Stepping Stones

by Carol Hansen

"Embracing Change"


When the time for change comes into our lives, it is not always easy to see the wisdom of embracing the change. In the three and a half years that I have been at Reunion I have learned many lessons. One of the most profound lessons I have learned is that life was not meant to be a struggle and if we stay in the flow it is never a struggle. It is only when we hold on to our attachments or try to control a situation that needs to change that we begin to struggle. And when we surrender control and trust in the perfection of all things, we bring ourselves back into the flow.

On March 1, 1993 when Diamond and I opened the Reunion Center of Light we brought with us a shared vision for the Center and complimentary skills to implement that vision. Diamond has the skill of decorating and organizing and I have computer and design skills. Diamond created a beautiful center with a wonderfully nurturing energy and I created a publication that "got us out there" and brought a degree of professionalism and structure to our many business forms. Over the years as we have grown from 3 rooms to 9 rooms and from 4 practitioners to approximately 30 practitioners, we have always felt that we were "in the flow". The few "rapids" that we encountered in the stream were short lived and added a new dimension to our journey.

Recently, I have noticed that my life has been somewhat of a struggle around The Beacon and my other responsibilities at the Center. I had to look at my attachments and control issues and I realized that it was time to pass the baton of The Beacon. As soon as I made that decision, this issue of The Beacon began to flow and I knew the right person would come along to take over. That has happened in the person of Pam Powers. Pam is a long time friend and former publisher of Aquarius Rising. She has all the equipment, knows all the software and has the design skills necessary to produce The Beacon in a professional manner. The Beacon will carry on to support the Center and spread its healing message of love and light.

As far as my other responsibilities at the Center, Diamond helped me realize that she and I are on a different timetable in our lives. My life is rapidly expanding and changing and my vision for the Center has become different than her vision. We found ourselves out of alignment and I am proud to say that we put our metaphysical principles to work and decided that it was time for me to step down as a coordinator. This was done with love and understanding for each other's path. If we were operating in the old paradigm of "control" and "attachment" we could have made a big issue out of "who was right" and stayed in there for the "fight". But we both hold the highest good of the Center in our hearts and we have come to realize that the highest good of the Center, as well as for me, is for me to let go of the attachment of coordinating the Center.

I have been reminded throughout this letter of the words of Greg Tamblyn in one of his witty songs, "If the signals are flashing and the gates are all down, and the whistle is blowing in vain, if you stay on the tracks, ignoring the facts, then don't blame the wreck on the train." Diamond and I both want to avoid "a wreck", so we are taking the necessary steps to see to it that the Reunion Center stays on track and intact.

The Reunion Center has been for me like a nurturing cocoon where I have been held in a safety zone to grow and expand. Without the Center, my growth would not have been as easy or probably as fast. I realize that without the Center in my life, I would not have had the vehicle to grow "Lighten Up" and I probably would have never met Victor. To say that I am grateful for the gifts the Center has given me seems hardly adequate.

However, I now realize that it is time for me to emerge from the cocoon and fly with the wings of a butterfly. Victor and I will be traveling extensively with Lighten Up and we will not be around to fulfill the obligations of coordinating the Center. I know in my heart that as we let go of these responsibilities, the perfect people will show up to help Diamond continue the work of the Center.

It has been a privilege to serve as coordinator of the Reunion Center of Light and publisher/editor of The Beacon. It is my opinion that we have assembled at this Center one of the most awesome groups of Light Workers that has ever come together in community. I am proud to be a member of such a prestigious group. Victor and I consider the Reunion Center our spiritual "home" and look forward to continuing our association with the Center as we embrace our new lives and the new horizons that await us.