Stepping Stones

by Carol Hansen


I take the Light of Truth within me
And shine it forth for all to see
And as my brothers accept this Light
They shine it back and it awakens me.

- Carol Hansen 1997

For over two years Victor and I have been meditating each morning with A Course in Miracles. We talked about doing it for a year before we actually committed to it. It has become for us the most important part of our day. It is a time when we not only connect with each other, but we connect or tune-in to our Source.

When we first began, I was less than enthusiastic. I took exception to the "male gender" that is used throughout the Course and I didn't understand the language or the concepts. Victor, who has been familiar with the Course for over 20 years, gently encouraged me by saying, "You don't have to understand it, you just need to be open to it." I had my doubts, but I continued to open myself up to its teachings as we read to each other every morning.

A strange thing began to happen. I actually began to understand what the Course was saying and as my understanding grew, I began to view things differently in my life. It was a subtle shift and yet very profound. As I look back over the past two years, my life has changed dramatically and taken on a new dimension. As a couple, we have co-created things together that neither of us would have been capable of envisioning, much less creating, on our own. Our relationship with each other deepened as did our relationship with God.

The Course has changed my life more than any other spiritual book I have ever studied. If I had to choose only one book to keep (and as a book lover, I have many) it would be A Course in Miracles. It has inspired and transformed me on a multitude of levels. The World Peace Experiment came directly out of one of our morning meditations as did the Free Yourself from Fear process. I encourage you to acquaint yourself with the Course. If you don't want to study it alone, join one of the many groups available across the world. There are also groups on-line that can support you in exploring the Course and we have some of them on our LINKS page.