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10 Million Clicks for Peace
The mission of 10 Million Clicks For Peace is to create world peace
through personal empowerment by providing tools that allow anyone
with an Internet connection to help fix global problems.

World Peace Prayer Ceremony
This website actively leads visitors through a wonderful
peace process envisioning peace in every region of the world.
NOTE: Before Beginning the process...
Click here for explanation of ceremony

World Peace Prayer Ceremony
World Peace Prayer Ceremony

Cranes Fly for Peace
peace cranes

This project was started by my friend, Jo Wharton in Dallas, Texas.
Watch the video below and then her site to see how to make peace cranes
and how to use them to create peace.

Show the world you stand for peace by
displaying a lighted candle in your
window every night until
peace is achieved .

Light a Candle for Peace

Light a Candle for Peace

Set Your Intention and
Light a Virtual Candle for Peace
by clicking on the graphic below.
(My intention:  I light this candle for those
who are suffering from hunger, illness, poverty and violence
that they may be fed, healed, lifted up and experience
love, joy, harmony and peace.)

Peace Candle

Sign the Petition to Establish a
World Unity Day!

World Unity Day

Sign the Declaration of Peace
Declaration of Peace


We believe that to achieve peace we need to work on
many levels. One of those levels is political.
The creation of a Department of Peace will be a
giant step forward in making peace an organizing principle.
We encourage everyone to support this worthwhile effort.

Participate in the Go Gratitude Experiment
Go Gratitude

Earth Gratitude
Stacey Robyn

a unique idea initiated by my friend Stacey Robyn
to attain peace by spreading joy and gratitude!

Create Global Peace Logo
The purpose of the Create Global Peace initiative is to shift the global paradigm
from one of war and domination to one of peace and balance
by organizing the efforts of concerned people around the world
through weekly prayer and meditation sessions, in which participants focus
their conscious intention on global peace.

International Day of Peace

Join the worldwide movement to create
a Global Ceasefire and day of peace and nonviolence

World Oneness Day - April 22, 2008
World Oneness Day

Mideast Peace Prayer Foundation

Everyone is invited to join in this easy, one-minute-a-day, project to
create peace in the Middle East. Check it out!

Labyrinth Peace Project
An art project that teaches peace through education

Peace Cranes

This project was started by my friend,
Jo Wharton in Dallas, Texas.
Visit her site to see how to make
peace cranes and how to use
them to create peace.

Peace Pie Mandala Project

Bring inspiration of and conversations about PEACE
to your community by hosting a Peace Pie Mandala Project.
The process is simple, profound and, most of all, FUN!
The benefits to your community are truly a blessing,
for building a community on a common,
heart-centered foundation of Peace
encourages the realization of Peace
on a global scale

What if Valentine’s Day was something … more?
About a deeper love . . about unity . . about brotherhood.
The human heart is capable of something greater.
Help to re-envision Valentine’s Day.
Valentine Peace Project
Valentine Peace Project

Peace Communicator
Peace Communicator

A site designed by children at the Marvin Ward Elementary School
in Winston-Salem, NC to change the world--one smile at a time.

Light a Peace Candle Online!
Peace Candle

WITH Forgiveness Image
Watch the short, inspirational movie and then
join with millions of others to help create a wave of forgiveness
throughout the world.

Join the World Peace Experiment

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The 108 piece Global Peace jigsaw puzzle is an activity to for people of all ages
to become conscious about creating global peace -- one person and one piece at a time. 
The puzzle uses the famous NASA image of the Earth and comes with suggestions
on how to use the puzzle as an activity.
Global Peace Puzzle
Peace Puzzle

The Flag of Love is a universal symbol of hope that lovingly shows
the connection of all things in our world.
It is a non-political, non-religious, all-inclusive visual reminder
of our human and spiritual oneness.

Flag of Love


Human Being Flag

I recently was contacted by Canadian David Moore of Alberta who introduced me to a flag
that he had created called the "Human Being Flag". He created it because he felt a longing, a pull,
to create a symbol that unites rather than divides, a symbol that helps us
reflect and remember who we all are -- Human Beings.
In a world filled with prejudice and injustice, a world where
many judge each other based on color, gender, race, creed,
he hopes this flag will help us remember our connection to one another --
to remember our ONENESS.

You can read more about the symbology of Being Human Flag and,
if you desire, purchase one at his website: humanbeingflag.com

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Creating a Wave of Peace on the Internet

Peace Team
Peace Pledge
I Choose Love
Wish Only Well
Love Foundation
Unity Renaissance
US Peace Memorial
Cranes Fly for Peace
Attracting Genuine Love
Peace Alliance Foundation
One Family Pin Peace Project
Give Peace a Chance Project
Community Peacemakers
We The Peoples Initiative
Valentine Peace Project
Goi Peace Foundation
A Hologram for Peace
Only Love Prevails
Humanity's Team
Not in Our Name
One World  Flag
Serenty House
One Prayer
Code Pink
Peace Watch
Council of Peace
Christian Pacifism
Create Global Peace
Peace Learning Center
World Peace Prayer Society
Association of World Citizens
The Fellowship of Reconciliation
Cooperative Communication Skills
Center for Non-Voilent Communication
Jewish-Palestinian LivingRoom Dialogue
Good Morning World - Peace Plan 2010
Declaration of World Interdependence
Global Non-Violence Peace Force
Dances of Universal Peace
A Healing Among Nations
Amnesty International
Global Ideas Bank
Peace Magazine
Future WAVE
Infinity Affinity
Emissary of Light
Pathways to Peace
Peaceful Tomorrows
California Peace Action
Buddhist Peace Fellowship
Two Billion Voices for Peace
International Peace Academy
OraWorld Mandala PeaceProject
National Peace Corps Association
United States Institute for Peace
Global Country of World Peace
John Worldpeace Peace Page
Marilyn's Non-Violent Planet
Peace Walk International
Hague Appeal for Peace
World Peace 2000
Peace is Possible
Vessels of Peace
Peace One Day
Life by Design
Home Planet
Peace Links
Global Family
United for Peace
World Peace Links
Peace Pledge Union
Peace Learning Center
Institute for World Peace
Community of Inter Being
Peace Alliance Foundation
World Friendship Center
Peace Communicator
Peace Conspiracy
Lightshift 2000
Waging Peace
Peace Pilgrim
World Puga
Peace Plan

Make a Peace Pledge


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