Stepping Stones

by Carol Hansen



I was discussing my financial challenges with one of my teachers who gave me an incredible Stepping Stone. She said to me, "Carol, what are your goals?"

Quite proudly I said, "I don't have any." You see I have worked quite diligently to bring myself to a point of living my life in the present moment (letting go of the past and letting go of the future--living in the "now"). On some level that, to me, meant letting go of all goals in my life.

She responded, "And that's where the problem lies. The universe is very structured and orderly and it can only manifest on the physical plane when it is approached in a very structured and orderly manner. Everyone has goals. You may not call them that. You may call them desires or wishes. Think about it. I'm sure you have desires for your Lighten Up class. These desires are goals but you have not put them in a structure that the universe can respond to. You have them rattling around in your head. Once in a while you might bring them into your consciousness and meditate on them. Then you go about your day and they are no longer in your consciousness." The following is the process that she shared with me.

Pick an area of your life that you would like to focus on, such as getting Lighten Up out into the world. Get out a sheet of paper and write down all the desires (goals) you have surrounding that area. Begin each sentence with the phrase, "It is my desire and intent..." and complete the sentence. End each sentence with the phrase, "And so it is!" After you have written down all the goals around this area, sign and date the paper, fold it up and put it in an envelope. If the goals have anything to do with bringing you financial prosperity, put some money in the envelope. It doesn't make any difference how much money. Put in what you are guided to do. Close the envelope and place it on your altar or some sacred space and release it. The universe now has a structure to work in that it understands. The goals are being held in a sacred place and your conscious mind does not have to deal with them.

The next day during my morning meditation I got out paper and pen and wrote down all my goals (desires) surrounding my Lighten Up class. I put the paper in an envelope along with $10 and placed it on my altar. After my meditation I went upstairs to shower and in the shower I realized that I had a lot of other goals, too. Spiritual goals and goals around the healing work that I do, goals for Reunion Center, etc. So after my shower I went back into my meditation room and started writing down all those goals. By the time I was done I had seven envelopes on the altar. The thought crossed my mind that maybe I was asking for too much at one time and as soon as that idea passed through it was replaced by the knowing that the universe is unlimited and that we are unlimited. We just have to communicate in a structure that can facilitate the manifestation of our needs and desires.

The day after I wrote down my goals for Lighten Up the phone started ringing. My next class was overflowing with 25 people. Other goals have also begun to manifest. I feel this is another "easy" process that is just as magical as Lighten Up and I encourage you to give it a try.