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I have lived my life with a birth defect. The muscles in my left shoulder are constricted which causes it to curve down toward my chest. Years of physical therapy and other medical treatment have had no effect. After only two weeks of doing the Lighten Up process my shoulder has straightened out. I had always cursed my shoulder-little did I know that all it needed was love!
M.E.E., Ukiah, CA

I was scheduled for surgery in December for removal of fibroid tumors that had been growing for three years. I started Carol's Lighten Up process in October. When I went in for my pre-op physical, the tumors had disappeared. The doctors were amazed-no one could explain it. I know The Magic of Lighten Up was responsible-that was the only change I had made in my life. I know I will do this process everyday for the rest of my life. Thank you!
M.P., Kenosha, WI

Within one month of doing Carol's process I lost 20 pounds, lowered my blood pressure from 160 over 108 to 120 over 82 and lowered my cholesterol by 75 points and my triglycerides by 200 points! This process is the missing piece of the puzzle.
P.M., Novato, CA

I have had dandruff for over 10 years-dandruff so bad that I have continually sought medical attention. I decided I would try the process on my scalp in the shower. Within 2 days my dandruff disappeared. It's now been over two months and there is still no sign of dandruff.
J.S., Oakland, CA

When I first attended the Open Your Heart & Lighten Up workshopI could not walk without the aid of knee braces and I was very depressed. Within 6 weeks of starting the process I was able to walk without the braces, I was losing weight and my depression had lifted. It's a miracle!
Y.P., Concord, CA

Ever since I started the process people are coming up to me and saying that there is something different about me. That I seem to glow. I am losing weight, but something even more wonderful is happening, I am feeling good about myself for the first time in my life. This process is great!
J.C., Walnut Creek, CA

Carol's process is going to change the world. It heals on all levels-physical, emotional and mental. What a gift! Thank you.
C.Z., Santa Fe, NM

Carol's Lighten Up process is truly "high magic". High magic is determined by how easy the process in relationship to the results. This process is so easy and the results are absolutely incredible.
A.C.L., Pacifica, CA

Your class puts the puzzle together and then provides the missing piece! Since attending your class so many good things have happened. Thank you!
S.M., Sedona, AZ

This Heart Opening process empowered me and raised my self-esteem almost immediately-with the added side effect of weight loss. It has truly changed my life.
B.B., Walnut Creek, CA

The class is magic and the process has changed my life! I have become self-empowered and now actually love myself. Thank you, Carol.
L.O., Concord, CA

Through this Lighten Up process I have developed a true appreciation of my body and have lost two dress sizes since the class.
J.S., Pleasant Hill, CA

This process is an extraordinary discovery. It's amazing how something so simple can be so profound. It is definitely for everyone!
J.T., Alameda, CA

Opening Your Heart & Lightening Up is a way of living. Even my 9-year-old son is excited about it. I highly recommend the process for everyone.
K.H., Concord, CA

Your process, Carol, has helped me turn back the clock. I look and feel 20 years younger.
H.B., Grass Valley, CA

Carol, this process has given me new found self-esteem. I can now look into the mirror without cringing. I look and feel younger and am beginning to enjoy life. I am walking toward my fears and conquering them. And I have consistently released 5 pounds a month without any effort. I can't thank you enough! You have affected my life in such a large and wonderful way.
P.M., Concord, CA

I was so inspired by your tape I knew I had to meet you and attend your class. The tape was like eating my favorite ice cream- the class was like a Sundae with all the trimmings. I know this process is going to change my life. Thank you!
M.S., Castro Valley, CA

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your tape gave me a wonderful tool. I now feel good about myself and have more confidence. I have actually learned to love myself and know that is my first step to my greater growth. Carol, you showed me the light!
L.S., San Pablo, CA

I attended your Open Your Heart & Lighten Up workshop in Bloomington and had to write to tell you I have now had the courage to face myself in the mirror. My body is massively scared from multiple surgeries and your class inspired me to love myself just the way I am. I genuinely appreciate your sharing this healing tool. I'm telling your story to everyone I know. Thank you.
P.D., Bloomington, IN

I teach nursery school and have incorporated a modified version of your process into our daily activities. The children sing a song telling each body part how much they love it as they hug that part. We have been doing this for the entire school year and the change in the classroom is remarkable. It used to be common for the children to argue, fight and cry. The classroom has been peaceful and loving all year. The children now go out of their way to help each other and be considerate. These children range in age from 3 to 5. This process needs to be incorporated into our school system and supported by teachers and parents. It will change the world if our children grow up loving themselves.
B.R., Martinez, CA

I was at your Open Your Heart & Lighten Up workshop at Christ Unity in Sacramento. I bought your tape with the hopes of sharing it with my 16 year old daughter. We have not been getting along for the last year and I didn't know if she would be open to even listening to the tape. To my surprise she not only listened to it, began the process immediately and what thrills me most is that our relationship is blossoming. Thank you for sharing this gift with the world! It truly is a peace-maker!
D.R., Folsom, CA

Michael and I have both benefited greatly from your workshop and tape. Michael has lost 13 pounds and now goes to the gym regularly because he wants to take care of himself. I have been going through the beginning stages of menopause and have had a lot of problems with irregular periods and my face being very broken out. Since doing The Magic of Lighten Up my periods have become regular and my face has totally cleared up! Thanks for your love.
D.M., San Mateo, CA

I've been wanting to thank you for your help. I attended your Open Your Heart & Lighten Up workshop at Unity Center in Walnut Creek and came away feeling so positive. You are truly helping the world and I feel you have touched my life in a most important way. Thank you.
D.S., Concord, CA

Open Your Heart & Lighten Up is the most life transforming class I have ever attended.
D.L., Walnut Creek, CA

I am a counselor and I am recommending that all my clients take this class. It's life changing!
D.R., San Francisco, CA