Stepping Stones

by Carol Hansen



I recently had a session with Mia, a practitioner at the Reunion Center. During our session we began to discuss gratitude. I explained to her that I was in the habit of thanking the "Universe" for the many blessings in my life. She suggested that perhaps instead of gratitude, I might show appreciation. That although it may seem a small matter, there is definitely a difference in the energy and vibration--appreciation having a much higher vibration. (Sondra Ray stated in a recent talk at Unity Center that appreciation is the highest vibration. She suggested that appreciation and respect are the two necessary ingredients of unconditional love.)

Mia and I then began to discuss "The Universe". She gleaned that I felt that The Universe was something of which I was a part but that it was also something outside of me and worthy of my gratitude. What she suggested is that The Universe is "inside" of me--and that it would be beneficial for me to show appreciation to myself for creating all the blessings in my life.

Of course, in Metaphysics 101 we all learned that we create our own reality. Most of us get that on an intellectual level. We all know we're here to learn lessons and when something we might consider "bad" happens to us, we look to ourselves and ask "what lesson am I supposed to be learning now."

But somehow when something wonderful happens in my life I begin to thank this all powerful outside force called "The Universe". What Mia helped me get in touch with is that "The Universe" is really inside me and that I create and orchestrate all the beautiful things that happen in my life.

I have often talked about how everything leading up to and surrounding my open heart surgery was so perfectly and miraculously orchestrated by "The Universe." It seemed that some master conductor was directing everything in perfect harmony when that event happened in my life. That night after my session with Mia, I began to think about my surgery and a shiver went though me--I realized that I was that master conductor. I had orchestrated and conducted that entire open heart symphony. I got it on a cellular level and felt empowerment as I have never felt before. The "Universe" is inside me and inside each of us and we are all orchestrating and conducting the events in our lives. And as we begin to recognize, appreciate and take responsibility for our power, we will begin to orchestrate our lives to reflect our magnificence.