Stepping Stones

by Carol Hansen



Often we read books that change our lives dramatically--that provide us with a needed shift in our consciousness just at the right moment. There are three books that have done that for me and I want to tell you about two of them.

The first book was "Let's Have Healthy Children" by Adelle Davis. It was given to me as a gift in 1973 and I did not get around to reading it until my second child was born in 1976. It literally turned my life around and started me on a 8-year quest into nutrition and whole foods. Adelle Davis became my guru. I rushed out and bought all her books and every other whole foods book I could get my hands on. I literally threw out all the white flour, sugar and packaged process foods we had been eating and began cooking everything from scratch with whole foods (including baking my own whole grain bread for years). I helped start a food co-op in Wisconsin that is still thriving and I started teaching a "cooking with natural foods" class at the local vocational school. I had an organic garden in those days and grew all my own vegetables. For the first time in my life, I became healthy. My whole life changed!

The second book that had the same type of impact was entitled "A World Beyond" written in 1972 by Ruth Montgomery. It was given to me in 1991 and was the first "metaphysical" book I had read. It literally created my first conscious spiritual opening. I was so drawn to the concepts in that book that I again rushed out and bought all of Ruth Montgomery's books (10 in all) and immersed myself into a new way of thinking. It was during that time that I joined Unity Church, quit my "traditional" job, became a partner in Reunion Center and embarked on my "healing" path.

One of her books, "Strangers Among Us" introduced me to the concept of "walk-ins". Ruth said in this book that she had first been introduced to this concept by a well-known woman whose name she could not divulge. The woman was afraid if people knew she was a walk-in she would lose her credibility. In a later book on the same subject, Ruth said she could now divulge the name since the woman had passed on--the woman was Adelle Davis!

When I read that, it took my breath away. In some wonderfully, magical way, Adelle Davis was again involved in a major shift in my life. When the student is ready, as they say.... the teacher will appear. In my case, Adelle Davis has appeared twice!