Stepping Stones

by Carol Hansen

"The Subconscious Healer"


This Stepping Stone came to me by way of a book falling off a shelf back in 1991. I have used this technique more often than any other to cure ailments that are affecting my body. It is a technique that involves visualizing your subconscious as a person residing in your body whose only job is to take care of your body and do your bidding. Your subconscious takes care of all the things in your body that you never think about (i.e., breathing, heartbeat, organ functions, etc.) and is also available to take care of any ailments that might be going on in your body. You just have to give your subconscious the order to do so in a particular way.

First of all you acknowledge to the subconscious that it knows everything about your body and especially knows what is going on with the particular ailment. Then you give it an order to cure the ailment. You say this out loud three times. It is important that you say it out loud (don't just "think it"). I will give you an example. I first tried this technique by giving my subconscious the order to cure a bunion I had had on my right foot for over a year. The doctor had indicated that surgery was my only option. The bunion only hurt me when I was driving my car -- but when I was driving my car it felt like a hot poker drilling through my foot.

I was driving to work on a Monday morning after reading about this process and so I decided I would give it a try. I said out loud to my subconscious three times, "You know what is causing this pain in my right foot, make it go away!" The pain did not go away. On my way home from work that day my foot again started hurting and again I gave the order three times. The pain did not go away. On Tuesday morning, I tried it again. The pain did not go away.

On Friday morning I was driving to work and noticed that my foot was not hurting. I had to think back to remember when I had last had the pain. It was Tuesday morning, the third time I had given the order (three times three). I thought, "Well, I can always make it hurt." When I arrived at work, I pulled off my shoe and felt where the bunion had been. There was no bump, and no matter how hard I pushed, I could not make my foot hurt. Just about that time a co-worker came into my office and told me she was experiencing a pain in her left shoulder. I told her about the technique and she gave me a funny look and left. About 15 minutes later she came back very excited. She said she had gone into the restroom, had tried the technique and the pain had gone away. She said, "All I feel now is a sensation of warmth." I gasped. I had forgotten that the book had said you might feel warmth when the healing takes place.

I have shared this technique with many, many people and the results have been phenomenal. I encourage you to give it a try. It's very "affordable" medicine.