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Health Freedom
A Path to Wholeness
Alternative Medicine
Alternative Medicine Directory
Alternative Medicine Launchpad
Alternative Medicine Foundation
American Academy of Pediatrics
Arthritis and Glucosamine Info Center

Body Mind & Soul: An Alternative Approach to Health
Center for Attitudinal Healing
Center for Touch Drawing
Check Up from the Neck Up
Chiropractic Healing Arts
Choices Foundation for Health, Education & Research
Choices Healthcare
Clinical Trials
Contemporary Medicine
Deepak Chopra's Site
Discover Health and Wealth
Dr. Clayton's Naturals
Dr. Lark
Earth Clinic - Folk Remedies
Edgar Cayce Site
Educate Yourself
Entrepreneurial Healer
Find Cancer Experts
Gerson Institute
Get the Glow
Health Medicine Forum
Health World Online
Herbal Healer Academy
Holistic Healing Web Page
Holistic Ireland
Holistic Web Directory
Homeopathic Educational Services
The Hopeful Healer
Hypnosis Tapes and CDs
Innova Pacific Salt Crystal Lamps
The Institute
Institute of HeartMath
Leaves and Roots
Mara Alper's Forgiveness Documentary
Medem: Healthcare Information Library
Dr. Joseph Mercola's Site
Natural Health & Longevity Resource Center
Natural Health Super Site
Natural Health Web
Ozark Research Institute
Peace and Harmony
Planet Earth Access
Reunion Center
Salt Lamps at Spiritual Quest
Self Healing Expressions
Self Health Resource Center
University of Pittsburgh Alternative Medicine Homepage
Vitamins and Nutrition Center
Well Now Project
Wellness Information Network

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