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Brought to you exclusively from the
Foundation for Inner Peace

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These ACIM Weekly Thoughts, are designed exclusinvely by Carol Hansen Grey for the Foundation for Inner Peace and are suitable for printing, posting and sharing.

The Weekly Thoughts are emailed to subscribers every Sunday. Embedded within each design is the reference to the page where the Weekly Thought can be found in The Course.

The hope is that the Weekly Thoughts will serve as a beautiful and inspirational way to help you center yourself throughout the week.

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You can purchase products made from the ACIM Weekly Thought graphics through our CafePress Online Store.
Fifty percent of all proceeds are donated to the
Foundation for Inner Peace.

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There is a lot of confusion online about who is the authentic
and original publishers of A Course in Miracles.
The following links may help to dispel that confusion.

The Foundation for A Course in Miracles
was founded in 1983 and has always functioned as a school for
A Course in Miracles

under the direction of Kenneth and Gloria Wapnick.
Ken Wapnick was mentored by Helen Schuchman and has
always worked closely with the Foundation for Inner Peace.