Stepping Stones

by Carol Hansen

Carol Hansen, formerly one of the coordinators of the Reunion Center of Light, a wholistic healing center located in Pleasant Hill, California, was also co-editor and publisher of The Beacon, Reunion Center's quarterly 40-page publication. Stepping Stones was a regular column in The Beacon.


Over the years I have had many teachers who have gently (and not so gently) guided (and pushed) me along my spiritual path. These teachers have come to me in many forms... through workshops and classes, relationships, books, tapes and casual acquaintances. Since reading The Celestine Prophesy, I have begun to take notice of even the most insignificant encounter as being a possible "lesson". I look upon these "mini" lessons as stepping stones and through this media I hope to pass along some of the wisdom that has helped me along the way. I offer it with love and invite you to contact me with any comments.

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