Sacred Space

Creating Ritual

© 1994 Victor Grey

Ritual is one of the deepest of human needs. It is through ritual that the psyche communicates with the soul. Consistent and dependable communication between the psyche and the soul is essential if we are to live our lives with a sense of purpose and meaning, and to achieve our mission in this lifetime. The soul is the part of ourselves that has never left Divine Oneness, and remembers our purpose and mission even though we may feel lost in the material world.

Everyone has daily rituals, perhaps conscious but more often unconscious, that keep us grounded and oriented in our daily lives. When I first get out of bed in the morning I go and peek out of the window, moving aside the curtain or lifting one slat of the blind, just to "see if the world is still there". There is nothing specific I am looking for, I am simply performing a little ritual to leave dream state and reenter waking state. If you examine your actions and movements throughout a normal day, you will probably be able to find many such examples of ritual, things that don't feel quite right unless they are done in a certain way, even though there's no logical reason they couldn't be done in some other way or some other order.

But what about non-ordinary moments, those times in our lives when we need all of the creativity and spiritual guidance available to us? It is in those moments that we need to use conscious ritual, individually and together with those with whom we feel in community, to invoke the unlimited inspiration and wisdom that resides deep within each one of us. (From the soul level there are no ordinary moments.)

So, how to create a ritual for yourself? First, go to or make a sacred space for your ritual. By space I mean both place and time. Make your time sacred by having a definite beginning and ending to your ritual and refusing to be interrupted or diverted until the ritual is over. (Turn the volume off on your answering machine and explain your needs to your family.) If an interruption happens anyway, don't try to shrug it off or get caught in resenting it. Acknowledge to yourself that you've been interrupted, close the ritual and deal with the interruption, and reopen the ritual. Be aware that such interruptions can sometimes embody the very answer you're looking for.

If possible, it is good to have a place in your home which is dedicated to ritual and is not used for anything else. In any case, make the place for your ritual sacred with the four elements that begin any ritual - cleansing, preparing, nurturing and honoring. Any actions which express for you these four qualities, for yourself as well as your space, are the right ones.

Having created a sacred space for your ritual, you are ready for the four elements of the ritual itself, which should be done in the following order. First is invoking. You may simply wish to call on God or Divine Oneness. If you wish to call on any of the Masters, Angels or specific spirit guides, first invoke your Guardian Angel, and ask it to bring to you the one you wish. This will ensure that you get who you are asking for and only that which is positive energy for you. One of your Guardian Angel's most important functions is to protect you in that way.

Second is affirming. Ask for what you want as if you already had it. Make the statement in positive terms. "So-and-so doesn't bother me any more" is not effective. "My relationship with so-and-so is healed" or "I am at peace with this situation" would be much better. There are no limits to what you can ask for - miracles are normal.

The third element is surrendering. "Let this be so in a way which is for the highest good of all concerned." God may have imagined it better than you could. The fourth and final element is thanking. Know that you always get what you ask for, and express your gratitude. For many of us, this is the step we are most likely to forget. And so, I will close this space by thanking you for sharing these thoughts with me. As always, take what you can use and leave the rest.