Carol and Victor
Carol and Victor Grey
Carol & Victor, 1994
Carol & Victor, 2005

Carol and Victor were married on July 11, 1999.
They make their home in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.

Carol is an author, professional workshop facilitator, Reiki Master and was one of the founders of the Reunion Center, an alternative healing center located in Pleasant Hill, CA. From 1993-1996 she served as a coordinator of the Center and as founding editor/publisher of The Beacon, a 48 page quarterly newsletter with a distribution of over 5000 in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her Open Your Heart and Lighten Up workshops have been presented throughout the country and her tapes, books and CDs are sold worldwide. From 1999-2004 she served as the Executive Director of Women of Vision and Action, and during her tenure she initiated the Gather the Women movement. Currently, she manages Open Heart Press and is a partner with Victor in a web development company,   You can read more about Carol on her personal website:

Victor is a website developer and programmer, Internet trainer and consultant, as well as an author and former professional pilot. His insightful and thought-provoking book, Web Without a Weaver: How the Internet Is Shaping Our Future, is available from Open Heart Press. He was the programmer/developer of one of the Internet's first online communities called Living Directory that serves over 200 organizations in over 150 countries.  

Both Carol and Victor are dedicated to helping people heal themselves through self-empowerment processes. They feel that self love is a necessary component of wellness, and are dedicated to helping people achieve that state.  They are also dedicated to helping to co-create a world of harmony and peace and to that end are spearheading the Only Love Prevails World Peace Experiment.

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