. We will be forwarding your message to our friends and joining in the critical mass and joyfully watching in awestruck wonder as the unclear becomes nuclear in the new millenium. Love is all, all is one Peace is Now

From Swindon, United Kingdom: The World Peace Flame will help this project much I believe, as it will give all a daily focus which links them into a powerful symbol of the brotherhood of humankind. We are creative beings and our thoughts, words and deeds shape our experience of the World we live in. When enough of us recognise this and act accordingly, as one and in harmony, there can truely be a major Paradigm shift in consciousness on the Planet. Projects like this, and The World Peace Flame, are a demonstration that there is indeed hope for World Peace on Planet Earth. I bless all who share this vision, as I bless all who have yet to do so.

From Windsor, California: My sister sent me a purple flyer about the world peace experiment.I have had this information for about a week and already have lost my desire for participation in my nightly ritual of the 11:00pm news. I hope to sometime soon lose the desire for that bowl of ice cream that accompanied the news, perhaps if i keep loving myself. Thank you for your continued effort to improve our planet and all that dwells on it.

From Maindenhead, United Kingdom: Have joined up and have a comment about your opening page. For years now I have watched the news on TV eagerly, not worrying about negativity or 'bad' news or filtering. What I do is USE that time. I send light to whoever is being reported - those in tragic circumstances, those in government and even those reporters out there looking for the downside. It detaches me because I am not listening the way they aim the news to be listened to, and the time is always positive despite whatever nasty is being reported. So instead of being used, I USE it! Sort of an unusual meditation ... I do not read newspapers tho. Consider it too distracting to read and send light at the same time. Anyway, most of it is either gossip, speculation or in error. How about passing on the positivity of 'bad' news? Let's USE it, not run away. Peace and then some... Till the retraction.

From Cocoa Beach, Florida: With each breath we add to the peace or peril of the world. Each thought is a choice to be helpful or harmful..... From Ankeny, Iowa: This is something that I have already been practicing for years. Along with just trying to be an observer, I rarely watch the news or read the newspaper. I have found if there is something I really need to know, someone usually tells me. I feel I am more at peace.

From Birmingham, England: Thanks for the great idea. I look forward to taking part in the Peace Plan.

From Dallas, Texas: Thank you. I think this is great idea. We must change from within in order to affect a broader change. I already practice this positive thinking strategy on my own, and I'm excited to join with others to make it a movement.

From Duluth, Minnesota: was driving home tonight, and on the radio came the song, "If you're going to San Francisco..." I began to wonder what ever happened to those dreams of love and peace, when did the world become so cold, how can one bring back the feeling of love and peace for all. Got home, began surfing the net = and lo and behold! Here YOU are. (some magick in the air?) I'm signing on. blessings to all.

From Farmington, Utah: Thank you for this opportunity to join others in this very important undertaking. It is an honor to add myself to your list. Thank you!

From Forest Knolls, California: I hope this will really work. I like the idea of critical mass enabling love to prevail in reality!

From Greenbrae, California: Thank you for your beautiful contribution to us all. My heart is touched and my soul gratified. Only love prevails.

From Las Vegas, Nevada: Can anyone provide info on healing work for the group of people, at a given time work on a given plan w/the Diva realm to clean a body of water, shift energies to prevent an earthquake,etc.?

From Lūrchenfeld, Austria: I like to participate in your experiment. What you say about LOVE is not new for me. In my daily prayers love is most important. We, my friends and me, call it "Liebe ist das Gesetz". I like to help transforming the world with love.

From Mexico City, Mexico: I truly believe that Only Love prevails, Let"s lighten up the earth together!

From Middletown, New York: Hi! I'm with you all the way! I will forward this to my friends will join as well. Thank you for taking action in the name of Love. ONLY LOVE PREVAILS!!! GREAT!!!

From Newport News, Virginia: I'm 18 and I really love how simple this tool is. To bring the world together by simplicity! Only Love Prevails.

From Proctorsville, Vermont: I read about this in Thom Hartmann's book "Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight" otherwise I am not sure I would have found you. I guess that means I am ready to do this. What you are doing fits in with the thinking and actions I have been following most of my life and especially since reading "Conversations with God". I was really excited when I noticed the 70,000 plus visits to the site, but was troubled when I saw that only 6000 or so people had signed up. I suppose the positive way to see this is that 10% of the people that found the site signed up and if the site can get the exposure it needs, then the 70 K would be easy. I like the idea that I have just covered 131 new people in Vermont (or the world).

From San Diego, California: No question that love is the answer and positive attitudes results in positive mental health but the true solution involves encoding and programming the developing brain with love (affectional bonding in the mother-infant/child relationship)--the First Foundation of Love--long before the infant/child can understand or speak cognitive languages.The First Language of Love is found at the breast and in the arms of Mother. The failure of Mother Love results in developmental brain abnormalities which impairs and prevents the development of later stages of Love which why your approach is inherently limited in violent cultures but still important for those in transition between Love and Peace or Hate and Violence. See: Will be away for two weeks beginning 10 Aug until 23 Aug and would welcome a dialogue on this, if you are interested

From Santa Rosa, California: I will pass on the message to everyone I can! This is exactly the kind of peaceful, loving promotion I want to be involved with. it is a message that I have been trying to promote by example for quite some time now. It is heartening to know that others feel the same needs I do, for world peace, and global acceptance. Keep up the great work! Any other way I can help, let me know!

From Sedona, Arizona: I've been advocating this for over 15 years. Thank goodness it's catching on. Yes, I will be a part of this movement. From Sonoma, CA: I want to be a participant in the 80,000 OneMindPerception of love. I believe the time for a critical mass of positive feeling/thinking has finally arrived.

From Stearns, Kentucky: We have made blessing all things a part of our life. Cancer was a blessing that opened our eyes, ears and mind to true health. Each day is a blessing.

From Toledo, Ohio: Thank you for your efforts and count on my continued support. We must come together in the 'masses' to reclaim the Peace that has become buried in darkness. Think happy thoughts and look for the'd be surprised where it pops up!!!!

From Totowa Boro, New Jersey: I think this is a great idea and I will try to pass it on. It is nice to know that there are peaceful people like you out there.

From Alameda, California: I'm so excited. I gave up TV and newspapers approximately 1 1/2 years ago just because of the reasons you give. SO NEGATIVE ! I refuse to listen, nor participate to anything that hints at negativity. Now.... I've a secret tool....ONLY LOVE PREVAILS

From Asbury Park, New Jersey: I think this is one of the most brilliant ideas I've heard of in a looooooong time. I send Reiki and Kofutu out to the world daily and will add the mantra, "Only Love Prevails," to my daily workings. Peace to all Homefires, everywhere!

From Bethleham, Pennsylvania: I stopped watching television almost a year ago and very rarely read the sensational stuff in our newspapers. I intend to share this with people in my group. Perhaps we'll add more participants. Thank you for your efforts!

From Bodega Bay, California: This is an interesting experiment. I will do my best to forego negative thought patterns throughout the remainder of this year. I once refrained from reading newspapers or listening to newscasts for a period of two years. I noted a marked improvement in my mood and I became much more optimistic. I felt great. I am now encountering a stressful situation and I think this is a good time to entertain only positive ideas.

From Clearwater, Florida: What a wonderful project.....!!!!!!! I'm delighted to participate and watch the shift.....and to know where it's coming from. What fun!!

From Cumming, Georgia: I'm very excited to be part of a group that is going to make the world a better and more positive place for all!

From Elgin,Illinois: Through the insight of peace The wisdom of truth And the beauty of love May the Dove of peace Unfurl in all

From Fairbanks, Alaska: This is an easy one for me as I never watch the news. I wholeheartedly agree with you that negative forces are at work in the media. I have chosen to not watch for the very reason that I believe there is not too much that is positive. I used to worry that I was not up on current events but stopped being concerned about that a while ago. Some may say I look at the world through rose colored glasses, but I prefer to think I look at the world with love and in a positive light. If that makes me naive then so be it!!!

From Hampton Park, Australia: I am very interested in joining your experiment. My mother is one who has fallen into the 'negative' trap. She watches all the news, and is convinced the world is a shockingly bad place. She consequently keeps her home and herself locked up as a fortress.

Response from Carol: Thank you for volunteering to participate in the World Peace Experiment. Your comments made me shudder. We often tell our workshop audiences that if we had only the news to go by as a barometer of what was happening in the world, none of us would want to leave the house. It appears that has happened to your mother. Show her the information about the experiment and ask her if she would be willing to go on a news fast for one week and say "Only Love Prevails" each time she perceives negativity. Explain to her that she has nothing to lose by giving it a try (it's only for a week, after all). It may empower her beyond measure!!

From Hannibal, Ohio: This makes me so happy! I'm blessed to be part of such a beautiful act. This experiment is proof of and in itself. I see that I'm the first in Ohio to join. Trust me I know many others in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. I am more then aware of the changes in this vibration. I work for a small science research firm. I've been waiting a long time for this. Thank you so much. God bless.

From Honolulu, Hawaii: I haven't read a newspaper in maybe 10-15 years. I've never been in the habit of reading it. And I'm very aware now of what it is doing. I haven't watched TV for probably 5 years... and I was never in the habit of watching the news. And I'm not lost. I'm doing very nicely, thank you very much.

From Jefferson, Oregon: Hi Carol & Victor, I met you a year or so ago @ Unity of Salem. I finally updated Netscape & can see what you have here on Open Heart. Victor, I loved your book, loaned it out, and am having trouble getting it back. I guess that is a good thing. Thanks for all the good stuff you are doing. Only Love Prevails!

From Kitchener, Ontario, Canada: I'm not sure whether or not a prior note from me went to you, so here I am again. DEFINITELY, count me in!!! I've been doing world meditations and sending love, since '86, when I met John and Jan Price, who wrote the Planetary Commission. I also used to facilitate ACIM. My challenge to all of us is to go for 100,000!! Where are all the wonderful souls I know in Canada??? Yes, I will pass this message and your web page on to many. Yes, ONLY LOVE PREVAILS, my message for many, many years. All else just drops away.

From Newport, Maine: I like your ideas...I am working for the same thing a world community...I allocate part of my time every week to promote awareness of needy children through out the world...child sponsorship..I am participating in make a difference day on Oct. project is to promote the idea of child sponsorship thru the universal language of music...I will be visiting often.

From Northport, New York: How can I express how much I believe in what you are doing? It has taken me a lifetime of searching, only to come 'round full circle - repeatedly - to embrace Love as my respite, my happiness, my cradle. We are kindred spirits after all. We are all one energy divided only by denial. Please increase your New York count by one, of people who dream of dissolving the veil and opening the self to the one truth - Love! You can quote me on this! Success to our beautiful effort!

From Pleasantville, New Jersey: It is most important that we believe that we are ALL perfect, just the way we are and nothing needs to change. If we focus on love to "change" evil, that will not work...To focus on love because it makes sense to our feelings, and expands our hearts and sense of oneness and wonder that is all that is necessary. We need do/change nothing else. Everything is perfect just the way it is. Because there is a purpose to whatever we create.(good/evil) Feeling love without any expectation (of change), will create the experience of "love" as permanent. And yes, not focusing on the "news" media will help all to focus on the love within.

From Port Neeches, Texas: I'm excited to see the change take place in this world. After listening to Lighten Up, I've been very discerning about what I watch on TV and hardly ever read the newspapers now. In fact we cancelled our subscription. Thanks for all you are doing to change this world, and thanks for inviting the rest of us to join you.

From Reno, Nevada: I stopped reading newspapers and watching TV years ago. The affirmation I have been repeating whenever an upsetting event occurs is: HERE, IN THIS MOMENT, I CHOOSE LOVE. I'm willing to use the words ONLY LOVE PREVAILS. (And love does seem to be prevailing--in my world, anyway!) In gratitude & appreciation for your great work.

From Santa Rosa, California: Thank you for taking the time and energy to do this for all human and animal kind.I really believe that this will be a tremendous boost to our positive energy. I believe that all this good energy will circulate and wipe out any negative vibrations. Light always gets rid of darkness. Let's all shine our lovelight!!

From Sebastopol, California: I absolutely believe that the world reflects our consciousness. I believe that love is all there really is - all else is somewhere on the continuum of more or less love. I remember when Barbara Marx Hubbard would talk about her dream of how person by person, we would shift to consciously thinking and loving and that one day, there would be enough of that activity on the planet and we would shift to a more loving world - she called it the cosmic smile and I believe we are heading that way.

From Sedona, Arizona: I support what you are doing. I have never had much interest in watching or listening to the news, and a few years ago made a conscious intent to just avoid it altogether. I sometimes listen, though, in the hopes of hearing some really exciting news. I did find that I had an emotional urge to listen if news came on while I was listening to the radio. If I heard the newscaster begin to relate a really terrible "story," I found it difficult to just turn off the radio, because a part of me wanted to listen. Was it just curiosity? It seems to be part of human nature to be attracted to unique events. But I soon got over that urge and now it is easy to switch off the radio as soon as I detect a horror story coming on. I would much rather hear a news item about the discovery of a new source of free energy or a story about a choir director taking a boat out and serenading the whales (a true story, by the way).

Another thought I have had for quite a while is the notion that when an unwanted event involving an unconscious person occurs, it is because WE have allowed it. In other words, most of the six billion humans on earth relate with kindness and compassion, even if it is often covered with fear or hurt. There are only a very few of those six billion who intentionally hurt others.

So we, the beings of benevolent propensity, far out power, in terms of consciousness, the misguided havoc of the few. However, not many realize that and act as though their conscious stance in the world has no effect. If we take the interior posture that WE WILL NOT ALLOW THAT ON OUR PLANET, then those who might be led to destructive acts would be bucking an overwhelming tide of good intent. They could not do it. It involves, I think, what Joseph Chilton Pearce called muscular mindedness, but should include, I would add, muscular heartedness. Being clear about what we choose to perceive in our world and acting as though our vision has power.

Thank you for your work in this area and your wonderful web site. I look forward to sharpening my vision til I observe the world as filled with Magical Children.

From Sedona, Arizona: I have been using the Only Love Prevails perspective a lot lately. It is a little like looking at the world through different eyes and knowing that you are not alone in it. It is comforting to know that there are people like you and your group creating real things that are gently moving the world into a more peaceful orbit. Thank you for that . . .

From Silver Spring, Maryland: I absolutely love your LIGHTEN UP tape. I won it as a raffle prize at the Association for Past Life Research and Therapy Fall '97 conference. I began the process this week and feel confident that changes are in the making. Thank you for sharing your life's experience, and for your wonderful world peace project.

From Tinton Falls, New Jersey: It's about time i find some kindred spirits on-line!!! The negativity we are exposed to DEFINITELY affects us! I gave up newspapers and the T.V. news long ago due to this. Count me in, and a resounding THANK YOU!!!!! PEACE---

From Vidor, Texas: My "computer name" is RDY4PEACE and I can't believe that I've stumbled into this "World Peace Experiment". My friends and I constantly talk about the media and their negative impact on our world and chance at a better tomorrow. I'm so tired of any of our nation's heros (JFK, Clinton, etc... ) being torn apart by today's blood and money hungry reporters that I find myself stooping to their level and feeling the same hate and greed that drives them also begin to creep into my veins! I'm an elementary school teacher of 9 yrs. and at 32 yrs. old, I feel young, motivated, but terribly discouraged by what I see in my classroom daily and by what I suffer through just to try to fit into the role my administrators see proper for my position. Please keep me up-to-date on events in the coming year so that I might help to make a true difference for today's generation and for the generations that are hopefully to come! I need a new direction in my life and if this is my destiny....I'M READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Westlake Village, California: This is an incredibly wonderful idea! I feel very blessed to have found your web site and consider it an honor and privilege to participate. I will print this out and give it to all of my friends. Thank you for making this available to us!

From Willimantic, Connecticut: What a GREAT idea! I gave up on the media YEARS AGO as being nothing but NEGATIVE and counter productive. I have been trying to spread the word, but all my friends and relatives fell I am unrealistic and am "missing out" on SOMETHING, although they fail to be able to tell me WHAT! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! PEACE, PEACE, OM SHANTI!

From Kuala Kubu Baru, Malaysia: Have been working with Jean Hudon on his Millenium Gathering project, which has been evolving in different directions due to lack of adequate funding. Since this World Peace Experiment doesn't depend on a monolithic single event, I'd like to be amongst the groups contributing goodwill and focused energy towards a quantum paradigm shift as we move into Year 2000 by the Gregorian calendar. ONLY LOVE PREVAILS is a totally acceptable proposition :^) LET'S DO IT!

From Santa Barbara, California: I like the idea of your movement, but am wondering about the word "Only" in your campaign for positive thinking. I feel that the word "Only" is somewhat negative.... What do you think?

Response from Carol: We get a lot of questions about using the word "prevails" but we have never gotten a question about the word "only". The Course in Miracles says that there is "only love" and since this process came out of one of our Course in Miracles meditations, I suppose that is why the word was used. I didn't choose the phrase--it came to me in a meditation. I was actually quite surprised because this is not a phrase I would have thought up. I had never even used the word prevails prior to that meditation.

But to answer your question about the word "only": the dictionary defines the word "only" as: singly, as in "the only one or the only begotten Son of God". Other relevant synonyms include: solely, exclusively, distinctively, nothing but, purely. And since I've got the dictionary out, I'll include the definition for "prevails": To be widespread or current; to exist everywhere, to predominate, to prove superior in strength, power or influence. Thank you for your interest and for volunteering to participate.

From Rochester, Vermont: All those who are already members of The Crystal Circle are already doing meditations for world peace - I do one every night. I disagree that negativity can be abolished by concentrating on Love only because I know that negativity is vital to the duality of our three-dimensional system - it's how we learn and the very reason we're here is for learning and growth. However I certainly agree that your focus needs to be shifted from all the negative crap to Love, and Love certainly does prevail, since It's the most powerful force that exists! A dear friend of mine has also started a meditative concentration circle called 'Light A candle For Peace' in which you light a candle for a few moments each day and concentrate on sending the world peace and love. Anyhow, you can certainly add y name to your list, and if you include all the people you obviously don't already know about, you already have more than your goal! Bless you for your efforts...

From Brevard, North Carolina: Thank you for doing this. I have believed that this is the way to change the world for years. I do not watch television news and only read art and literary sections of newspapers. I plan to send your site to everybody I have an email address for, and give your address and phone number to my computer-less friends. Thank you again for this. Only love prevails!! Bless you!

From Concord, Massachusetts: I am very glad to be a participant. It keeps me thinking positively and with highest of intentions. I will be passing this on to the circles I'm in soon.

From Cotati, California: Only Love Prevails will cause people to pause, be in the present moment, and heal themselves as well as the world. It is a simple way to create some inner peace in beautiful and easy way. I celebrate the World Peace Experiment. Good Luck and Good Health to us ALL!

From Fort Collins, Colorado: There is unconditional love, from this mind and heart to yours and to all. The concept is so simple yet powerful. My search has both ended and begun. NOW, is the time. And I like many have been labeled for understanding it. Yet, I believe.

From Holland, New York: I'll be honored to be an official participant in your program of positive thought. I've been doing something along these lines anyway, and your ideas are a welcome focus for me. Good luck in reaching as many as possible! I'll pass this on. The mind has a thousand eyes... And the heart but one.

From Indianapolis, Indiana: I can't begin to tell you how excited I am about this "Good News" concept - an answer to many thoughts and prayers. Yes! "Only Love Prevails!" Keep all that positive energy flowing!

From Ketchum, Idaho: I have been participating for a few months now, and am convinced of the effectiveness of this phrase. I have a high stress job, and frequently write only love prevails on a piece of masking tape and put it on the wall in front of my work station and I find a certain sense of peace when I read it or say it out loud--thanks for the profoundly positive changes this outlook has helped me to achieve. Blessings.

From Lewiston, Idaho: I already think along those lines, and am so glad that others do too. I am very happy to join in an effort to bring world peace, I believe in living by example, as we do, others will see and follow. We can not go on living like the people who sit in high authority places and tell others not do something and then go out themselves and do it. We need to live by an example of love.

From New York City, New York: How wonderful that you are doing this. I believe that reaching a critical mass is necessary in order to shift consciousness and I am happy to participate. Count me in.

From Petaluma, California: I learned about the World Peace Experiment at your Lighten Up Workshop, and am so grateful for the whole experience! Thank you so much!

From Santa Rosa, California: I am a Practitioner in the Santa Rosa Church of Religious Science and this is a wonderful way to join in with consciousness of others on the planet to see the availability of pean is here and now. God is Peace, I am Peace, We are Peace.Blessed be.

From Santa Rosa, California: I have always wished for World Peace, ever since I was a little girl. I would make the wish each year as I blew out my candles on my birthday cake. I didn't want to waste a wish on something small, just in case it did someday come true, so I would wish for World Peace, so that we could all love each other, respect each others' differences, and live as good neighbors upon this earth. I am thankful for this opportunity to take part in this event. Sometimes we believe that we alone, can't make a difference, but together, we will. One person at a time. Only Love Prevails, because Love is all there is!

From Sebastopol, California: I join you with a glad heart. Thank you for a wonderful idea and it's implementation. I am focused now on "only love prevails." I have already limited my contact with the negative news media to one public radio station a few times a week. I don't watch TV, and certainly not TV news. I read a paper once a month. Your ideas are great and I will pass them on. THANKS AGAIN, We will have world peace, beginning inside. The one mind that we all share now receives one more focus on love prevailing. From The Netherlands: What a wonderful thing to do. We will join and will do our best to spread that vibration in this area.

From Timonium, Maryland: Super fantastic idea - the power of our thoughts are creative and I know this will work. Would love to see something about saving our planet too. Thank you. Love and light.

From Westlake Village, California: I really am thrilled by this experiment's potential. Please keep me informed as it develops. Only Love Prevails. Love and peace on earth.

From Canton, Michigan: Critical mass is the key word. No one is EVER separate from GOD-not even for a second. It's time to Re-MEMBER our DIVINE SELVES.By filling up our own LIGHT and LOVE quotients and become the Masters that we >are! By doing this it "opens a space" where ONLY LOVE PREVAILS!!! This helps to break down old paradigms and removes the "veils" allowing these new thoughts of LOVE to CRYSTALLIZE around ourselves and the MOTHER EARTH. SYNCRONICITY... Please request everyone to set these ONLY LOVE PREVAILS to "AUTOMATICALLY" be aligned with others each time there is an utterance of this phrase. Maybe you would be willing to add to your site a wonderful self-help organization by DR JOSHUA DAVID STONE. His website is truly amazing. We are ALL of ONE FAMILY-Peace, Light and Love

From Uberlandia, Brazil: I am participating starting from today of this experience. With certainty we will bring improvements to the world. Please maintain me informed through my e-mail of the progresses of the experience. Thank you

From Alton, Illinois: I'm printing this whole page in my Crystal Star online magazine. As a new member to your organization, I'll help you reach your goal any way I can. We need more organizations like you!!! From Auburn, CA: I have done most of this work for years. Yet, recently in the last year had fallen into different perspectives due to experiences. I am ready to return to these practices, and am quite excited to find others to actively do them with me.

From Eastsound, Washington: Dear Ones, Without knowing of your efforts I have been doing pretty much the same: avoiding "news" and taking note of positive human interaction. I like your suggestion of "Only Love Prevails" and will add that to my practice. Count me in.

From Evansville, Indiana: I have followed this practice for years, now it's just part of a larger group. From Fenton, MI: The world will be better when the love is shared

From Fort McMurray,Alberta, Canada: Strength in numbers, what a wonderful experiment, I know it will happen, it has to. Namaste

From Gibsons, BC, Canada: Thanks you for your grand experiment. You have my full support & prayers in this undertaking. I will pass the information on to as many as I can.

From Irvine, California: I received the email regarding changing the consciousness of our world. Think it's a great idea! I stopped watching and listening to the news, reading the newspaper and participating in any conversation like that sort 21 years ago. What a difference in my life!

From Lakeside, Montana: I received a copy of your announcement/letter. I am happy to join. I have been living this way for many years now, and the Center here - Deep Bay Center - is based on these concepts. I will share your announcement with our email list and post it in our buildings. Blessings on a most important and joy-filled endeavor!

From Leawood, Kanasa: Awesome idea -lets hope it becomes universal!

From Louisberg, NC: Thanks for the update. It seems that the numbers are slowly rising each one is a real person engaged in a precious quest. Thank you for giving us all this opportunity. I include your "experiment" in my morning prayer. I alter it a little as follows... Love prevails. Only Love prevails. God is Love & Only Love prevails. Sometimes I really feel that prayer & sometimes I hope to really feel it, but always it is a part of "... hope, faith & Love & the greatest of these is Love." Another affirmation helpful to my daily path is... I am Light. I am Love. I am this manifestation of God in 3d. May all, in my wake, touch the hem of His garment.

From Madison, Wisconsin: An Angel brought your web site to me at a time I needed it most...Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing.

From Miami, Florida: I Will send your email address to everyone I know in an effort to help you reach your goal. Good Luck to you and all!

From Portland, Oregon: The world will change one little individual universe at a time.....we all have a say in the matter. Count us in.

From Sacramento, California: This is something I will be doing with my children. I truly believe that the world is changed one person one heart at a time. This crosses all religious political boundries. The spirit knows no borders.

From Salt Lake City, Utah: Thank you for your efforts in this matter. I agree, there is only one of us after all. I will use your outlined technique daily as suggested.

From Santa Monica, California: I'm adding my "only love prevails" energy to the group and thanks to those who put this out in this format.

From Sedona, Arizona: Thank you! I am joyful to participate in this experiment. I have always felt just as you do that the thought power of all the "average, normal" people in the world far exceeds that of the few exceptional people who are not yet conscious enough to create love in their lives and are led into a misdeed. All we need do to eliminate homicide or genocide or any horror is to believe we have that power, affirm it and feel our connection to the glorious mass of humanity who desire goodness and peace in the world. I willing and synergistically add my heart and mind to this rising wave of consciousness!

From Smyrna, Delaware My Aunt Marti sent this to me and I think that it is so wonderful. I believe in the power of meditations and affirmations....Thank You for letting me be a part of this wonderful program.

From Soquel, California: I've just learned about this special project in an email from my sister. I have sent a web link to about 50 friends in 8 diffenrent countries. Thank you.

From Tel Aviv, Israel: Wow! What a wonderful resonating vibration. It would be my honor to join the critical mass. Abracadabra means I create what I say: may peace prevail as only love prevails. Shalom.

From Texarkana, Texas: I will remember these words to say & think & pray when I see or hear of negative or tragic events without and when I get in not so positive moods myself. Thanks for the encouragement!

From Vista, California: What a fabulous effort!!! Thank you for getting the word out!

From Waterford, Michigan: We are going to try this experiment with our children. They should have greater influence than us!

From Watsonville, California: Thank you for this inspired path of/to the Heart. This is a most important experiment and I can wait to see the results!!!

From Scarborough, Ontario, Canada: I would like to join the world wide group in participating in saying/feeling "ONLY LOVE PREVAILS" any time I feel/experience or perceive negativity. Thank you for allowing me to join and thank you for letting me know about these three beautiful words and how to use them. It feels very powerful to me already and I have only done it for a short while.

From Raleigh, North Carolina: There something missing with this work, and that is requesting people taking a specific measurable action. I believed the world should not respond to peace if we do not have the courage to act as well as focus on it. I have two suggestions:

1) Request people contact their local media and make a request that the media focus on how life is working, stories of people making a difference and things that are positive and contributing in the world.

2) Not only focus on world peace but also, pick (one or) three thing in their own life that would will commit to (or recommit to) that will support creating world peace. Just so you know I do contact the media, and every time they call me about getting the local paper I have them write down and submit a request of how I want the paper changed so it give me news and not drama. Keep up the great work!!! From West Covina, CA: Thank you for doing this. We have been working toward this ever since we started reading bringers of the Dawn. Best of luck to all. In Light and Love!

From Daly City, California: My own world peace project called "The DAVE Project" started in 1993. DAVE being an anagram for Daves Against Violence Everywhere. Everyone is a DAVE, so when you find participants in The DAVE Project know that they are in also. From Monroe, WA: Life has been very challenging lately, and I have often lost my observer. While I am not expecting any great changes in my circumstance for a while, I look forward to joining this experiment. Perhaps dedicating myself to world peace through personal peace will help me and the beloved planet. Thank you for sending this message out. Namaste.

From Falmouth, MA: I teach children to love themselves through acting. It is awesome. I will pass this in to everyone.....I am a believer in what we say we create. This is a loving idea. Thank you. Only love prevails. Got it! From Adelaide, Australia: This is a really great concept and thanks for allowing me to participate. God Bless You all.

From Lewes, DE: Thank You dear Light Worker for giving me this opportunity to particapate in this Glorious endeavor. I have been holding the Peace and chanting ONLY LOVE PREVAILS since I became aware of this project two months ago. I know in my heart that we are making a difference! Thank You for your service to the Light. I Love You!

From Mayne Island, BC, Canada: I just found your site and was thrilled with what I saw. Keep up the wonderful work. Prayer does work and miracles happen!!! From Albuquerque, NM: Thanks for begining this project - i will attempt to send it to a couple of hundred people and want to "join up" now. I am 40 years old with a 5 year old son whom I am teaching about world peace. Since, to me, peace begins at home, this program should be easy for me to follow... Thanks again for this project..

From Temecula, California: I am a minister of a Religious Science in church in Temecula, CA, which is in South Riverside County. I used the "Only Love Prevails" theme for my Sunday talk last week, and the response was terrific. I read part of your webpage and strongly encouraged everyone to begin thinking "Only Love Prevails" in the face of news of Kosovo, Littleton, etc. I also quoted from The Hundreth Monkey to teach them how the critical mass can work. I asked them to consider how amazing it would be if it was their thought that "changed the tide." I also asked them to consider how tragic it would be if all it needed was one more thought, and they didn't do it.

From Snellville, GA: Although I'm only of 18 years of age I find that I have grown beyond the normal through positive meditation and focus.That people worldwide would unite in such effort has been a hope of mine for many years. Through this grand effort I believe that humankind shall expand it's horizons to achieve a greater potential of good, rather than becomming stagnant as would happen otherwise. We are destined for greater things; however these can only be made reality upon self-realization and focus from within! There are other groups with this focus, such as that hope to alter the future through positive influence. I am grateful that humanity is awakening. Thank You.

From an attendee at the World Peace Conference, Hague, Holland: Dr. Robert Muller helped us to understand the importance of educating the human heart when he told a attendees at the World Peace-Inner Peace Conference held at the Hague in Holland on May 18-20 that "as the heart awakens, and as people in all walks of life are inspired to live their heart's dream, a shield of peace will envelope the earth and all life upon it."

From Albuquerque, NM: I have been doing this for 10 years. It has changed my life immeasurably. My 16 year old daughter is now going to do this every day. The phrase I use is not the same but the intent is and I have seen an amazing difference in my perceptions of what people are doing around me and how I interact with others. I feel more love in my life and I am less and less likely to choose anger or resentment over love and non judgement. I am not sure what the catalyst was in my life. I grew up in the middle of violence and experienced extreme difficulty just being ok enough to work everyday. I had what I thought was the worst job in the world, not what I did to earn a living, but the people I had to interact with on a daily basis. One day I realized that I can not change these people or what they do, I can only change how I think about what they do. A lightning bolt experience. Every day I worked to find something I liked about whomever I thought was giving me trouble. Every day it got easier and soon I had an opportunity to move to another city for a 'better' job. That was the best! The people were great and we all learned a lot from each other about ourselves. I was put in a place of knowing that peace is possible for me. I now have the understanding that the only way the planet can experience peace is for each of us individually to know that possibity within ourselves. Thank you for the opportunity to share.

From Melbourne, Australia: I think this is a wonderful way to promote world peace!

From Los Angeles, California: I think this a beautiful thing to do and goes rigt along with a web site I am presently making. I will link to you and I will send your URL to my friends!

From Friendswood, TX: Thank you! Mother earth needs peace and we do to!

From Raleigh, NC: Great, I would also like you to encourage people to start a campain of writing or e-mailing the media encouraging that they change their focus. Asking them to focus more on what is working in the world and stories of people making a difference. Also, include a list of all the main media stations in the world and their address infomation.

From Altamonte Springs, FL: I received your information in the Take Charge of Your Life newsletter. I am honored to participate in this experiment towards the knowledge of ONLY LOVE PREVAILS!

From Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Sign me Up!!!! Only Love Will Prevail! That is a good step up from my usual "This too will pass." But giving up "current events" will be harder. However the tragic news in Baton Rouge today has been a terrible downer. If you are not aware of it fine....from what has happened, Only love will prevail!!!! A 19-year-old man was arrested Tuesday and charged with murder in the shooting Monday of a 25-year-old man and the wounding of 3 children during a downtown parade honoring the late Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Brandon Lionel Johnson, surrounded by family members, surrendered to police at 4:30 a.m. ET and was booked on 1 count of 1st degree murder and 3 counts of attempted murder, said Baton Rouge police Cpl. Don Kelly. Kelly said police know what prompted the dispute but did not release details. He did say though that a long-standing problem was involved, which predated the parade. See... So far in response ...Only love has prevailed.... The murdered boy's mother has asked for no death penalty and for forgiveness for the murderer. Much kindness has flowed to the other wounded victims.

From Minnetonka, MN: Thank you for organizing this experiment. Count me enthusiastically in!

From Ardmore, PA: From our mouths to God's ears, Only Love Prevails.

From Seaside, California: I am forwarding this site to 110 people on my e-mail list in the US, France, Italy, Amsterdam, Mexico and Chile. What a wonderful idea. Thank you for using the internet to raise consciousness!

From Larchmont, NY: I feel this endeavor is so important! We must take steps to banish the overwhelming negatvity that surrounds us.

From Truckee, California: I am a 44 year old man and I would like to join with you to change our world for the better. I hope by joining you all I can help inprove things on this tiny little world of ours. We all need to work together to make things better for all generations to come. I want to leave a better world for my sweet eight year old step son. Please keep me informed and I will do my best each day to spread love to everyone and everywhere.

From Brazil: Love is peace.The Brazilian people send peace for worldwide. NAMASTE.

From Barre, VT: One short story to share: the woman who told me about the World Peace Experiment was telling me she was in a store the other day and there was a person who was quite upset, ranting and raving about something. She thought she'd try saying, "Only love prevails" and did this to herself. The person who was so upset stopped yelling, took a breathe of fresh air and looked around. Margo, smiling to herself walked away. Apparently the person continued to be upset--but who knows maybe it worked for that short moment in time. Neat stuff! I definately want to give it a try.

From Newport Beach, California: I have been listening to your tape "Lighten Up" for 3 weeks now. I decided to look at your website and found this experiment to be intriguing. I know my husband will also want to participate, because he is also on a path. The way I received your tape came as no suprise to me. A friend was over and said she had received your tape as a gift from a client. She thought I might be interested. She had no idea, but I had been interested in losing weight. What a suprize. Well, also being on a spiritual path it has been quite delightful. I have been sharing your story with others and all who are on a path are inspired and affirming. Most of them woman healers like yourself and are in support and agreement with the ideas of self-acceptance and unconditional love being the spiritual foundation to transmit to the universe

From Danville, California: Great idea. Timely too. I was just asking my inner self this morning how to respond individually to what I seem to be observing all around me. Think this will be a good reminder when I forget, just knowing there are so many others all over the world who are doing the same thing. Thanks.

From Lake Jackson, VA: Please visit the Good News Network for a positive view of the world. Positive news stories, Solutions, and, if it's "Good Deeds" it leads! The glorifying, not the horrifying. That's what we need to focus on. Blessings galore are found at

From a 15-year old in West Point, California: Carol, I was so excited to receive an email from you. It is not often that adults (other than family) realize the value of opinions from youths. I am so honored that I am a part of the fight for peace. It makes me so happy to be involved in something where there are no prejudices against you for any reason. Religion is a big problem for me at school. Wicca isn't exactly accepted where I live. Since you are interested in peace and in saving the world I thought you might be interested in another peaceful fight. Last spring my mother and I went to the desert out in Nevada. We went to a peace rally to fight for the return of Shoshone sacred ground to the Shoshones. The U.S. government took the land and is using it to test nuclear weapons and such. WE are going again this year. It is over Mother's day I think. A tribute to our Mother Earth. In Loving Light

From Amarillo, TX: Absolutely nothing happens in God's world by mistake or mine as we are what created us and what we created ourselves I Am......I am not fear

From Barstow, California: I have much love in my heart and most of the time I have great peace of heart also. What you are asking for, I had already incorporated into my life; yet I have my days. Practicing and repeating this daily will help with my struggles. This kinship can only flourish. Peace and Love always

From Brighton, MI: What a wonderful idea. There is only one of me now but I will be e-mailing and telling all my friends about this. Would it be possible to e-mail you message to our president, senators and congressman and all other heads of states around the world?

From Cumberland, RI: I think that this is an absolutely wonderful thing

From Grand Rapids, MI: I read about this movement in the book entitled The Last Days of Ancient Sunshine by Thom Hartman. Only Love Prevails

From Malaysia: I feel that this is the most opportune time to carry out this experiment. Look around us. Humans today seem to strive on the tragedy of others. Why have we become like this? Is it our conditioning?Its time to change this. NOW IS THE TIME!!!As we say in Malaysia SYABAS!!!

From: Vancouver, BC, Canada: Only me so far, but I will pass this on.I belong to a psychic circle which meets regularly twice a month. We frequently send healing to various parts of the world. This is a wonderful idea. Thank you for starting it.

From: Vancouver, BC, Canada: I think this a wonderful idea and is long overdue. The mind is a very powerful tool and more of us should utilize it's potential to manifest change in our world.

From Silver Spring, MD: Wonderful idea! I am greatfully happy to participate. Good and evil are only illusions which can only be overcome by not overcoming at all, but by realizing the unreality of them through focusing on the truth that only love is real. Thank you.

From Santa Rosa, California: I believe this is a possibility. I will support it with prayer and participation. We GET to CHOOSE what kind of world we live in.

From Brazil: Dear friends of light, I am participating in this fabulous experiment. The transformation of each human been is the only way to bring peace in the world. The inner peace of each one is the peace of the world. We are all connected. Please, forgive the mistakes of language. I am from Brazil, Braslia. I am 24. I really appreciate your initiative and I already have forward it to all my internet friends. Blessed Be.

From Fitchburt, MA: I would be interested in setting up a similar experiment with children in my area.

From Johannesburg, South Africa: I would like to include my message of Love to all. I wish to help heal the world by spreading love.

From Johannesburg, South Africa: May Love Prevail. For in All Our Hearts lies the seed of truth. As Christ walked on the water of faith so shall we !

From Penn Yan, NY: What a great idea! I am spreading the word.

From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: This is a great idea, the positive thought is really a good magick, it might works! With a few people we can do few things, with a number medium, we can do medium things, and with a lot of people, we can do grandiose things... But maybe, we will need more then 80000 people to do the world greatest thing, the mundial peace... so do not stop sending the e-mail for all the persons and we will get much more then 80,000 people...

From South Lyon, MI: What a wonderful idea. I truly believe in the power of prayer and believe love does prevail. I will pass your address along to my children so they too will know "Only Love Prevails"

From West Point, CA: I think it is so great that people are realizing that we are the people of the world so we are capable of changing it for the better. I am fifteen and am often amazed at how negative some people are when all we need is to find peace within ourselves and guide other people to do the same. Praise the goddess that there are people who want to change the world for the better -- in loving light

From Wilson, WI: I will be watching to see how all this turns out. It can't hurt and wouldn't it be great if great things happened.

From Windsor Ontario, Canada: Sign us up! Anything that will promote world peace is my cup of tea. I pray everyday for God to help all of us and lead us out of the darkness and into the light and see that Love is the Only Answer.

From Wixom, MI: I believe in the power of love. This is the way to live in peace withall mankind.

From Portland, OR: The angels remind us that everything in the world is a mirror of our own thought system. They therefore ask us to release any wars we have within us, so that wars in the outer plane can cease fire. A wonderful affirmation is, "I am willing to release all conflict within myself now. I am willing to stop attacking myself now." Only Love Prevails.

From Rio Claro, Brazil: Hello I live in Rio Claro a city in the interior of the state of Sao Paolo, Brasil- I identified very much with the message on your email and the messages on your site. I want to be a part of this group.

From Wixom, MI: I am very excited about your program, and plan to pass it to as many groups as possible. I truly believe that this is the way we must reach out to others to obtain peace. I will tell everyone I can to keep passing it on.

From Oxford, MI: I would love to participate in your experiment. I plan on sharing this information with alot of people. I support you and your vision. I hold the vision that one day all humanity will know that Love is all there is. Only Love prevails. God Bless you always...

From KARACHI, PAKISTAN: This is one of the best sites in the internet! I am final year medical student in a third world country.I want to help people realize what a big mistake we all are making by choosing the negative pathways.I know everyone counts.Just like a snowflake.God bless You All!!!

From Salt Lake City, UT: The word "prevail" still has some negative connotations for me. I tend to associate it with the winning of a conflict. As a student of A Course in Miracles, I think I will be reminding myself that "Only Love is Real." Same idea, I think; but it works better for me. And by the way, what a wonderful thing you're doing here! God bless!

Response from Carol: Thank you for volunteering to participate in the World Peace Experiment and for your comments. The idea for this experiment actually came out of one of our daily Course in Miracles meditations. When the words came through, I was somewhat surprised, also, because "prevail" was not a word I commonly used. So I looked it up in the dictionary and the definition is "to be widespread or current; to exist everywhere". Seemed to fit the intent. However, if using "Only Love is Real" is what works for you by all means say that! It's really the intent and not necessarily the "words" that will make this experiment work. We are honored to add your name to the database.

From Salvador, Brazil: I am happy to see the development of a page that brings forth the essence of human beings in all their dignity.

From Finland: Namaste, Carol. Our worlds are shaken by the news from Yugoslavia. A war, that terrorizes so many lives of people. A war, that causes so much tears, pain, deaths Why? Why do these things happen, we can only ask. W H Y? Money is collected everywhere, at least here in Finland, and I'm glad to hear that many people are willing to share their money with those who need help so badly. Still, I feel like so much more should be done by us, who can't actually go there to help. I'm sure many of the people, who participate to Only Love Prevails-campaign, pray for the situation of Yugoslavia, and for the situation of our whole World. Still, I was thinking, could we perhaps decide to meditate/pray (for example every night, some minutes, at the same time) together for peace? Or just remind everyone to send angels We need Peace.

From Walnut Creek, California: This morning I awoke with the happy reminder of the natural essence of our being and living. It called to be shared with you, and so I am at the keyboard early this Good Friday at 4:45 AM.

What if we are not broken, and do not need to be fixed or healed. What if the illusion, the joke on us, has been to believe that we need something we already have. What if our only mistake has been to believe what is false is true. What if you are whole, not sick. What if you really are abundant, not poor. What if you are good, not sinful. What if you are naturally beautiful, not ugly. What if you are choosing, not a victim. What if you have simply forgotten what is true.

If our healing, awakening, transformation and enlightenment is simply to remember the true nature of our being and our reality, then we can let go of our focus on the false. To be a slave to constant repair or replacement, or trying and efforting, or regretting and resenting enmeshes us more deeply in our self-made dilemma. "Let us ascend in peace together as we have ascendance in our minds" from A Course in Miracles, reflects the power of thought, faith and belief in our conscious choice.

You are whole and holy. And when you focus on your wholeness and holiness, you strengthen not only your awareness of your wholeness, but also your holiness becomes more real. To turn away from perceiving the false releases it into the nothingness from which it came. You are whole and holy. This is the truth of your being, your creator and your creation. Remember this and you will realize it is so.

You are good. And in your goodness you perceive the good which is your Divine right and the reflection of what is good and holy within you. You strengthen your goodness and the goodness in your world as you focus on and celebrate the goodness you are. Remember what you focus on is strengthened. To see and seek the evil and darkness, lack and limitation, in ourselves and our world truly creates its apparency, its presence and its seeming power.

And you are beautiful, naturally, inside and outside. Those who perceive themselves as beautiful radiate that beauty into their world. They shine naturally their beautiful ideas and loving ways and creative spirit into their families, their business and everyday affairs.

On this Good Friday, this day of goodness and mercy, where the past is forgiven and sins are "washed away" with the remembrance of Who and Whose we are, let love reign brighter than any star. Choose for one moment and one day to keep this song in your heart. I Am as God Created Me-Whole and Happy and Free. Remember to focus on the Truth: I Am Good. I Am Beautiful. I Am Whole and Holy. Only Love Prevails!!! (Betty Lue Lieber)

From Israel: I am willing to help peace with the unlimited powers of love and goodness!

From El Monte, California: This is a great idea... Our meditation group will be behind this 100%

From Las Vegas, NV: Thank you so much for sharing this. Over the last several days I have been totally drained by the reports out of Kosovo. I pray for peace every day, and really appreciated the saying "Only Love Prevails" as a way to focus my thoughts during the day. Thank you.

From San Pedro, California: I am grateful to be a part of your experiment. What a great idea, and thanks for the opportunity.

From West Virginia: Hi Carol--You won't believe this, or maybe you will (!). The very first day I joined the experiment, I was watching the news (my husband likes to watch the weather!) and they did a story about a store owner (clothing store) that accidently left the door unlocked all weekend. People came in to shop and bought clothes and left the amount of the purchases in the cash register (along with all the other cash).

The announcer was so excited about the positive aspect of the story that his comment afterward was:

"I'm going to save this one in my drawer and when I have to do one of those nasty stories, I'm going to take this out and remember it." So it was really cool and I e-mailed him your invitation to join the experiment. Thanks for your efforts in this direction.

From Holland: I participate in the World Peace Experiment for a while now. But because I've got an e-mail now I'd like you to kwow it. And for me it's good to send it in the air. When I saw the website last week it gave me a really good feeling.

From Denmark: Hi Carol. I joined back in January 1999, and I am very happy to be doing this. I just read the comments from and to Carol Hansen about having less and less need of saying "only love prevails".

I experience the same. I thought that I was forgetting about the experience/purpose, so I am very happy to hear that there is another reason for me not saying it as often as before. Whenever I remember, even when there is nothing negative going on, I say it anyway, and I feel this great relief inside. It is great. Thank you for starting this.

From Carmel, California: Hi, I just saw your article in Patty Cota Robles' newsletter. I believe in this 100%, and have been sending love and light to all those negative events for quite some time. It is a real challenge to get people to change their mind about what they see on the news. I've noticed that when I ask them to just try to imagine heaven on Earth, they're already out of that futal feeling. In fact, they find it such an amazing concept to imagine, that they are fascinated by it, and continue to stretch their imagination.

And The Beat Goes On........ Please put me on your World Peace experiment list.

From: Tyrone, NM: A wonderful idea & plan. I will share this idea and your website with others.

From: Silver City, NM: What a wonderful thing you are doing. I appreciate your effort and am happy to join. I shall spread the word. ONLY LOVE PREVAILS

From: Chloe, WV: Hi-- This is a great idea. I am e-mailing to all my friends. Thanks!

From: Windsor, California: Read about you in "Take Control of Your Life." Have actually been doing this somewhat on my own. WEll, thinking it anyway. Thanks for organizing the effort and keep me informed. I feel this is really needed and its so easy. Kaeylarae is the angel of peace. Blessings.

From: Tacoma, WA: Hi, Love this idea....It will work... bless you all ...Love and Kindness and Peace of mind first.

From: Warwick, Australia: I was introduced to your experiment by friends with whom I regularly share A Course In Miracles,they have also registered with you and we all believe this can only be a positive step twards a better world.
Gods luck to you.

From: Fulton, MO: Our group will surely grow as we pass the word to our friends.

From: Kennewick, WA: I know when I have a chance to get with more people, they will join us. Thank You for doing this. Blessings.

From: Brisbane, Australia: Such a positive move towards peace. I shall share this concept with all my friends. Thank you

From: Firenze, Italy: As I sit here in Firenze, Italy and reflect that again (in this life living in Miami near Bay of Pigs, Cuba over 35 years ago) and (etc. prior,) I am located nearby an almost explosive affair I found these words (below) from an excerpt from USA Today..."Cohen told Associated Press Radio Thursday that the campaign is going to be a long effort and warned that there will be more to follow unless Milosevic chooses peace."

Hmmm. I Choose Peace, We Choose Peace, Milosevic Chooses Peace. Clinton Chooses Peace. NATO allied countries Choose Peace. Our beautiful blue planet Earth Chooses Peace. All the continents Choose Peace. All the people on Earth Choose Peace. I AM THE HOLY GOLDEN LIGHT OF DIVINE PEACE AND ABUNDANCE MANIFESTING IN THE EARTH. As they say here in Italia. Ora basta! Now I've had enough! ONLY LOVE PREVAILS

From Cape Town, South Africa: Great idea!! I hope you get all the support you need and more!!

From Boulder Creek, California:

There is a sweetness in this given Life
A choice of Love
A choice of Strive
To live up to my Highest Dreams
The greatest gift of Self to achieve
And when in doubt
I fall prey to the Soul's darker times
And it is hard to find my Heart's Song
I take in a Breath
And raise my dimming thoughts
To the Truth that so deeply resonates
The simple words
That sets me free to find Peace's revelry
~Only Love Prevails~
When I look into my Child's eyes
Earth brown and full of Wisdom wild
How can I ever depart from Knowing
~Only Love Prevails~

© 2/22/99 The Lady Michal

From Moscow, Russia: This is really a great thing that you do with the Experiment. This is very important to do something now, to unite people to create new world based on love and harmony. My friends and I we are conscious that all the people in the world are responsible for our Earth, for the peace in the world. On Saturday I was at the birthday party of one of my friends. We talked about dreams and visions. And I invited people to join your Experiment. Some of my friends don't have E-mail address. So they asked me to give you their names becouse they join the Experiment. There are some more people. They took your e-mail address and they will write you themselves. I gave your e-mail address to a woman from Kiev (Ukrain). She is a healer and she leads a very interesting workshop about Earth and Love. I think she will write you soon. Because there are many people in Kiev that will want to join you. They do all the things you say in their lives anyway. Just it will be great to know for them that there are many people around the whole world doing the same things and having the same ideas. Only Love Prevails!

From New York City, NY: For all my life, since leaving home, I have kept myself from all contact with news media--radio, TV, papers, etc.--I even cut people off in mid-sentence if they begin to tell me an awful event--to most people a cause for fascination and revel. I have done this because I had always found such exposure extremely upsetting and didn't believe in allowing negativity. I totally believe in your message--AS STATED IN YOUR EXPERIMENT PAGE AND participate wholeheartedly. I have and always will tried to live my live through love. I will tell as many people as i have the opportunity to , to visit your site and participate in this 'experiment'. I too believe--in fact I'll state it more explicitly --(have you ever read "The Tao of Physics")--our thoughts send, shall we say, 'vibrations' which determine what will happen. If enough people think and do as you suggest, the world will certainly right itself. And thanks for the site and effort. Peace and love.

From Standish, ME: Count me in! As of May 1, 1999, I am opening a wellness and spiritual center in Standish, Maine and you can be sure that I will promote this idea to anyone who participates in workshops, etc. I will also make a courtesy link on my home page when it is completed. The site will be: Look it up when it's ready, hopefully by April 1st.

From St. Paul, MN: Hello friends, I would like to participate! I stumbled on your site through Elsajoy's pages. What a great act of love itself is the project you have undertaken. I will spread the word.

From Mountain View, California: I wish to be included in your World Peace experiment. I have forewarded your explanation and purpose to a number of my friends. Best wishes. Peace.

From: Westfield, IA: Only Love Prevails ... It is what I ache for ... My mind tells me that if I can give it freely ... then my heart will be able to receive it.

From: Hayward, California: I had a most enjoyable encounter this week, as I attended Lighten Up! and the workshop that follows it. This is where I learned of the World Peace Experiment... and of Carol and Victor. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm looking forward to a brighter tomorrow!

From: Dallas, TX: very good plan .... I like it

From: Moorpark, California: I am so happy to discover this group! I am raising my two daughters to believe and behave in this way. I learned it from the Conversations With God books. Perhaps you should put a link on their website...?

From: Lihue, Hawaii: This is great! I haven't watched the news or read a newspaper in three years or more - just for the reasons you mentioned. Who ever came up with this idea, my hat's off to you! Blessings and Love!!

From: Dallas, TX: "Nothing is too small to know and nothing to big to attempt."

From: Tallahassee, FL: I am so glad to see your website and how many people have actually committed themselves to this way of thinking. I have chosen peace and love, and am very glad to have an opportunity to join with all the others that have also chosen that. I truly believe it will make a tremendous change in consciousness of our planet with all this tremendous energy focused on love. Thank you!

From: Auburn, CA: Been on a "news fast" for 15 years! It works. Only love prevails! Thanks for this worthy project. With Love and Light!

From: Beirut, Lebanon: I am greatful for giving us such chances to stay with you on line, I hope that I would be able to receive your e-mails. Thank you.

From: Rimbo, Sweden: All we are saying is give peace a chance!

From: Santa Fe, NM: Hello. I give my humble thanks for this effort. We can only do what we can do, right? so i will do. allready this simple web-page has helped me to remember the importance of love in life and living. Thanks, peace and love.

NOTE FROM CAROL HANSEN GREY: I received an email from a person in California who suggested that I take her name off the list because she wasn't saying "only love prevails" much anymore and therefore felt that, even though she supported us in Spirit, she wasn't adding her conscious energy to the experiment. My answer and her response follows:

We will take your name off the list is that is what you desire. I hesitate to do so, however, as you say you are participating in "Spirit". Victor and I have noticed that we say "Only Love Prevails" less and less as time goes by because we are attracting less and less negativity into our lives and do not need to use it as a filter. One minister told us that she has used the process as a barometer. In the beginning she was shocked at how often she found she needed to say "only love prevails". She hadn't realized how much negativity she was perceiving until she joined the experiment. She now has had the same experience as we have had--less and less negativity in her life, more and more inner peace, less need to say "only love prevails".

Let me know if it is still your desire to be removed from the list and we will comply with your wishes.

Her response:

WOW!!! How interesting! How VERY interesting!! I AM attracting less negativity as you said. Even when disturbing things happen, they aren't usually external things. They are old internal things of mine coming up from below the surface. And then I just clear them away. They aren't sticking around for as long as they use to in the past. What a trip.

OK, keep me on the list! :)

From Port Townsend, WA: Carol took the time to talk to me over the phone when I was really in despair. She doesn't know who I am and it made me feel so good that she would try to help a total stranger like that. I could feel the love and kindness in her voice. She told me about this experiment and I would like to be a part of it. In helping others, we help ourselves.

From Lancaster, OH: What a wonderful idea..please keep me informed!!

From Bingham Farms, MI: I found out about your experiment through one of my site's ( vistors from Australia. I definitely would like to be included and will provide a link on our Positive Links page so our other visitors may also have the opportunity to participate.Thank you.

From Sacramento, CA: Before signing up, I copied the World Peace Experiment text from your LIGHTEN UP book and mailed it to a few of my friends. I also verbally shared this information with a friend and gave the friend and her daughter the sign-up information. Your program is GR8!

From Mt. Vernon, IL: Hi, I just finished reading TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE, and want to commit to the 80,000 experiment. I will let the thought, feeling and my actions reflect the command LET LOVE PREVAIL, for the rest of this year, and the rest of my earthly life. Thanks for the opportunity.

From Yuba City, California: "Only love prevails" is such a wonderful motto and life preservative. God bless you.

From Albany, NY: I have been doing much of this already - have not watched the news for years. I am feeling very little negativity in my life and as a teacher am working to pass this along. I will make a more conscious attempt to use the steps recommended in your site..

From Bloomington, IN: What a wonderful, positive thought process. Our city is hosting the Kalachakra this summer which is conducted by His Holiness, the Dalai Lama from 8/17-8/27/99. If anyone is interested in more information,the website for this event is or you can call our CVB for housing availability information @ 1-800-800-0037.

From Johannesburg, South Africa: I believe that peace begins with-in..& lights up & spreads to the outer environment.. (o:

From Cedar Falls, IA: I only wish more people could share the vision for world peace. When I hear the about the wars going on I just want yell shut up, sit one leader from every country down at a table and work out a world peace treaty where things will be solved diplomatically and rationally.

From: St. Petersburg, FL: Wonderful idea and energy.

From Arlington, MA: I have experienced violence first hand; suffering a nearly fatal injury and getting violently attacked by an autistic man; so I am for world peace. Especially in the U.S.A and the whole world. If the US airforce could avoid dropping bombs and resort to proper communication between the heads of countries we will have a world of complete peace with God reigning over every being on the earth. ONLY LOVE PREVAILS ! !

From Nashville, TN: I am sharing your information with the Provost of the University in which I teach. I have also sent your information to a number of organizations in which I participate. The American Occupational The Therapy Association (AOTA), Noetic Sciences (IONS), International Society for Subtle Energy Medicice (ISSSEM), Herrmann International Braid Dominance Institutute (HBDI) and others...

From: Beaverton, OR: I believe this will happen. Thank you!

From: Gatton, Australia: What a great idea! Thank you for adding something beautiful to the Internet. I hope thoughts of peace will become our reality.

From: New York, NY: I noticed in the participants list by state that the District of Columbia has only one participant. Could that the Our President, Bill Clinton????? (Carol's Response: Thank you for volunteering to participate in the World Peace Experiment and for your very humorous comment. It made my day!! (I feel if we could get the members of the House and Senate to participate, it would certainly go a long way to getting our country back on track!)

From: Phoenix, AZ: I am willing to try this, especially because of the way I was introduced to you site & program by a very close & dear friend.

From: Johannesburg, South Africa: We think that this is a great idea and have no doubt that the number of 80 000 will be far exceeded well before the millenium. Love and light to you all.

From: Holyoke, MA: Thank you for the opportunity to participate in such a positive vision. Blessings to you!

From: Perth, Australia: This is a fantastic idea!!!! I will do all I can to get it out to the world!!!!!

From: Topeka, KS: Unfortunately, my town, Topeka, Kansas, is the home of a hate-monger who pickets any cultural event with huge obscene signs, "God Hates Fags," etc. For a long time, I had a sign in my back car-window (just hand made) saying "God Loves All." Sometimes I put one that says "Be Kind Today." I am making a new one, "Only Love Prevails" and putting it in my car tomorrow. Pass the word! I used to belong to Unity Church of Clearwater Valley, Lewiston, Idaho. That's where I read about becoming a catalyst for Peace and joining the Peace Experiment. Now I belong to Unity Church of Christianity, Topeka, Kansas. I am going to pass your article on to them. Good luck!

From: Hutchinson, KS: Yes, this is a wonderful project and I would like to be apart of it.

From Fresno, CA: Referred to your Peace Project yesterday in my lesson, and invited the congregation to use "Only love prevails" as a response to life's situations. I quoted several negative newspaper headlines and after each one I had them respond with the Only love prevails affirmation. The title of my lesson was "Keeping Within the Circle of Love" and it was Valentine's day, so it was very appropriate and meaningful to remind them of your project and the affirmation. It certainly has become meaningful for me. I have noticed that I have reduced the amount of negative news I read and look at. I have a clock that tells the time on the hour which I use as a cue to remind me to become aware of the presence of God. I often use the Only Love Prevails affirmation at that time. The other morning as I was preparing breakfast I broke one of my favorite bowls, and I was in the middle of saying "oh shoot! (my other mantra) when my clock said "It is 8 o'clock a.m. . . . so I was able to catch myself and instead affirmed Only Love Prevails. >:-) Felt an immediate shift from dismay to gratitude that I only broke one dish.

From Moscow, Russia: I will talk to my friends about this experiment and send an E-mail when some of my friends join us.

From: Barrington, NH: Thanks for your efforts. I'll help. I mostly write songs and sing about Only Love Prevails ideas. Beginning in June I'll spend a year with my wife driving around the U.S., singing where ever I am invited.

From Perth, Australia: I have already been avoiding negative media influences for the last couple of years and have noticed a huge difference in my daily life.

From Tallahassee, FL: Wonderful site! I am webmaster for Unity Church in Christ at The divine connections we are making through the internet are truly miraculous. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your experiment. Namaste'


From: Los Gatos, CA: It pleases me very much to be a participant. Thank you very much.

From: Northumberland, ENGLAND: We must meet the millennium with open hearts and love, for without this giant leap of faith - we shall take all this into the next millennium, and we shall prove we have never learned or cared..... I got your message of peace. As a matter of truth, this affirmation is a wonderful buffer between self and negativity... I shall always use experiencing it's power for the past 20 hours I feel myself composed, in the Light and able to stay here longer... Many thanks for this great gift!

From: Hawaii: Absolutely I want to be a part of your experiment. It is totally in line with my vision and guidance. I got "chicken skin" (Hawaiian for goosebumps) when I got your message.

From: Richmond, VA: I think this is the coolest idea ever :) I have forwarded this stuff to all my friends and they think it's the best!!! Closing with love and prayers.

From: Richmond, VA: I've been putting "Only Love Prevails" posters up at work and getting a positive response.

From: Chico, CA: I've read many books on spirituality, and continue to do so. One that I am reading now seems to be quite important. It is called "Seat of the Soul" by Gary Zukav. I have only the religion that I have acquired through customizing my own, but it is a mixture of beliefs from the various books I've read. I believe that it does not always have to be the big things that matter, but the little small acts of kindness that really make a difference in creating a more positive environment. If people really felt that these things mattered most, they would be so much more sensitive to their own thoughts and actions.

I also believe that INTENTIONS are the most powerful thing in creating longlasting effects on the world. we are all connected, and when an individual changes his/her outlook on something, I believe that it may help others to do the same. If you concentrate your energy on creation, instead of destruction, much good will follow in ways that you may not be able to perceive immediately, or at all. Your intentions for one person or another, will eventually effect someone you have never met, nor will ever. One more comment I'd like to make is...I especially like your organization, because even people who are very religious can participate, and not feel as though they are offended. Since I think this is all a spiritual thing, anyone can participate, because it is not religious. It is important to keep those separate sometimes, because your soul could have many beliefs, but at the same time want to reach out and help others who are not of the same religion. (p.s. I am 17 years old...surprise!)

From Santa Ana, CA: Count me in!! What a concept--move beyond duality of thinking!! Yes, yes, yes!!! By the way ... I got rid of my TV 12 months ago, and I haven't read a newspaper, watched or listened to a news report since 1992. It's so liberating to consciously eliminate negative messages from my life.

From: Wisconsin: I'll give peace a chance to prevail. It's a whole lot better than the alternative.

From: Redondo Beach, CA: Keep up the good work! I attempted to do something similar to this about 12 years ago but I never got it off the ground. I support this 100%! Keep me posted about anything else you are doing. I teach metaphysics and will tell others about this. I also have an eco-gift store and could give out flyers if you have them.

From Palm Bay, FL: Bless you for your wonderful Peace movement. I have forwarded your message to family and like-minded friends. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! ... Peace-Love-Joy! ...

From Madeira Beach, FL: I want to sign up to participate in the World Peace Experiment. I heard about it a couple of weeks ago at a Thom Hartmann seminar, wanted to find out more about it, and a friend forwarded your email. Putting intention out there works in so many ways, and getting your invitation was one of them. I have forwarded it to several friends. I have not been doing newspaper reading or much news watching, other than keeping an eye on the weather, because I don't like what is being reported. Noticing events and thoughts which I perceive as "negative" may be a challenge at first as I sometimes have problems remembering to pay attention. My intention is to notice. I seem also to have removed much that I once thought of as negative from my life.

From: Southern CA: My friend Dr Rainbow Casey forwarded your email to me & I forwarded it to about 100 friends...I think it's a fabulous idea! Thank you for instigating it! I love it! Aaaaaaannnnnd! I just loved the follow-up email that scrolled down the page about cool!! :-)
So, count me in!!! :-)

From: Capetown, South Africa: Thanks for the update. I will certainly be working locally to get the South African participation to a higher level.

From Margaretville, New York: I Am a part of this starting today... with my whole heart I can say and know as truth that "Only Love Prevails". Thank you from the beautiful Catskill Mountains of New York State.

From Japan: Thank you very much for inspiring me and I feel we are joining our hands together to wish peace really from heart.Though I am doing my study in Japan but I am from Nepal-a Zone of Peace. I wish all the best in the year 1999.

From Hawaii: I'm in complete resonance with your aims and method, and will be happy to join you. My own simple view is that there is no good or evil, no positive or negative. There is only the presence or absence of love. When I am exposed to a seemingly "negative" event, I believe that one or more of the people involved are experiencing a temporary love shortage, and that the way to remedy the problem is to send some love to replenish their supply. I've been searching for a simple word or phrase to describe the condition of being "low on love" (like low on fuel) that we could use to replace the less exact word "negative". The coinage or discovery of this word or phrase would be immensely useful to us. I'll let you know if the inspiration comes.
When freedom is a struggle, it's solitary. When it succeeds, it's inclusive, a communal action impelled by love. From The Play of Freedom Good idea!

From Coarsegold, CA: For 25 years I didn't read a newspaper or watch tv news, because I was too depressed by it all. Then I decided I needed to be better informed than that, so now I read selected sections of the paper, mostly skipping the really negative stories.
The "Only love prevails" phrase sounds useful for personal interactions, etc., and I do plan to use it.

From St. John's Newfoundland, Canada: Hello Friends! Wonderful idea. I will pass this on to four other people...5 in total.
I am already not engaging in t.v. newspaper etc. and I truly know that <ONLY LOVE> exists! so this is not really something new for me. I will however consciously feel my connection with the focus group. Thanks again for your efforts to break the duality! Peace to all.

From Oceanside, CA: I received your posting on one of the email discussion groups. I really think your experiment is a wonderful idea! I would like to be a part of this world peace experiment. I am going to try to filter out the news media, it is negative and depressing sometimes. Another thing I have noticed in the past few years, is that the tabloid tv talk shows are extremely negative, aggressive and have a depressing effect. I have stopped watching them altogether. I will pass your idea on to others.

From Singapore: Hello, I will take part in the experiment. Namaste,

From Cary, NC: Count me in and good for you for spearheading such a Lovin campaign. Stopped watching TV about 10 years ago and didn't own one till this past year (videos!). Good luck with it all and let me know what more we can do.
Peace to ya,

From Holland: Hi Carol, We have handed out over hundred copies and now only did sent them to people with an e mail address. I am sure a lot more people are living only love prevails, than have registered. well we will see to me the 80.000 are already functioning. Already here in holland I know many, many people, who live the words, and we are such a small country! wish you a lot of love and sunshine

From Indiana: Thanks for adding my name to the data base and I'll help in getting the word out to others. Yes, together, we CAN create a world of peace. :-) Thank you!!!! :-)

From Denmark: I have received a copy of your email explaining about the World Peace Experiment - and I would like to join it. I am from Aalborg in Denmark. I am sure that we will reach the 80.000 shortly. I will, however, not stop watching what is going on the world of negative things. Everything is here for a purpose and as long as we don't identify us with the negative stuff and only relate to it, it cannot harm us. That is my point of view. With this project, and the new point of view many people are having, the negativity will, I am sure, be less all the time. I wish you and the entire organization the best of luck, love and happiness. ONLY LOVE PREVAILS - KUN KÆRLIGHED HERSKER (in danish)

From Rancho Santa Fe, CA: Hi! Yes, we'll participate! (We're already not ever watching the news or reading the newspaper, but we'll add the rest of the experiment to our lives. As soon as we read your e-mail, we stuck little post-it notes all over the house that say Only Love Prevails. Thanks for the wonderful work you're doing! We'll pass it on.

From Gentle Ways, Scotland: Hi, Have just received the e-mail and have forwarded it on to 15 others, and have some more that I will contact by snail mail! Hope you will email when you reach the target. Thanks for starting it off - I'm sure it will have an effect. Love light and the blessings of Reiki

From Dallas, TX: I would love to shift the world to love with you. Thanks for the effort.I am committed to participating in this activity

From Washington, DC: I am touched by your love and your leadership in a cause so dear to all our lives. I was drawn to Reiki for the purity of Love expressed through this wonderful, healing energy. I truly believe that all of mankind wants to experience the glorious freedom that comes only from unconditional love, and that only our fears stop us. I am honored to accept your invitation. Namaste'

From Vancouver, WA: I got a wonderful email from one of my good friends about World Peace. Actually, I already do most of this. I sure dont watch the news or listen to that poison. I usually just catch the weather forecast and that is it.

From Springview, NE: Only Love Prevails. A good mantra. I do take a small issue with the idea that for good to exist that evil must exist also. Neither exist. Both are not real, both are one persons ideas being pushed upon another. Only reality exists. World Peace! It would be wonderful, and it can happen, when we all realize that we are equal, no one is better than his neighbor, no one is "chosen" by some non existent "higher power", that skin color is just that, that human consciousness is the most important thing there is, that bettering ones self, however that self conceives that, is of utmost importance. Count me in.

From Calhoun Falls, SC: I have long been one who has believed that the media has shaped the society. In christian dogma, that means the angel of the air(waves) has been unleashed on the planet, a plague of the latter days.
The experiment will be easy for me, because I am constantly trying to maintain a positive filter on the black hole of television and radio.
Please add me to your numbers.

From a dominican Novice in WA: I heard about your world peace experiment, thru a Dominican Sister who talked about it during mass some time ago. She actually made copies of it and handed it over to everyone who wanted it. I think that your idea is fantastic, and I'd like to join you in the effort. I am in my first year of formation for the Dominican Fathers. So far my time here has been a little difficult, but ever since I read your article, I have tried to put it in practice, and I have to say that even though I am not good at it (I don't have an easy temper...), I've been able to get a little more patience just by saying those simple words: ONLY LOVE PREVAILS!

From Kissimmee, FL: I will join in only love prevails, Don't watch T.v. anymore just because of the negativity.

From Herndon, VA: I would like to participate in the Peace Experiment. I already have almost entirely eliminated the news media from my life and will try to remember to shift my negative experiences to positive by saying "Only Love Prevails." Thanks!

From Denmark: I would like to participate in the experiment, we are a group of people here in Fredericia (Denmark) who sends light to, the people who needs it. Could you please tell me if you are near the 80.000. We know that it will work.

From Philadelphia, PA: I'll certainly join your group because I've been espousing this philosophy for years. The solution is to raise man's consciousness, and this is one way to do it.

From St. Joseph, MN: May you reach your goal. I'm pleased to participate in your global movement, and am sending notices to friends with my Christmas mail--thank you!

From Del Mar, CA: Keep up the good works, all efforts will be realized! Please add me to you list of believers!!!!!

From Wailuku, HI: Kindly sign us up. As teachers and students of "A Course In Miracles" it is definitely part of our process.

From Miami, FL: I am so happy that your organization has taken this up!! I have always wanted to do something like this. I now in my life do not watch the news and only read what I want to know about on the net. I have also realized how it has shifted my own perceptions and has made me a happier person. As a therapist, I always recommend to my clients not to watch the news, especially before they go to bed at night. I will forward this information to all my friends and hope that they also will take on this endeavor. Thank you for thinking of all of us human beings. God bless you all!!!!

From Huntington Beach, CA: I am a believer in the power of mass voice,it truly is our possible salvation from the spirit of evil. Thank you for the opportunity to participate. God Bless us all.

From Blankenham, FL: This really gives me a warm feeling!

From VANTAA, Finland: I've sent information about this to my friends. Great idea - Makes me happy to see that You are working for love and peace! Thank You and the universe,

From Downey, CA: This sounds like a wonderful idea! Ever since I read '100 Monkeys' I've thought that something life this would be helpful -- and finally the Internet is here to help organize it ;->

From Glen Burnie, MD: I just found your site. As a student of Metaphysics for many years, this is quite an exciting experiment for me. I will be talking with members of my study group, family and friends to have others participate also. I will keep you posted on how many will be participating in the future. Thanks for this opportunity to participate.

From Toledo, OH: In my case, Step 1 may be the more difficult one, until I practice for a while. I've already pretty much given up the news. I got tired of all the negative stuff a while back because I knew it didn't make a positive contribution on my spiritual journey. I believe what you are trying IS possible and I commend you.


From Sitka, Alaska: I think that you could be the 100th monkey!

From Cape Town, South Africa: An exceptional idea! Congratulations. The planetary consciousness is advancing at an ever increasing rate. This is indeed a superb way of using technology to accelerate us towards critical mass. I undertake to alert as many like-minded individuals I know to the World Peace Experiment of which I am now proud to say I am a part of. Love, light and hope

From Toronto, Ontario, Canada: This is such a wonderful idea! I have often thought about doing my part to shift world consciousness, but I was saddened to think that maybe I was not enough. Now I realize the value of each person in shifting the world consciousness. Even if 80, 000 is not the majority, positive and loving suggestion can be extremely powerful! I am expectant of results, and I plan to follow through with the experiment every day.

From Cary, NC: Good for you for organizing this!! Thanks and much peace to ya!!

From Rio Linda, CA: I will be sending a message out to my friends later today and inform them of this site!!! I quite agree that with more positive energies surrounding us, the greater our chance for world peace will be! Thanks so much for organizing this!

From Eugene, OR: I forwarded this lovely, pertinent message to 12 people and hopefully they'll send it on to many others - Much gratitude for your love service!!!!

From Grand Island, NE: Thank you for the opportunity to do something loving and actively for peace.

From Brisbane, Queensland, Australia: I think this is a great concept... Best Wishes in reaching your goal...

From Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada: One by one is all it takes

From Manhattan, KS: I think it's a great idea and i have already started the process of filtering the negative media not only for its negativity but because it perpetuates racism and oppression among us all.

From Randburg, Gauteng, South Africa: We are deeply impressed with what you are doing which is in line with our principles and commitment based on the writings of A A Bailey under the Tibetan Master. I have about 600 members in different parts of the world receiving Laws and Principles for the New Age, spiritually involved in the work of Goodwill and World citizenship. If you do not mind, I would like to print out your message and mail it to them. They are a "captive audience" and would understand the principles which you have so universally presented. What you are doing is a vital project for the invocation of the Reappearance of the Christ, expected now universally and by men and women of all religions. Please respond. Thank you.

From Fairfax, CA: World Peace is just a thought away!

From Rapid City, SD: We at the Gaia Wellness Center are all looking forward to participating in this exciting global peace movement. Please know that we are trying to do what we can here to heal a place with very deep environmental and emotional scars. Your information can only help us more. All Love Prevails. Bless You All.

From Las Vegas, NV: I am delighted to have been sent this info from a friend in Texas. I have been initiating these very principles in my own reality for some time. I am truly grateful to find others on the internet doing this on a greater scale and will add my positive energy to all of you. In the Spirit of Life, Light, and Love

From Netanya, Israel: I would be happy to participate and have been doing so for a while, without knowing you were there - and without the affirmation, which I will use now. I have been aware for a long time of the negative impact of the media and try to avoid "News" as much as possible.

From SIERRA MADRE, CA: Magnificent idea! I am proud to join you. Will contact family and friends to widen support.

From Vancouver, BC, Canada: What a wonderful project. The simplicity and power each and everyone of us have to change world consciousness. It resonates to the direction my life has been taking lately. I have been walking for peace for many years. But now it seems i'm choosing to walk in Peace. Also I am spending more time unlearning rather than learning. Keep up the good work we are not alone. And a special thanks from my grandchildren who know that there are people who care. I would like to return the link from your page to mine. If this is appropriate please send your URL and a few words of description. In Peace and Health.

From Lake Orion, MI: What a great thing to be involved in! It's nice someone went one step further than thinking about it and put it into action.

From Akron, OH: This is a very good idea. I'm proud of ya'll. Keep up the good work and courageous ideas.....

From Austin, TX: Hello! I have been filtering out negative influences for some time now. It is nice to know that an effort is being made to do this on a collective consciousness level. I wish to add my singularity to the overall collective effort. May the coming of the acceleration shift go smoothly! Only Love Prevails...May Love Reign Supreme. Happiness to you in 1999!

From Brisbane, Queensland, Australia: Hello. I have been practising Reiki for a year now. I am also currently reading many books dealing with personal healing. Many of these books include "Conversations with God" (three volumes) and "A course in Miracles". There is also a group set up where discussions about the course take place. I came across this site while searching the web and showed it to my father. He liked the idea and is currently joining up as I am. He is preparing to write an article for a newspaper on this experiment and we plan to show the rest of the group about your idea's. He manages an Internet Cafe and writes articles about certain Internet sites weekly. This year, he has decided to focus more on practices like Reiki and push for world peace. I think you are doing a great job and will willingly participate in your experiment. Together, as one, world peace can be achieved and Love will always prevail.

From Duluth, GA: What a fabulous idea!!!

From Syracuse, NY: I will share information on this Peace Experiment at work and with my family. Interestingly, I attended a seminar on stress management taught by a physician husband-wife couple. It was recommended in the course to avoid news media in order to promote one's own sense of well being. I have not always been able to do that but will be more aware and more selective as you suggest. Peace.

From Warwick, Queensland, Australia: I'm part of a Reiki group in Warwick that meets every Wednesday night to study Reiki, The Course in Miracles and the Conversations with God trilogy. We meet tonight and I'll introduce your experiment to those who attend. I'll also ask them to spread the word and the message. Love and light

From Jakarta, DKI, Indonesia: Greetings from Indonesia. I am hosting an Indonesian spiritual mailing list with more than 280 members. If 10% of our members meditated, then our number would be around 30. Keep up with the good work, and we will join you in the effort.

From Hong Kong, China: World Peace is what i have always sought, prayed for, worked for. May Peace Prevail on Earth!

From Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa: I love the idea and I will tell my friends about it. I am only happy to be the drop in an ocean along with many other drops to change the tide to one of love :)

From New Madrid, MO: Fantastic Idea!! I believe in this whole heartily!!

From Copenhagen, Denmark: Thank you for this wonderful initiative!

From Kaohsiung, Taiwan: I will certainly this point it is just myself, but I will encourage friends to participate and have them contact you directly if they should choose to. Thanks for you love in doing this for the world!

From Marlboro, MA: Thank you for continuing your efforts along these lines - I have believed for a long time that sufficient people can make a significant change in global awareness and energy - when we were in Rhode Island we belonged to a local group that met for such events - having moved to Massachusetts we have lost this opportunity.

From Tallahassee, FL: I do believe strongly in what you are doing with this effort and I hope to be strongly committed to doing my part to help make it work.

From Albuquerque, NM: Our group is studying a with the Spiritual Technology Institute which is implementing an energy flow focus system to achieve greater levels of inner peace in an environment of positive achievements. We believe that World Peace is a measure of "How Peaceful" each world citizen is to themselves. perhaps there is a way for this technology can be used to increase an individuals peace within themselves.

From: Shelton, WA: I am honored to be a part of this process, and blessings o all those who participate. I host a group who study a Course in Miracles and I will mention this Wednesday night. Thank you.

From Manila, Philippines: Congratulations on your world service efforts. We at Pranic healing do more than just try to monitor our negative thought forms we have healers all over the world actively sending Divine love to humanity, and Mother Earth everyday. We practice Meditation of the Twin Hearts, by Master Choa Kok Sui. We not only use this for regular meditation practice but also for patients to continue their Pranic healing treatments at home and at points of high earth energy times during the year like full moon, Winter and Summer equinox. I will post your page to some off our members

From: Tucson, AZ: We can do this!!!!

From Georgetown, CA: This is wonderful! Can't wait to watch myself and our world change! Lots of Love to you both,

From Grand Haven, MI: I'll be sure to pass this information on! It's a wonderful idea! I feel blessed to participate in this worthy commitment to peace. Thank you!Thank you!

From Firenze, Tuscany, Italy: My group is only me but I did forward your message of peace to 5 selected friends from CA,FL,NC and Argentina. Thanks for your great work on the planet. I am the Holy Golden Light of Abundance and Peace manifesting in the earth.

From Haiku, HI: Let's go for it. I live this message each moment and I share it with whomever will listen and even those who think they aren't listening.

From Jakarta, West Java, Indonesia: Number participating: 1 This is great! Thank you!

From Modesto, CA: I am looking forward to finally seeing some changes take place for our world. I am willing to participate in the positive side of life and turning it around for the better.

From Bordeaux, Gauteng, South Africa: We are supporting you fully! Excellent site, and there is no doubt in our mind that this will help to bring about World Peace. After all, Only Love Will Prevail!!!

From Granbury, TX: I turned in one of those small purple slips of paper when you were here in Texas in 1997....does that count? I don't want to duplicate and get your numbers off. I've been actively doing this since then, and I love it!!! and I truly believe it works!!! Let's all come together in peace and love for the sake of our planet....also enjoy your lighten up program. Thank you for your contribution to our lives, Carol. I am grateful!

From Polson, MT: Thanks for this opportunity to make a difference in such a positive way. Only Love Prevails is a powerful TRUTH.

From Sarasota, FL: I tried it and it worked bringing peace between my friend and me. Thank you.

From Falls Church, VA: I am putting it on my website and will pass it up to friends Job well done. I stopped tv radio/papers 3 years ago. Can host a meditation here if need be. Will put a link to your site, if you put one to mine. Thanks

From Greensboro, NC: Great Idea!! I often say "I Am the of God...Thy Will be done. I AM an instrument of God's love on this planet." This will be another affirmation to add to my repertoire!! Thanks!


From Windsor, CT: Thanks so much for your efforts! I hardly ever watch the news and I am always looking for tools to help me see past negativity. ONLY LOVE PREVAILS! I love it and me and my family will use it!

From Idaho Falls, ID: I am thrilled to see that this is being done!!! I firmly believe that shifting the mass consciousness to love is vital. Namaste

From Rochester, NY: God Bless your effort...this is what the world really needs NOW!! Pax,

From Kissimmee, FL: I sent it to all I know. I'd like to start a positive news station.

From Lotbinire, Quebec, Canada: We talk very often to many persons about this option. Only love prevails! It!s work!

From Kawaguchi, Saitama, Japan: I am interested in your programme of contributing world peace by raising awareness and spirituality among all individuals.

From San Antonio, TX: I am a relatively new student of The Course and have been studying for only a few months. I have found it to be the most spiritually awakening publication I have ever read. It has given me new insight into who I really am and what my purpose on this planet really is. My life has changed irreversably for the better. I now see that Love is sustaining force for all living things, and that Love truly will prevail, and in that lies all hope for me, my brothers, and the world in which we live. P.S. LOVE HAS ALREADY PREVAILED, SOME OF US JUST DON'T KNOW IT YET.

From Hong Kong, China: Keep this good work!

From Walnut Creek, CA: I am honored to share my light for peace in the world. Thank you for initiating this project.

From Stokesdale, NC: Thank you for providing this focal point. One has to turn to the truth/solution with some discipline, rather than stay enmeshed and embroiled in the "problems." This is an easy daily practice, the expression of faith, hope, and love.

From Geraldton, Western Australia: I was led to this while searching for other info. What a wonderful idea...congratulations to you. I will endeavour to enlist some more people to participate, and will advise you as the numbers increase. Blessings on you and your efforts. Namaste.

From Moonee Ponds, Victoria, Australia: It is great to see that people are becoming more aware of the "critical mass consciousness". Please keep up the awareness.

From Ypsilanti, MI: I stopped watching the news two years ago...I find that most major events filter down to me via my co-workers. I will be sending this webpage to several of my friends. I would like to know when the Peace Experiment got started?, that might be some information you'd like to include on the webpage. Peace to you! (Answer: We started in December 1997)

From Miami, FL: Dear friends...I already limit media exposure and stopped the newspaper 2 years ago... it will be my pleasure to have these positive thoughts 3 times a day!!

From Healdsburg, CA: I just found your sight. We will have more in our group very soon. Thank you for your unconditional love. Love is all there is!!!

From Feilding, New Zealand: Thank you for the opportunity to make a difference to world peace which is dear to my heart.

From Cooper City, FL: I love this! I first read your "announcement" on the back of Touchstone magazine. It has stuck with me and really made a difference in my life! Thank you!

From Aventura, FL: The second step is easy...I never watch the news for the very reason you have outlined. Most people seem to think I'm ignorant and crazy to not want to know of the events occurring, but I believe that I am aligning mySelf to a more positive view of the world, by not "tuning in" to the "negativity" of human error. The first step is harder, because one must make the conscious effort of turning one type of energy into another on a personal, daily basis. But I'll accomplish this, too.

From Martnez, Buenos Aires, Argentina: Will soon be spreading the news to my group. it's worth it!

From Winthrop, MA: I am jumping on the bandwagon. It's so ironic, since this is the way I live my life and the way I think (my life's philosophy). I don't believe in hell or the devil, and prefer to eliminate the word "evil" from my vocabulary. I just think that the negative things that happen are a result of inappropriate or negative behavior by and/or between one or more members of the human species. I really and truly believe that if you think negative that negative things happen, and that the more positive you think, the more positively you live and do good things, that the same comes back to you. If negative forces enter and negative events do happen, you just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and continue on with positivity. Guess I got this from my mom from the time I was small, my grandparents who came to this country to have and raise families from foreign shores at the turn of the century, and am trying to "reteach" my mom these things she raised me with, since she is at a very low point in her life right now.

With the approach of the millennium, I guess I am getting pretty sick of the negativity floating about the news media, t.v., radio, newspapers, with all of the prophets who are predicting the end of the world as we know it, beginning sometime in 1999 with WW III. I prefer to think that all the progress humankind has made through conscious effort to save the environment and species on this planet, to eliminate weapons with peace treaties, etc., has made the human race realize how delicate the balance of life is on the planet, how easily we can all wipe ourselves out if not careful, and that we truly want to survive and be fruitful in all we do, and celebrate life. If this World Peace Experiment can spread, perhaps we can even add more than 80,000 people, and have it grow beyond what you ever expected. That's all, and good luck with this World Peace Experiment. Glad I could be part of it.

From Gauteng, Transvaal, Republic of South Africa: I look forward to hearing from you. It is time for something positive to be done and with the Lord's help anything is possible!

From Beirut, Lebanon: I really hope it will make a difference. We all need to reach a higher awareness. Love prevails.

From Kurrajong Heights, NSW, Australia: I have contacted 22 people about this, but they are yet to confirm with me their participation. I think this is a marvellous idea.

From Miami, FL: Studies have shown that 90% of our input is negative... 77% of our inner-talk is negative and 77% of our illnesses are psychosomatic. I strongly agree with your ideas... Go for it and God will bless you!!

From Midland Park, NJ: When I received your email from a friend I thought it was just another piece of junk mail, but upon reading it I was SOOO SOOO pleasantly surprised, I cant tell you! Finally!!!! One of those chain letters worth reading!!!! I am so excited that someone started this experiment. Big big kudos to the idea makers. :) I will definitely follow through because I know so well that "only love prevails." I am going to forward your email to the Conversations With God website. It's a wonderful book with the same message. I hope they will post something about your experiment if they haven't already. :) Thank you so much - I just can't tell you how much I appreciate your efforts!

From Redlands, CA: When I resume teaching in March, I will present this to the classes/groups I am facilitating!

From Croton-on-Hudson, NY: I've noticed recently that when I hear a report of violence or even accidents on the radio I just don't want to hear it any more! I drive for a living and hear the radio news a lot; recently I've made such comments to my clients. Then, a friend sent this to me. I believe in the power of thought to bring a new atmosphere. If it can be imagined, it can be brought to reality; Neptunian power! God bless this venture; you have my support.

From Phoenix, AZ: Beautiful idea, after 80,000 let's go for 800,000 and 8,000,000 and then...

From Camillus, NY: I am going to share and pass the word! I have been looking for just this group effort for peace. Thank you... We fully support this endeavor and have been saying the affirmation many many times each day. Love and Light

From Muskegon, MI: Recently I received the Love Prevails WPE letter and want and will participate in the Only Love Prevails. What a wonderful was to help our world. I'm proud to be a part of this and will do my part and give it to my friends too.

From Denver, CO: Sign me on as one of your 80,000 experiments for "Only Love Prevails." When I learned about this, I preached about it at church and used it in a lecture. I think it's a wonderful idea. I hope I remember to make it fruitful in my life. Thanks.

From Flat Rock, NC: Thank you. The valentines are beautiful. I will use them. I also print the words "Only Love Prevails" in large type in each of my bimonthly newsletters as a reminder to readers. Our meditation group has discussed this concept and when things happen someone will say: "Only Love Prevails." Bless you and your effort for peace.

From Scotland: The power of the subconscious mind is awesome The frequency at which good people apathetically tolerate Evil is unacceptable We have a choice, - spend our money & shop with good people and ethical, humane, Fair Trading, Environmentally Friendly Companies Stand up and be counted and shout from the rooftops .... .........ONLY LOVE PREVAILS!!!!!!!


From South Africa: Thank you for your warm and exuberant letter. The world needs people like you and your Association. Somebody has had the inspiration and the drive to do something constructive about their beliefs. A friend of mine sent me your message which had been passed on to him by someone who has had it passed on to them. I was very excited and went into your website. We are deeply impressed with what you are doing which is in line with our principles and commitment based on the writings of A A Bailey under the Tibetan Master. With greetings and blessings and where only love prevails -

From St. Petersburg, FL: Yes I would like to participate in this experiment. I already skip the news and the newspapers. Most times I skip TV altogether. I'm very careful anymore even to the kind of music I listen to. I'm e-mailing this site to everyone. Plant a seed. Seeds grow. So can peace.

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